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23 November to 22 December

Welcome to the Sagittarius Stars for 2017

Your Sagittarius Star Predictions for 2017 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2017, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Sagittarius at a Glance


Sagittarius symbol:  The bow with arrow drawn ready to be aimed by the centaur or archer, who is pictorially depicted as the upper part of a man upon the lower parts of a horse. The dual creature implies one with the speed and power of the horse and the brain and potential wisdom of man

Traditionally:  The ninth sign of the zodiac, ruling planet Jupiter

Colours:  Blue, purple

Lucky gem:  Turquoise, amethyst

Classification:  Mutable, Fire, positive and self-assertive

Keyword definition:  Expression, freedom, frankness, an urge to explore, adaptability, variableness and spontaneity, duality, sincerity, a philosophical nature, a love of sport and natural pursuits, joviality

Physical appearance:  Above-average height, well-made figure, long or oval face, rounded forehead, expressive blue or hazel eyes, clear complexion, brown hair, inclined to stoop

Faults:  Extremist, extravagant, tactless, boastful, inconsiderate, Sagittarian's are good at exaggerating, being careless, restless and a playboy or butterfly type

Star sign compatibility:  Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini

Star sign incompatibility:  Taurus, Pisces, and Cancer

Signs to have fun with:  Leo, Aries and Sagittarius

Signs for passion:  Scorpio, Capricorn, and Virgo


The Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarians love to be free and hate to adhere to rules laid down by anyone, unless they are fairly administered. They have a great need to expand their consciousness, together with a primitive urge to explore beyond their immediate and known environment. They have a need to judge, interpret, translate and formulate the laws around them, distinct from just knowing and accepting things on face value. They are intellectually inclined, open-minded, deep thinkers with good judgement, although they do tend to be very outspoken. They will always seek new dimensions of thinking in life as they progress through their destiny and, as they are generally optimistic people, they will always need room to move as they progress. They enjoy wide-open spaces and travel. The free spirit in them will always be happy, providing they are not limited or smothered with restriction. They understand other people's problems and in most cases people will look to them for the insight they need in finding solutions. Their creative spirit is supercharged when they get a chance to show the positive side of their personality and display their creative talents. It is imperative that they always have communication with others, because they believe in themselves and know they will succeed in their endeavours against all odds. This is why they love to teach others. Higher education and self-learning is important to them and they eagerly use every opportunity they can muster that offers a chance to prove them selves. At times they are willing to take risks because they are so confident. They are good friends to many and can be very generous with their time to those who honestly deserve it.


Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius men and women pulse with life and sensuality and always monitor their actions very carefully. They have a high degree of versatility and, due to their dual nature, may conduct two relationships simultaneously. The key words for a Sagittarius in a relationship are ‘Don't fence me in'. They hate possessive people and love their independence; in fact, they love to have their cake and eat it too. Sagittarians are always in motion, high-spirited, jovial, blunt and gullible in their relationships. They can be extravagant and giving, enchanting and charming. The Sagittarian man or woman can be an exhibitionist and very versatile around the opposite sex. For a Sagittarius person love is good sex. To Sagittarian's, romance is the mystery of a one-night stand. Love comes out of friendship and they need mutual honesty and a high level of communication with their partner. Sagittarians need a partner who has a sense of independence that matches their own. They may prefer, when making love, the thrill and fantasy of an orgy and will attract many acquaintances and friends throughout their life. However, many partners may not be able to match their sexual staying power under the sheets or in the hot tub as their sex drive can be extreme at times. For Sagittarius men or women, their boundless energy and restlessness is perhaps their greatest challenge throughout their entire life.


Health and Wellbeing

Sagittarius governs the thighs, hips, sciatic nerve, gout, fistulas, tumours and nervous disorders. This sign gives a sound and wiry constitution, but Sagittarians are always highly strung, always on the go and creating excesses, worry and nervous breakdowns. Rheumatism, varicose veins, overheated blood type fevers and overindulgence can be problems. Fresh air, sport and exercise are absolutely essential for their wellbeing.


Career and Occupation

Business affairs will always play a role in Sagittarians' destiny no matter what their career or profession is, and they will be interested in national and international events or perhaps trading. They will be very introverted and reserved about their decisions; they will listen to advice and recommendations from others, but will finally do what was on their mind at the beginning. They will work toward their objectives with much will and tenacity, yet they could act obsessively, possibly denying other aspects of their life, such as emotional relationships. They will probably have artistic talent, which could be overlooked or neglected in favour of other activities more likely to be financially rewarding.

