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21 March to 20 April


Welcome to the Aries Stars for 2017

Your Aries Star Predictions for 2016 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2017, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Aries at a Glance


Aries symbol:  The horn of the ram, symbolically the thrusting, aggressive leader of the flock, always ready to accept a challenge

Traditionally:  The first sign of the zodiac; ruling planet Mars

Colours:  Red, scarlet, carmine

Lucky gem:  Ruby

Classification:  Cardinal, Fire; positive

Keyword definition:  Develops an objective attitude, expressing urgency, associated with an urge to project energetically and actively in life

Characteristic key words:  Ambitious, impulsive, self-assertive, restless, urgent, initiating, pioneering, adventurous, quick thinking, passionate, with strong sexual feeling

Physical appearance:  Middle stature, long face and neck; ruddy complexion. Head is usually broad at the temples and narrow at the chin; moderate to thin features; sharp sight; bushy eyebrows; bushy, wiry, unmanageable hair

Faults:  Selfish, impatient, argumentative, quick-tempered, foolhardy, aggressive, rude, bullying and overly optimistic

Star sign compatibility:  Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius

Star sign incompatibility:  Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn

Signs to have fun with:  Aquarius, Leo

Signs for passion:  Aries, Pisces, and Taurus


The Aries Personality

If there were two words to describe the driving force of Aries, they would be 'me first'. Far more than anything else, Aries gets a kick out of starting new ventures or trying new ideas on for size. When Aries people become excited about a project they just cannot wait to get cracking; it has to be done immediately or they lose interest. Aries are good and happy leaders because they can inspire interest and enthusiasm in others. However, if they have to be a follower for long periods, they can become annoyed, discontented and down in the dumps. Leadership is important to them and they can't wait to get to the top of any endeavour that inspires them. Basically, they are quick and decisive in their actions and thinking. If prolonged hindrances cross their path they can become impatient, even aggressive. They cannot stand people who procrastinate, can't make up their minds or fiddle and diddle or dither when action or decisions are to be made. In most cases they can and do get things done quickly and efficiently. Unsolicited advice is not appreciated because they are independent, with a fiery, untameable spirit. Although they can organise others, they dislike other people organising them. They are frank, loyal and straightforward. Their keyword is action. Give them a challenge and a bit of combat, verbal, commercial or emotional, and they will sparkle, as long as there is something or someone to conquer. There is never a dull moment when they are around.


Aries in Love

Aries approaches love and sex like everything else in life, directly and impulsively, with no holds barred. Aries people need a total commitment from their partner. They will give all they have with gusto and take what they can in return. They are open to anything and not afraid to experiment with different methods of physical lovemaking with a partner they trust. They are exceptionally passionate people, very sensual and at times erotic and vain. They prefer a partner who can turn on their fantasies and give them total pleasure. When establishing a romance, they can intrigue and attract almost any member of the opposite sex with their exciting charm and magnetism. They are extremely perceptive, honest and disdainful of deception in their relationship.

The sign of Aries usually falls in love easily and is often more in love with the idea of movement and excitement than with a partner. At times, due to their independence, their partner may be incidental to their emotional needs. Aries may be satisfied with just a temporary partner, in order to experiment in a sexual adventure. Aries may find it difficult at times to discriminate between long lasting love and infatuation; yet when they do find a compatible partner they will be set and true for life. Their love is compelling, and they throw themselves totally into the experience. Aries people, in many instances, love to chat while making love; this way they will be reassured of their partner's emotions and sexuality. When they really let go, they are not at all worried about the screams, thumping, sobs and scratches; this is total ecstasy for them.


Health and Wellbeing

Aries governs the head, brain and face. Though their general health is usually good and the constitution sound, Aries people are always highly strung, and their natural inclination to go to extremes often results in severe headaches, toothache, neuralgia, dizziness and congestion. Baldness can plague some Aries men. Prolonged worry, physical and mental stress, and excesses of all kinds should be avoided as much as possible; otherwise this will result in poor eating habits, constipation, blood disorders and skin problems. Exercise is recommended to completely relax their minds.


Career and Occupation

Aries people cope extremely well in any work situation that allows them to be their own boss. Working in a busy or noisy environment with much communication going on around them will not bother them at all; as a matter of fact, the solitude, peace and quiet of a stress-free office or a secluded place of employment away from contact with work colleagues would bore them to tears. Aries people usually make a considerable impact on those they work with due to their dynamic drive. They have the ability to bring new and successful employment projects to a climax. During their working life they will devote much time and energy in reaching their chosen goals. Ambitious enterprises always attract them and their ruthless aspirations and determination will forever assure them of rapid advancement over their opponents.

