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24 July to 23 August

Welcome to the Leo Stars for 2017

Your Leo Star Predictions for 2017 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2017, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Leo at a Glance


Leo symbol:  Resembles the lion's mane and symbolically this "king of the beasts" with its power, its roar and its regal bearing is identified with the Leo person

Traditionally:  The fifth sign of the zodiac; ruling planet, the Sun

Colours:  Gold, orange, yellow

Lucky gem:  Sardonyx, chrysolite

Classification:  Fixed, Fire, positive

Keyword definition:  Develops a powerful attitude expressing impressiveness, associated with an urge for authority

Characteristic key words:  Self-assertive, a born leader, overbearing, dominating, dignified, broad-minded, generous, outspoken, a good organiser with a strong sense of the dramatic and a love of pleasure

Physical appearance:  Broad shoulders, large bones and muscles, tall, strong upper body, thin waist, prominent knees, hair soft and wavy, usually light in colour. Head full-sized and round, grey eyes, ruddy or florid completion

Faults:  Over-bearing, fixed in opinions, intolerant, autocratic, conceited, pompous, bombastic, sensual, snobbish, self-appraising, patronising

Star sign compatibility:  Gemini, Cancer, and Libra

Star sign incompatibility:  Pisces, Capricorn, and Taurus

Signs to have fun with:  Sagittarius, Aries, and Virgo

Signs for passion:  Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo


The Leo Personality

Many Leo people are artistic, creative and have a sense of style and presence. Hence Leos can be the most charming or the most obnoxious of the zodiac signs, depending on their early upbringing and education. There is no telling the Leo person. The world does not revolve around you, although Leos know otherwise. Leos are excellent and natural organisers, due to their air of authority and self-confidence. This is why Leos inspire the respect (and sometimes envy) of other people. Leos have the ability to see the overall picture of a project or situation and usually get to the bottom of an important issue or problem quickly and efficiently. Leo's exhibitionism may not be everyone's cup of tea, but those who can respond to it will be royally entertained. With faith in their own abilities, willpower and a flair for attracting attention, they are born leaders and almost always succeed, sometimes in the absence of any real or particular talent on their part. With the Sun (in reality a star) as their ruling planet, they are apt to shine in the political or entertainment fields, theatre and the arts, as well as in the world of fashion, and will naturally rise to the top of any field they choose to make their own. Although housework is really something that bores them, when they have to do it they generally end up making their home look wonderful because they have the talent for beautiful presentation. If they owned a specialty retail store, they would certainly attract customers through their ability to display quality in their produce or service. They have a heart of gold and will find in many instances their generosity or assistance will be greatly appreciated by the many who receive their support.


Leo in Love

When Leos are in love, they break down all barriers and really let themselves go. The love they invest in their partner will stop at nothing and they can usually make their lover their king or queen and convince him or her they are the luckiest person alive to have them. Leos can be extremely considerate and highly motivated when they are in love and there is nothing they would not do to make their partner happy. Leos make wonderful partners and can make their opposite number blush with pride, agonise from excitement, break out in anticipation or squirm from longing. Ideally the kind of lover they need is one who is generous, provides them with the luxuries they need and flatters them enough to be their number-one fan. The Leo woman can be the greatest sex symbol of the zodiac. Many actresses have a strong Leo influence, giving them a strong, extroverted, dominant air, in most cases backed by vital magnetism. They can also be very amorous, fiery, romantic and stylish in their relationships and with their self-assurance, drama and dignity combined; they can handle any emotional situation with high self-esteem.

Music and old-fashioned romance will never fade with a Leo woman and will always activate the hidden space within them, bringing out their true femininity. Romantic rituals and tranquillity may provide them with the time and inclination to relax the control they would normally exert. Although at times Leos can be extremely demanding and magnanimous and possess many idiosyncrasies, they will consider compromise in a relationship if it is to their advantage to do so. They do require lots of attention from their partner and certainly do not take kindly to emotional or sexual rejection. One thing is for sure, they can always turn a head of the opposite sex by their looks and the way they dress. In most cases they always like to look their best and have great sex appeal.


Health and Wellbeing

Leo governs the heart, bloodstream and back. Discord, contention and excess are enemies of the normally strong Leo constitution, causing it and the heart to suffer, as well as bringing on fevers, throat problems and certain nervous disorders. Other illnesses to which Leo people are subject concern the ribs, side and back. Some Leos will have trouble with their eyes, and with pleurisy and convulsions. Rest, space, solitude and peace are wonderful curative agents for them.