Sagittarians must learn to value every thing they have, not just those that will give them money. Due to their perseverance and intuition they will be owners of a corporation or will be working in high positions at some time in their destiny. Sagittarians' career choice could be one of the following: corporate manager, general trader, clothing designer, economist, advertising agent, actor, director, fire fighter, horse trainer, hospital employee, hunter, importer or exporter, solicitor, interpreter, jockey, marketing agent, minister, nun, philosopher, promoter, publisher, professional sportsperson, writer, travel agent, member of the military, X-ray technician, public relations person, real estate agent, zoo attendant, farmer, animal breeder, telecommunications technician, gambler, or any other career choice that allows them to combine their creativity with business. In any type of occupation they should try not to put themselves into a situation where they have to work alone in cramped quarters for long periods. Working in restrictive areas or confined circumstances would certainly irritate them, making them feel like a prisoner trapped between four walls.

It is imperative they always have room to move in their daily routine, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially, and they would be lost without their telephone. They should always look for jobs that offer and allow them to enjoy wide-open spaces or travel and the freedom to do things in their own way. Many Sagittarians excel in fields that expand the mind and broaden the horizons. As they are basically optimistic by nature, they will always look for a position that offers opportunities onward and upward. It is imperative that they are very active in their career or business; otherwise they will become extremely bored and will desire a change of direction. Challenge, change and variety are their middle names and throughout their life they will always set their sights on the big picture of success.


The Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is breezy, energetic, idealistic and a philosopher in her own right. She will travel at the drop of a hat and loves to visit exciting, out-of-the-way places. She gets bored with doing the same old thing, so anything different appeals to her. Sagittarius women are always arranging things, whether it is a dinner party or a game of tennis or golf. They have the ability to motivate people and create events. The Sagittarius woman monitors her actions very carefully, being conservative and thrifty when she wants to be. She even hoards bits and pieces, odds and ends for a rainy day. She shops at the right stores and belongs to the right clubs, anything to enhance her social status. She has a high degree of versatility, great energy and optimism. Provocative in their behaviour and favouring dramatically different friends and lifestyle, Sagittarius women don't like to be fenced in.

Freedom is very important; trying to possess them will lead to disaster. They are high-spirited and jovial souls who love to be around people, to mix and mingle at parties. They are truth seekers, honest to the point of pride. They can be extremely blunt in reprimanding those who do not comply with their standards of honesty. If you want a trustworthy friend a Sagittarius woman is the one; she is as incapable of betrayal as she is of lying. She is inclined to be gullible; she will accept what you tell her at face value. She is extravagant and generous to her family and friends. Her enchanting, charming nature makes her the ideal guest in your home.  Sagittarius women either are musical or artistic themselves or appreciate good music and the arts. Their philosophical, spiritual nature makes them quite prophetic in their own way. They love sex, bringing out the animal nature in them, and are anything but inhibited. But their relationship is based on loyalty and trust. The Sagittarius woman dislikes weak men and is drawn to those who appreciate her independence and free lifestyle. She is always searching for new horizons.


The Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarian man is a rebellious individual, independent, warm and charming. He is his own person and determined to do his own thing. Sagittarius man does not like to be told what to do. Others admire his distinctive personal style, his courage to live life on his terms and to say the things he means. His humour and the irrepressible sense of fun that lights his eyes with a mischievous twinkle will delight you. He is genial, hospitable, gregarious, generous and generally honest. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, and Sagittarians do have a tendency to jump off the deep end when in discussion with others. They have an explosive temper; they can be snappy, impatient, aggressive and even rude. Sometimes when they are cranky their sharp comments can rankle. They do not mind a good debate, due to their dual personality and criticalness. Sagittarius is changeable and inconsistent. He will not always follow through with what he says he will do, and will at times deny he even said it. His restless spirit will often make him bored and discontented, and he will yearn for fresh challenges and adventures. He loses interest and momentum with projects that become drawn out and he may not finish them.

Sagittarius is headstrong. The Sagittarian man has plenty of drive and get-up-and-go when he is keen to pursue an opportunity. He has energy and enthusiasm to burn then, and his powerful, positive motivation will inspire others and win their confidence. He is a man with vision and grand ideas, which others find exciting. He is incredibly resilient. He cannot be kept down for long. His fighting spirit and optimistic, progressive approach to life will always make him move on to new plans and undertakings with eagerness, initiative and enterprise. He is an opportunist, so that life with him never stands still. The Sagittarian mind is bright, inquiring and open to new ideas and possibilities. His resourcefulness will give others food for thought. If you have a new project to get off the ground his creative input and enterprise will motivate and inspire you.

