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21 January to 19 February


Welcome to the Aquarius Stars for 2017

Your Aquarius Star Predictions for 2017 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2017, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Aquarius at a Glance


Aquarius symbol:  The water carrier, two ripples of water or waves of light or electricity. Water symbolises intuition and, Aquarius being an air sign (reasoning intelligence), represents the common factor that links all people to the brotherhood of man through understanding, the blending of intuition and reasoning intelligence

Traditionally:  The eleventh sign of the zodiac, ruling planet Uranus

Colours:  Blue, multicolour, purple

Lucky gem:  Amethyst, pearl

Classification:  Fixed, Air, positive

Keyword definition:  A detached attitude expressing unconventionality, associated with an urge to identify oneself with the progressive aims of the community

Characteristic key words:  Strong ideals, humanitarian feelings, originality, progressive thinker, dogmatic, artistic, unpredictable, friendly, attracted to the unusual, intuitive, a reformer, ability to sympathise

Physical appearance:  Middle stature, medium to slim figure, strong, clear complexion, oval or long face, hair varies from light to dark, friendly countenance

Faults:  Eccentric, cranky, unconventional, touchy, rebellious, rudely tactless and can be too detached, erratic, independent, a loner

Star sign compatibility:  Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius

Star sign incompatibilities:  Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces

Signs to have fun with:  Scorpio, Gemini, and Virgo

Signs for passion:  Leo, Capricorn, and Sagittarius


The Aquarius Personality

Aquarians are one of the most enigmatic signs of the zodiac with the result that very few people will ever understand their motives, their nature or needs. In many ways, they are a law unto themselves and, though they can be very friendly, they don't like to become too deeply entangled with other people, even those who are close to them. In the workplace, they also need their independence and feel very comfortable when they can keep their distance from others. They also like to identify themselves with the progressive aims of the community and they have an impulse for reform and establishment of human rights, on a social, not individual basis. They can sometimes be loners and they treasure their freedom far too much to be willing to surrender their independence to anyone. They will often surprise people by doing the unusual or unexpected, revelling in the unpredictable nature of Aquarius.

Throughout their destiny, they will have many sudden and unexpected changes and situations that develop in their life and you can be assured they will always make their own success, whatever they choose to do. In no way could they be described as conventional, due to their unorthodox attitude and the fact that they do things other people never think of doing.


Aquarius in Love

The Aquarian person is a fascinating mix of traditionalism and futurism, logic and intuition, eccentricity and dogmatism. He or she considers the brain the most important sexual organ and indeed they filter every aspect of life through their diligently intuitive mind. Aquarian people have something special about them; they can be devoted, friendly, penetrating, idealistic, enlightening and strong nonconformists. To love an Aquarian is to be available when he or she feels lonely, without demanding equal time. She is inclined to be part butterfly, with a dash of Minnie Mouse and a pinch of Madame Curie. He is part Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse and Mr Spock. They are not only complicated but can also be very unpredictable when others least expect it. They can be sexually broadminded and erotically uninhibited, and they seldom say no to demands for sexual freedom.

The Aquarian will have many friendships throughout his or her lifetime, few of which could be classified as truly close and intimate. When they are in love their whole heart opens up and their experimental nature invents all kinds of delicious ways to keep their partner interested. Their unpredictability means they always want to be different from other people. Their partner must be tolerant, understanding, warm and open-minded. If their partner is futuristic in his or her sexual attitudes, they will be futuristic in their responses. Liberation is the key word for Aquarians and they will always experiment and test the water throughout their life.


Health and Wellbeing

Aquarius rules the ankles, legs and circulation. The constitution is not very strong, but it is wiry and stress should be avoided as much as possible. Swollen legs and ankles, and all problems and weaknesses of these parts, poor circulation, cramps, pains due to flatulence, and spasmodic and nervous diseases are peculiar to this sign. Hay fever and other seasonal ailments can be common.  Aquarians may have trouble with their eyes, so regular testing is recommended, especially if headaches occur routinely. Sunglasses should always be worn on bright days to avoid eye damage. A quiet and peaceful environment, bushwalking, regular exercise, swimming, sport and reading are all good medicine for those born in this sign.


Career and Occupation

Aquarians' destiny shows very favourable conditions for success. They will have a strong will, diplomatic skills and sharp perceptive abilities. They may be interested in the sciences, big business or a humanistic career. One thing is certain: they will convert their profession into a real art or live it as a real mission. They will put all their energies and enthusiasm into achieving their individual goals. Aquarians will also be interested in research and will strive to solve all the problems of the world and reveal all the answers to the mysteries of their profession. They will not have a compliant attitude toward authority figures.