Occupations that involve action, adventure, competition, construction, crime, emergencies, firearms, hot or sharp tools, leadership, machinery, technology, physical effort, sport, stamina or the armed services, will certainly be in harmony with the qualities of the Aries nature. The children of Aries will excel on account of their great gusto, perseverance and tenacity. Their spirit of leadership will make them study, work and then succeed. Career choice could be one of the following professions: agronomy, geology, forestry, farming, butchery, graphology, computer technology, accounting, corporate management, physics, chemistry, law, reception or secretarial work, the military, real estate, construction, stunt performance, veterinary science, medicine, sports coaching, fire fighting, ambulance driving, nursing, hairdressing, engineering, public service, banking, or any other profession where Aries could exercise authority and tenacity.


The Aries Woman

Aries women are rarely shy. They can even be extremely bossy and dictatorial, with a natural ability to get things done. They are ambitious and tend to lose their patience with people who take a long time to complete something. The Aries woman usually demands challenge. With her dynamic, energetic and competitive personality, she is constantly impelled to make an impact or create change in her daily life. She will sometimes show a very headstrong and rebellious attitude, especially if others try to restrict her independence. The Aries woman dresses to please herself alone – no one else. Aries women are not afraid of hard work. With their highly motivated, pioneering leadership abilities, they can be strong contenders in the workforce. They are seldom lazy and often feel compelled to do things on the spur of the moment. They love to take the lead, to accomplish things and be productive. If an Aries woman feels unproductive, restlessness and frustration takes over then she may begin to brood.

She usually likes to attract attention, to be noticed in a crowd. Her personal magnetism and vibrant energy appeal to people. With her inborn optimism and achieving nature, she never really believes she will fail at anything if she puts her mind to it. She has a constant need for stimulation; her zest and intelligence make her highly motivated to rush headfirst into new ventures. Her greatest danger is impatience to get things done yesterday. She is quite apt to have two projects on the boil at the same time. The Aries woman cannot be told she is wrong; her stubborn nature resents the fact that at times she could indeed have erred. This woman is exciting to be around. She has a great sense of humour, likes to laugh a lot and enjoys social activities with family and friends. Her detached view of life can be a decided asset; friends are drawn to her and pour out their emotional problems to her. She has a passionate appetite for love and for an exciting sexual relationship that goes along with a total commitment. She makes a wonderful partner and mother, but she cannot love someone she does not respect. You will never tame an Aries woman.


The Aries Man

The Aries man resembles a dynamo of continuous action. He will always make a considerable impact on others with his get-up-and-go attitude. He has an insatiable thirst for know-ledge, is ambitious, has a flair for getting his own way and can at times be quite selfish. He is an opportunist with a great deal of initiative and, in most cases, is apt to have his fingers in many pies. Due to his dynamic and forceful drive, he tends to be impatient, impulsive, argumentative and moody. When you rub him up the wrong way, be prepared for that sudden explosive temper. He can be very hurtful. The Aries man can also be quite self-opinionated, ruthless, sharply critical, outspoken and tactless. His desire to be first into everything makes him a good entrepreneur, salesman, organiser or trouble-shooter. He loves to be busy; with his action-orientated personality, he is always on the go. He must have a challenge at all times; otherwise he becomes bored and can easily lose interest in a project or plan. The more complicated and difficult the job, the more competitive he will be.

This man stays young at heart. His youthful appearance can also make him quite attractive in his later years. He will retain an astute, perceptive and investigative mind and, in most cases, will be one jump ahead of his opposition. The Aries man is a passionate lover – assertive, energetic, impulsive and playful. Due to his ethical and moral standards, his love of home and family is very important to him. He will do everything in his power to make his home safe and secure. Aries men usually make good husbands and fathers. An Aries can be a good friend and colleague; his loyalty is beyond reproach. He values male camaraderie and friendship. He loves hobbies, outdoor sports, fishing, sailing, hiking and competition, making him an all- round active person. He will always endeavour to keep himself physically fit. Recognition and appreciation are important to him. He likes his efforts and talents to be noticed by important people who can assist him with his future goals. Action, variety and change are certainly a natural part of the Aries man's life.