The Sagittarian man is ardent, romantic, playful and a spontaneous lover. He will seduce you impetuously at unusual times and places. These men love sport, outdoor activities, camping, fishing and travelling. Their philosophical mind will also draw them to higher education, teaching, law and marketing. They love to be around positive people. Saving money gives the Sagittarian man a buzz. He can be spontaneously generous with special gifts and extravagant purchases, but when it comes to everyday things he can sometimes be quite prone to cost cutting, even penny-pinching. Taking a gamble and winning puts him on an elated high. He loves to beat the odds. An exciting new opportunity or project is pure joy for him. He will be terribly keen to get into it. Freedom gives him a sense of exhilaration. He likes to come and go as he pleases and have space in relationships to do what he wants to do.


Sagittarius in 2017



Major Trends

LIFE: This is a year to look forward to. There will be many new prospects opening when you least expect it. From March to June you can expect a whirlwind of activity and catching up with old family and friends. You may be involved with a reunion of a sort.

With Jupiter and Uranus in opposition at times throughout 2017 you may become a little over the top or have moments of confusion, disorientation, and mental fogginess due to being involved with too many things. You may also misunderstand or misconstrue something that is stated in ambiguous terms, so be absolutely certain that everything is spelled out and crystal clear before you act.

Long distant travel, conferences, fraternal groups, clubs, will take up much of your time and you are also apt to forget appointments, overlook significant details, make errors in computation, etc. Any overindulgence should be avoided otherwise weight and health problems could be an issue. Long distance travel, education and anything else that broadens your knowledge and skills may attract you and you can expect a busy year with lots of variety and change on the home and work fronts.

From August your mind will be stimulated with many new ideas and plans for your improvement. Entertainment is also favoured throughout this year and you may gain in many ways by mixing business with pleasure. A communication during the last three month of this year may also bring exciting news regarding your future career or direction.

During October and November your interests will be centred on home and domestic issues and you can expect some favourable changes. This is a great year for building, renovating, buying or selling, many things that have been held in suspension can now be acted on. You may show a great deal of personal effort and initiative, as your desire for change and new beginnings will be strong.

Around the December period many invitations and opportunities will open for you and you should make the most of your personality and appearance when negotiating with others. Home and domestic changes are favoured and you may find time to reshuffle your household budget.

New resources are bound to attract you in 2017 and you would be advised to grasp every opportunity that comes your way. You will be good at cooperating with others; this is a magnificent time for expansion and understanding in many areas of your life. Look forward, not backward.

LOVE: Venus will enter Aries from February and influence your friendships through to June. It is during this cycle your relationships with others will become very intense to the point you are becoming a little possessive or demanding. Improving your personal relationships with others tremendously will be your key theme.

During July and August you will be in a romantic mood and yearnings for much love, feelings of compassion, or even religious devotion that will accompany this time period. You will definitely be more idealistic, tolerant, and selfless in your relationships, which may cause you to act against your own interests if care is not taken. Decisions involving joint money or important commitments to others should be made some between September and December otherwise you may get a backlash.

A desire for loveliness and beauty in your surroundings is also strong when Venus and Jupiter meet during this time. Some may make a commitment or decide to travel with a partner to somewhere romantic and different. Until then you will be emotionally sensitive to the moods of others and you're not going to take personal matters lying down. Either you will communicate well with others or you may wish to withdraw altogether. Try to work out a compromise with yourself and others in the early part of 2017. You certainly need to get to the deep-seated feelings of any relationship and will not be to bothered bobbing on the surface of any emotional issue.

This will be a good year for expressing your feelings as hidden or repressed emotions can ultimately be detrimental. This is likely to be a year of great emotional intensity, you are able to sublimate your ego and discipline your energy so that you can work well with others on long-term projects together. Personal relationships seem smoother as the year progresses and friendly communication with neighbours and relatives brings a greater understanding by the end of 2017. You may feel a little spaced out at times, having trouble keeping in touch with the realities of this world. Be careful of over-idealising, or uncritically accepting, anyone at face value. 

LUCK: With lucky Jupiter in your friendship and party time part of your horoscope, you will be kicking up your feet and enjoying the nightlife and all social activities. Personal and business finances are sound this year and there is no need to worry over pending issues. Throughout 2017 you are about to receive more material goods, more money and more inner strength.

From July onwards a happy surprise from a close friend may embarrass you slightly or make you feel guilty. Something that has never happened to you before is about to happen this year so be ready for the sudden and unexpected in a positive sense. A very important or special invitation is about to come your way and this may have you on a spending spree for a new wardrobe.

Think twice before rushing headfirst into new projects in November you may be biting off more than you can chew. Many opportunities may be offered to you this year, be realistic in your expectations, this is a time for unloading and clearing out, not a time for adding more fuel to the fire.

Happiness, good fortune and an opportunity for personal and business success are yours for the taking if you are practical and cautious. New friendships, personal relationships and partnerships may have a profound significance in your year.



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