Aquarians will always discuss their tasks intelligently, especially if they feel their talents are being underestimated. They will be successful in an independent profession as their own boss. Their career choice could be one of these: physicist, chemist, electronic engineer, diplomat, lawyer, corporate director, investigator, advocate, airline employee, alderman, astrologer, financial consultant, electrician, tourist guide, lighting or sound specialist, legislator, machinist, mechanic, navigator, politician, punk rocker, sales representative, sociologist, space tracker, test pilot, police officer, missionary, member of the military, professional activist, medical practitioner, actor, farmer, secretary, hairdresser, health food specialist, banker, accountant, stockbroker, nightclub owner, publican. Any other career that will allow them to work independently may also attract. They have the genius to do anything they want and this is why they like challenging types of unconventional jobs that give them opportunities to develop their own talents. They may have a hidden interest in metaphysical matters, alternative medicine, mind dynamics and science, anything that has a touch of the unconventional or difference will attract them.

Many Aquarians do exceptionally well in the fields of New Age teaching, faith healing, astrology and martial arts. The more conservative types prefer careers with a touch of adventure or challenge, especially in the areas of aeronautics, aviation, broadcasting, psychotherapy, and computer programming, electroplating, exploring, nuclear physics, radiology, research and space technology. They will never find routine home or daily chores satisfying; those sorts of things thoroughly bore them to tears.


The Aquarius Woman

The Aquarian woman is a mass of contradictions, an approval seeking and non-conformist, sympathetic but detached extrovert during the day, a recluse by night. An independent thinker, the Aquarian lady can be quirky and offbeat in her moods, habits and tastes. She dresses as she pleases. Her opinionated and freedom-seeking nature can be hard for her partner to take at times. She dislikes and will rebel against any form of possessiveness. The Aquarian woman is usually as good as her word; she is a tireless worker and crusader, always helping others with their battles. She will attract to those whom she considers different and will be happy in an experimental environment or alternative lifestyle. She can be timid, however, and somewhat passive in personal relations. She will generalise rather than personalise, especially about her friends and herself. Usually sexually broad-minded, she believes in personal choice and is completely liberated about sexual freedom, but she can be quite erotically inhibited in her own life. She fears rejection and usually thinks twice before she jumps totally into a new relationship. Her fear of intimacy can sometimes be a problem. She is an eccentric lover, with a streak of unpredictability. She may even consider having an extramarital affair if she feels in the mood. The Aquarian woman is usually fond of animals, or shows a humane attitude toward them. She adores a life partner who is intellectual, futuristic, and experimental and enjoys an alternative lifestyle. Her partner should maintain a harmonious equilibrium to keep the relationship running smoothly. The Aquarian woman is the best friend of any sign in the zodiac.


The Aquarius Man

The Aquarian man is a highly intelligent, distinctively individual, independent and charming man. He has an irrepressible sense of humour and a spontaneous, offbeat sense of fun. Because he is so open-minded and interested in many things, he is a stimulating communicator, and others will relish the challenging conversations they can share with him. People are fascinated by his elusive, free-spirited approach to life, and impressed with his courage and quiet determination.

The Aquarian man can seem very detached, aloof or indifferent. He becomes extremely bored and restless, and may crave greater freedom and new challenges. Aquarians can be tactless and outspoken, with a sharp, sarcastic tongue. They can also be evasive and difficult to pin down. They will make a romantic commitment in their own time and will not be hurried. Despite a busy work and social life, they will always be there for you. The Aquarian man is very strong-willed, dynamic and gregarious. His kindness and generosity will often surprise you, and his unpredictable, enigmatic qualities will fascinate you for much of your life. Although he loves to exercise his brilliant and questioning mind, this man also places great value on genuine and lasting friendships. The Aquarian man loves to laugh and have fun, and he adores witty exchanges. Sport and outdoor interests also give him pleasure. A love for the unusual and offbeat combines with a need for personal freedom in relationships. Never restrict an Aquarian man; he needs room to breath.


Aquarius in 2017



Major Trends

LIFE: Expanding your interests and advancing your position in life will be your goal for 2017. This is a favourable year for advanced studies, legal matters, long distance travel, importing, exporting, writing publishing and marketing. Expect a busy time with lots of comings and goings. Your ruling planet Uranus will attract a few highlights to you throughout this year and you should be ready for unexpected change and new directions that seem to pop out of the woodwork.

