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24 August to 23 September

Welcome to the Virgo Stars for 2017

Your Virgo Star Predictions for 2017 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2017, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Virgo at a Glance


Virgo symbol:  The virgin, the only feminine figure in the zodiac, depicted holding an ear of wheat, symbol of fertility, was worshipped throughout the ancient world as the Earth Goddess

Traditionally:  The sixth sign of the zodiac, associated with the planet Mercury

Colours:  Brown, navy, blue, teal, grey and white

Lucky gem:  Sapphire, agate

Classification:  Multiple, Earth; negative

Keyword definition:  Develops an analytical attitude expressing criticalness, associated with an urge for efficiency and perfection

Characteristic key words:  Discriminating, practical, evaluating life by facts and logic. Must analyse, take to pieces and sift the minute details for the key to their significance to the whole. An interest in health and hygiene will attract Virgo's

Physical appearance:  Average height, moderately plump and well formed, oval face, dark hair, hazel to dark eyes and complexion, straight nose, active walk, tidy hair whether long or short

Faults:  Hypocritical, pedantic, fastidious, interfering and too modest, suppressing emotions and feelings, overspecialising, worrying

Star sign compatibility:  Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, and Taurus

Star sign incompatibility:  Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries

Signs to have fun with:  Aquarius, Leo, Capricorn, and Pisces

Signs for passion:  Scorpio, Taurus, and Cancer


The Virgo Personality

Virgo would have to be the most practical and methodical sign in the zodiac, with a natural ability to deal with routine work and fine details. Their judgement is much more likely to be influenced by facts and logic, rather than by fantasy. They are basically very down-to-earth people with good reasoning powers. Pipedreams are really not their cup of tea as they are too uncertain and too much of a gamble. They are generally very sensible with money and will budget to the last cent if there is a need to. In many ways, Virgos are followers rather than leaders and, because they are reliable and extremely thorough in their daily routine, they will always be a valuable asset to family and friends, as well as employers. Being reasonably reserved types of people, they may get embarrassed easily if others make a fool of them or others. They cannot stand fools and will certainly not tolerate being treated like one either. Slipping away from the madding crowd and having quiet moments by themselves is important to them. Nothing would suit them more than being cuddled up in a cosy place reading a good novel or actively engaged in their favourite hobby or pastime. They are mentally intelligent, shrewd, discerning and organised, rather than abstract, and this is why they are able to assimilate great detail. They are usually most fussy about what they eat, how food is prepared and cooked. They also like to know what chemicals and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives are in the food before they purchase it. They have class in their mannerisms and usually dress well, looking for quality in the articles of wardrobe that they purchase.


Virgo in Love

Virgos are certainly very romantic people and hearing a partner expressing their love for them is very important to them. They also have magic in their walk; their body telegraphs a message to those they attract. They can also be creatures of ambivalence, a heated body with a cool mind. They usually have a good sexual drive and are serious, dedicated and loyal lovers. A Virgo will always want a partner who is perfect, charming, sensitive, exceedingly industrious, honest and capable. Their partner must always be tolerant and easygoing as well. They will never tolerate possessiveness, limitations or a smothering aspect in a relationship. Schemers, swindlers, con artists or adventurers do not have a place in their life. They are more comfortable with a partner they trust and one who enjoys the comforts of home. They are very eager to please their partner and will pamper to their heart's content. They are generally eager to learn more about their partner and what makes him or her tick. They will never throw themselves at their partner or put themselves in a situation where they must defend their turf. Once they have staked their claim they are unlikely to tolerate uncertainty or competition. As their standards are very high, they will always strive to improve their quest for perfection in any relationship. They perhaps need to be aware and watch their demanding, self-righteous and persuasive mannerisms, as they do make mountains out of molehills, and this could have an effect on their love and relationships with those close to them.


Health and Wellbeing

Virgo rules the bowels, gall bladder and kidneys. Problems may include diabetes, colitis and nervous tension, as well as constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence and other afflictions of this part of the body, usually caused by worry and overwork. Care in diet is essential to the health of Virgo people; plenty of fibre, roughage and fresh vegetables are the best recommendation for them. Smoking, other forms of drugs and alcohol are very harmful to them; some become drug addicts or alcoholics, or become dependent on prescription drugs and analgesics.


Career and Occupation

Due to their inner contradictions Virgos will live a life full of changes and ups and downs. One aspect of their personality seeks movement, communication and action; the other prefers stability and moderation. That is why they will most likely have two professions: a serious job to give them a secure living, and a second one, more insecure, but full of variety and change. Virgos will alternate between feeling very energetic and hardworking and feeling lazy. Their main problem will be the difficulty of finding work that is an outlet for their creative ideas, rather than traditional, boring and routine. Their restlessness will be most apparent as children but, as they grow up, they will become more settled and serene. Their sensitivity also plays an important role in their life and they may excel in professions that put them in contact with people. Virgos can be very humanitarian and intuitive. Virgos' career choices could be one of these professions or a combination of some: chiropractor, doctor, nurse, child psychologist, paediatrician, teacher, administrator, writer, publisher, speaker, actor, journalist, pharmacist, biochemist, perfume or food merchant, accountant, civil servant, computer analyst, dental technician, dietician, dressmaker, drycleaner, file clerk, forest ranger, health official, household helper, veterinarian, hotelier, engineer, member of the military, volunteer for overseas service, interior design, hairdresser, jeweller, auditor, airline steward, draftsperson, builder, janitor, information processor, secretary, host. Attention to detail is one of their hallmarks and this could be put to good use in any job that requires that touch of order and discipline. They may lean to such areas of work as accountancy, clerical work, computer programming, design, technical drawing, electronics, engraving, languages, libraries, mapping, mathematics, microsurgery, pathology, laboratory work, proofreading, statistics, watchmaking and jewellery manufacturing.