Career and Occupation

Leos can certainly have unpredictable changes in their destiny and/or profession. They will have great potential for success if they develop patience and perseverance. They need a job or profession that gives them security until they find ‘something better'; this new job will then take up all their time, making them frustrated. Suddenly they will abandon that secure job to start the search again for a new and more exciting challenge. Their destiny will be rich in experience and they will have a great ability to adapt themselves to most of the day-to-day situations they encounter in life. In order to bring out their best they need to find a balancing point in life. They are always looking at the big picture or aiming for their own business or an alternative profession.

In order to derive much satisfaction from their career, Leos must eventually become one of the leaders, or the person who is in a position of responsibility and authority. They are never happy playing second fiddle; however, they will continue to play in concert until a vacancy occurs for them to advance their position and responsibilities. Leos will in most cases look for career opportunities that offer security and a high level of personal success. Their enthusiasm and drive will get them where they wish to go as they are achievers and need the right occupation to get them there. They have the natural qualities of leadership and their powerful self-assurance can be fully applied to such areas as management, directorship, board chairperson, social organiser or overseer. Here their generous, sunny, warm-hearted, creative, artistic, reliable, strong-principled qualities can be naturally developed and encouraged. They certainly have a touch of showmanship within their personality, so they enjoy doing things on a grand scale, to create an impact on the things they wish to master. Essentially their self-expressive, energetic, assertive qualities of intenseness will always make them steadfast, with lots of spontaneity to keep others on their side.

Occupations that could suit Leos include accountant, journalist, commentator, orator, telephone operator, midwife, park ranger, naturopath, doctor, schoolteacher, travel agent, real estate agent, professional athlete, entertainer, artist, industrial chemist, government representative, projectionist, film camera operator, personal assistant, nightclub owner, resort operator, greenkeeper, naturalist, gymnastics instructor, casino operator, horse breeder, amusement centre operator, professional golfer, secretary, receptionist, restaurateur, hairdresser, make-up artist or perfume seller.


The Leo Woman

The Leo woman is romantic, loves to look good and wants the best in life. She enjoys entertaining and being the centre of attention. As a hostess she has the knack of putting people at ease. She is a person of intense emotions, possessing a powerful magnetism with the opposite sex and an amorous, fiery sexual drive. Leo women are high-spirited, commanding, affectionate, and at times impulsive, especially when it comes to enjoying themselves. Leos usually radiate self-assurance, confidence, warmth and generosity around their family and friends. You can always count on them to assist in times of need. Being a social person, the Leo woman is usually aware of other people's motives and is intuitively perceptive. Gossip is her second nature; she loves to have a chat about other people's business, and she can be an encyclopaedia of information about most things.

Leos love to counsel and advise people and are drawn to employment that brings them before the public, perhaps on the stage. They make good therapists and counsellors, although they may need counselling themselves from time to time, especially when under stress. The Leo woman has her likes and dislikes. She can be excessively generous and giving one minute, then demanding, volatile and selfish the next. Leo women make good executives, although they get bored with routine and details. They prefer an active round of daily affairs, communicating and organising the world around them. They can be complacent, self-indulgent and very lazy at times. When others point these faults out they are apt to argue, indeed, to become quite opinionated and dramatic in their own defence. Her faults notwithstanding, the Leo woman can be honest, fun-loving, trusting, self-conscious and a wonderful partner to have around. She has innate stability, especially in times of rapid change.


The Leo Man

The Leo man is very much an individual and likes to take control of life on his terms. He is charismatic, flamboyant, confident, assertive and outspoken. With his strong will, when he sets his sights on a target or course of action, he follows it through with determination and remarkable staying power. His strength of character and distinctive charm are hard to miss. He will display plenty of drive, ambition, initiative and get-up-and-go; he likes to always be the winner. The Leo man is stubborn and proud; he will not back down from an issue unless it is for the good of all. He can be impatient, moody, opinionated, selfish and even a little rude. He may display a fiery temper at times and can also be cranky and obstinate, making it impossible for anyone to say the right thing. Leos are bossy and dominating, but love and protect their own independence. They can be quite courageous, with a feisty spirit, and strive determinedly to overcome difficult conditions. They are irrepressible, and fun loving, with a humorous streak that can carry them a little too far at times.