Aries in 2017



Major Trends

LIFE: With Jupiter opposite your own sign until October this year, expect to make important decisions regarding your future direction in life. Make all the decisions you need to advance your destiny as career, partnerships, close personal and business relationships may undergo radical changes, improvements and new beginnings, especially in the months of February, March, May, August and November. 

There is every indication in 2017 you will engage in a positive attitude in all your affairs and be ready for the challenges that your destiny presents to you. The last thing you wish to do this year is to keep a low profile. Action is the name of the game especially with your ruling planet Mars in your own sign in February and also linking favourably to your sign in late April and May.

Communication, meetings, travel and added responsibilities will be rapid, with so much going on, and time will fly, especially from June to October. With Uranus in your sign you may be obsessed with the idea of doing something different with your life, taking the long overseas journey, purchasing a new expensive motor vehicle or dwelling and obtaining support for a special project you have in mind.

Expect a busy year ahead with important meetings, conferences, negotiations and training. You may request the assistance or advice of legal people concerning a contract, project or a corporation matter. Work or business relationships may encounter sudden changes during March, May, June and July and your career goals, daily routine and overall direction in life shifts forward during this time.

If you have been excessively selfish, narrowly ego-driven, or in any way dishonest, this is a time of great insecurity, meaninglessness, and lack of confidence. Even if you are scrupulous, you will need to beware of swindlers, deception, or erroneous rumours that can lead to economic or professional collapse, especially during the last four months of this year.

Expect throughout 2017 some disappointment and disillusionment with bosses, employers and or parental figures. It is also possible there may be all sorts of unexpected family issues, skeletons coming out of the cupboards and surprises by the end of this year, however, you will handle these issues successfully with the minimum of fuss. You may also decide to commence a field of study or training that will benefit you for your future business, career or professional advancement.

Your talent may also show in creative entertainment or artistic fields, or you may take up an interest in some form of outdoor activity or sport. Some may take their place in the field of management, journalism, travel industry, marketing, or advertising. This is a great year for setting in place your chosen goals for the future. Don’t let an opportunity go by.

LOVE: With lovable Venus crossing into your sign as from February, strong emotional feelings will be expressed from deep within and you may wish to travel with a partner, or form closer relationships with the opposite sex. Personal relationships will be intense, deep, and possibly wonderful throughout 2017. Some will prepare for marriage, or make a permanent commitment in their love life, or you may have younger family members making permanent arrangements for their emotional future.

Throughout 2017, guard against the traps of jealousy and over-possessiveness with the opposite sex. Your emotions may not be under control especially in June, July, October and November. Love relationships may become deeper and more important to you throughout this year and singles may form a new relationship that is unlike any you have associated with before, there may be an age or class difference. This new relationship may not be long lasting, make the best of what you get.

A family member or close friend may need your logical assistance or advice over thoughts of a reconciliation or divorce this year, avoid getting too immersed, otherwise trouble may brew. However, you have more emotional control and objectivity than usual throughout 2017, therefore you can handle difficult relationships more readily without getting too involved. Your family may also become more meaningful; you will have a better understanding of other people and their differences.

Scheduling time for social activities, recreation or attending family get-togethers is a must this year, to keep the peace on the home front. If you can steer that steady course in the sea of emotions that is ahead of you, you won't be disappointed. However, if you come on a little too demanding with loved ones, they may distance themselves from you. Compromise is your key to success. Love and understanding is all you need this year and you can handle "buckets" of it from anyone who is willing to give it to you.

LUCK: Venus, bringer of good tidings in life, is in transit through you own sign between February and June and will be in moving through your financial sector in the months June, early July and the month of November. During this passage you may be influenced by a touch of good fortune and pleasant opportunity.

Something out of the ordinary is about to happen in your destiny between February and June that throws you into a lucky cycle and opportunities or new developments will be yours for the taking. Follow up any good news that comes your way this year and turn it to your advantage, others will be supportive of your personal goals.

Work prospects, new business plans and different financial arrangements can now be discussed with those who can assist you, reach for the sky, your requests will be granted. Excellent career prospects may be offered, some may change their job or commence a new venture.

Your psychic abilities will be spot-on when picking numbers for gambling - don’t forget to stash some money away for a rainy day. Bargains can be found, you may find yourself saving dollars this year through various retail sales, computer fairs, stock clearances, or garage sales. Professional people or those in prestigious income or social bracket may favour your company, patronage, or approval on a matter and you may be at the right place at the right time when opportunity knocks. Luck with money is indicated throughout this year and you could receive a surprise windfall or benefit. This will be a year of advancement and good luck.



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