Dynamic self-expression in scientific, humanitarian, group or organisational activities may keep you on your toes.  This is a time to initiate new friendships or create a personal leadership among friends or organisations.  Someone of importance could enter your life during the March, April or May cycle and you could make friends with someone of power or consequence who may assist you in the year ahead.

If you have to deal with the public or large groups throughout the year, you should do well and you can build such a strong rapport with a group or organisation that everyone has a great understanding of each other on a deep intuitive level.  This is an excellent year for participating in group activity and persuading others to your point of view. 

With many positive planetary aspects in your horoscope this year, you can expect an array of new challenges, changes and vast opportunities. New friendships will be made with very dynamic and sociable people who can assist you with advancement and recognition. You may have to change your daily routine or pre-empt your next move, life is changing very rapidly for you and there is no turning back from the course you have chosen.

Mars and Saturn clash during January, May and October. It is during this cycle that others may construct barriers for you. Be patient, you will overcome them. Family matters may be a little hectic this year, but they're well under your control. Meetings or catching up with old friends will certainly make this an entertaining and pleasurable year for you and you may become fascinated with a new interest or idea on how to improve your destiny.

This is a time to change old conditions, take action to move forward with your plans. Hard work, organization and attention to detail may be required to achieve your goals; the stamina is there where you need it. You may become overly preoccupied with home, family and health issues throughout this year, nervous tension is likely to be high and it may be difficult to harmonize between important work matters and family responsibilities. Problems are not as bad as they seem and luck is on your side. Push your goals from July to December Jupiter and Uranus may bring you a surprise or two.

LOVE: Venus will transit your communications and relatives sector between February and June and during this cycle you will want to spend much time with loved ones travelling or participating in the complementary things of life.

Throughout 2017 you will certainly show a loving and giving side to your personality and happiness is assured. This year you may have a great deal of contact with love ones and friends who live some distance away and reunions will be welcomed.

Lucky Jupiter forms a wonderful connection with your sign throughout 2017 and you may find yourself becoming very generous to those who need your love. Your ego is positively banked and you're able to be more selfless, and less selfish, old acquaintances will suddenly mean more to you than before.

New freedom of personal expression is also what you seek now, and this may take the form of overthrowing old, outworn aspects of your emotional life. This will certainly affect most relationships, old ones may bend or change and new ones begin.

Don't make binding committals until after July as you're undergoing inner changes and what you want now, you may not want later on. Your old associations may suddenly seem outdated or too conservative, boredom is getting you down, but it's necessary, so go along with what's happening. New partnerships, friendships, even marriage opportunities may come to you this year, at the very least you'll find this a stimulating time in your destiny.

You're reacting to others with great emotional intensity, and while this may exhaust you, it can also be extremely enriching and enlightening. A major commitment may have to be made to someone you love, and this is where you may be apprehensive about making that commitment. Go with the flow, you will be quite surprised with what this year holds. Children will receive much love and care from you in 2017.

LUCK: Lucky Jupiter and your ruling planet Uranus will hold you in suspense this year and you may receive a nice surprise or two. Energetic Mars, nebulous Neptune and determined Pluto may also create a few little bonuses during March and May and you will be thinking of travel or participating in a new venture.

This is a year to enjoy the overall planetary influences that put you in the mood for outdoor interests, relaxation, holidays and enjoyment. In your leisure hours you may prefer to go off somewhere different or slip away for a spot of solitude, rather than be surrounded by others. Even in sport, a quiet game like golf or tennis will be preferable to a noisy team sport.

Your imagination may be working overtime this year dreaming up new and secretive ways to improve your future prospects. Good news may reach you concerning an opportunity around August and September or a major change of direction may come your way.

Luck this year comes in strange and unusual ways, remember, you could be lucky in competitions you enter - especially one online or in your local newspaper, magazine, or shopping centre. You feel happy and bright; whatever you tackle this year will go with a swing. It's a good year for group activities, including hobbies, arts, music, dancing, or even relaxing with a spot of gardening.

Now is a good time to improve, renovate or extend your environment, some may landscape their surroundings or renovate a house. Push ahead with your plans and set long-range goals for 2017 will bring you much happiness through the things you undertake and investments will flourish. Health matters look promising throughout the year if you avoid stress and spend more time relaxing.



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