Leo can be a generous man, with a kind hearted, magnanimous quality to him. He is bright, quick, resourceful, creative and incredibly enterprising. When others need help to get a big project off the ground, he will have plenty of bold, creative ideas to contribute. Success is a grand joy for Leo. He has confidence in his capabilities and will consider his success well deserved. Acknowledgements and respect from his peers will sweeten his happiness even more. Art and music are joys for this man. He will have some striking artistic talent or a deep streak of appreciation for the arts, and he will enjoy the richness and pleasure they add to his life. Leos also make great lovers, with their strong sexual and emotional drive.


Leo in 2017



Major Trends

LIFE: Congratulations, Jupiter the planet of providence will give you breathing room this year and the difficulties you have experienced in the past will now subside. Expect a busy year with meetings, conferences, negotiations, studies, travel opportunities and family relationships. Heavy chores and added responsibilities will continue with your daily routine and career and the rewards will be great.

You will feel much change taking place within your overall personality and you will also have more time to yourself for a change. Saturn will form a wonderful combination with your star sign and many important changes will now start to take place in regard to recreational activities and interests and your whole life is about to be improved. Travel throughout 2017 coincides with business and pleasure and social activities, family and friendships are showing a brighter side with added security.

Conditions will arise that bring you more before the public, or your daily routine may be changed to enable you greater freedom to do those special things you have been promising yourself. From February to June, Venus will influence your knowledge and skills and you will do everything to improve them.

Throughout this year a strange calm may come over you and you will not be worried about superficial and trivial matters, action is your key word. Others may look to you as someone who can accomplish many things; your drive and enthusiasm will shine around others. Hard work and concentrated effort will be required of you during August and September and many of your secret desires can now be fulfilled with little or no resistance or assistance from others.

Detail is very important when dealing with new business or personal developments from October to December and you should avoid the tendency to get sla-happy and fancy-free; you may regret it if you are too loose and reckless. At this time in your destiny you will need to have a cooperative and receptive attitude that promotes harmonious relationships with your co-workers, employers, and employees. During November you may feel like working very intensively with everything you do. A pleasant break from routine, even a short vacation, would be appropriate during December.

LOVE: Venus will enter Aries from February through to June and you may meet or be attracted to someone who fascinates you through their communication and intrigue Your heart is growing fonder and your love is much deeper than you first thought. If you disappear from view temporarily during this period, it might mean that you are trying to sort out the details of a private romantic problem.

During September avoiding important or serious emotional issues may put you behind the eight ball, don't be over-confident about the partnership cooperation you expect from your mate or others. In the end it is your creative and positive ideas that will count.

From October to December romance can be exciting and interesting - new places mean new faces. You can now feel very close to a treasured companion and your instincts tell you that you are lucky to have met this person. Deeper romantic ties will keep your restlessness under control. Compromise is the course to follow during this period if you and your loved ones cross swords over security and personal issues.

Romance will certainly have a touch of mystery or the unusual about it this year, so watch for the unexpected. An intellectual person may attract to you now in a spiritual way; achieving a deep communication with this person will be quite different than you have experienced before. You may experience a wonderful inner feeling with someone very special.

LUCK: Your energy and enthusiasm may surprise others as you crash through this busy communications year. You can tackle situations head on and still come out winning, especially during the first six month of 2017.  Others will be of great assistance should you need them.

New career offers should be taken up, but avoid erratic extremes - your enthusiasm will be bubbling over with new ideas and things to do. Lucky Jupiter will bring you many opportunities and if you have been suffering job frustration, stress or health issues, an improvement will be seen. Travel arrangements this year bring a few surprises and you may obtain a fabulous holiday deal if you shop around. Throughout 2017 steady progress and recognition, study, job training or some of your immediate wishes and desires for better conditions can now be achieved.

A member of your family may surprise you, or you may strike it rich through unexpected good fortune. Lady luck attracts to you or members of your family in very unusual ways. For those contemplating examinations or study programs, success is indicated. General finances, contracts, and career will keep you busy, others will admire your driving ambition to succeed. From July to December you may decide to take up some form of health and fitness routine, toning up your body appeals to you now.



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