Virgos also make excellent legal people as they usually read the fine print on important documents. As they love everything in order and usually have a place for everything, employment in service and health industries would certainly have a place for them. They would certainly feel comfortable working in a health food store or health resort and even writing about health matters. They may not necessarily be a full-time house person however, they can be sure in most cases their residence will be in tiptop shape as they insist on cleanliness and general hygiene. It is probable that Virgos could experience a situation at home where one parent will be a hard worker and the other not as responsible. Though the parents could show great incompatibility of character, they will stay together on account of their children. This idea will dominate Virgo's future.


The Virgo Woman

The Virgo's critical and faultfinding behaviour can often cause resentment by others and this may puts her on the defensive. She is responsible, articulate, strikingly haunting and attractive. She tends to be wise, practical, articulate, witty and trustworthy, with a strong perceptiveness. The Virgo woman is a workaholic, extremely restless and at times compulsive in her behaviour. Worry is her middle name; she is always making mountains out of molehills, and her deeply anxious moments can turn her into a hypochondriac. These women have a phobia about cleanliness and perfection in general; they will always look fresh and their home will always sparkle. They enjoy cooking, reading, gardening, administering the household and all the nice things in life. They can be drawn to any type of work that relates to organisation or administration with things such as health, food, childcare, medicine, science, retail, executive duties, fashion, theatre or technical illustration.

A Virgo woman is very giving and at times depletes her energy by doing too much for others. She is worth her weight in gold. In working so hard she leaves herself little time for the more pleasurable social activities. However, she is quite happy to devote her day to her career or family. Then, at the end of the day, she may curl up with a good book or watch a good documentary or drama on television or DVD.

Virgos can be demanding, self-righteous, persuasive and very much the perfectionist. Things matter to them intensely. Their penetrating mental powers make them good debaters, and they can spot insincerity and dishonesty very quickly. Virgo women feel they must always give perfect service, although they will never throw themselves compulsively into emotional relationships without first thinking of the consequences. They do at times find it difficult to express their sexuality, and therefore become sexually restricted, so they need constant arousing and to learn to release their passions. Once in love they can make the art of love into a craft. They are serious lovers and eager to please. Virgo women have an insatiable curiosity and like to put things into perspective; they love travel and new adventures. They possess integrity, character and discipline, and they make long lasting partnerships or friendships. You can always spot a Virgo woman a mile off by her habit of crossing her legs.


The Virgo Man

Virgo men are intelligent, serious, responsible, reliable and hardworking. Their job is extremely important to them; a settled, professional situation provides a sense of security and wellbeing. They will work conscientiously to do the best job they can and will set high standards. If others sometimes do not measure up Virgos will be critical and annoyed with their sloppy efforts. Virgo men are real perfectionists and have a keen eye for detail. When there are problems or upheavals at work they may bring their worries home and talk them over with their partner. Virgo men can be very preoccupied and nervy at times, so they need much encouraging, reassuring support from those close to them. They show diligence and application in their attitude and organisational procedures. They are very willing and dependable people and, when you ask for their assistance, you will feel at ease, knowing that the tasks left in their hands will be dealt with competently. Their nervousness can make Virgos very irritable; they get on edge and become impatient and sharp. They can be picky at times and complain about matters that are really quite unimportant. There is a deep drive for financial and emotional security and consolidation in their life, and they will work to put down roots, construct a solid financial base and a stable lifestyle. They treasure their home and family life, and make loving and devoted partners who will honour their commitment to a relationship and to their children.

The Virgo mind is reflective, highly intelligent, practical and analytical. Their logical reasoning will always make the utmost sense. The Virgo man is a deep-feeling person, with a sensitive, refined emotional make-up. He can be reserved when it comes to expressing emotions. He may seem undemonstrative, even cool and distant at times, but he will show his love through positive, honest actions. Virgo men are not men of superfluous romantic conversation. They are practical people who put a lot of sincerity in their love. Virgos love their work. They give so much of themselves to their job that success will be well deserved. As well as family life and home, they love nature walks, pottering around the garden or working with their indoor plants. Hobbies and reading are a source of joy and relaxation for Virgos. Order and harmony in their environment make these men happy, and they enjoy informative discussions. Saving money gives them a buzz, whereas unreliability frustrates them.


Virgo in 2017



Major Trends

LIFE: Jupiter, planet of luck and increase, will spend most of this year through your sector of finances, incomes, personal financial affairs, work, services to the public, and your association with business and working colleagues. During this year you can develop a better understanding with others, especially during February. If you have been passive or nonchalant about business affairs, finances, and material security, you will begin taking a more active, positive attitude toward this area of your life.

Increased ambition and enterprise are likely, but arguments over money are also less frequent than usual throughout 2017 as an increase in capital will be seen, giving you more security. Persons and resources are likely to be drawn to you this year and you should take constructive advantage of them. Now is the time to receive anything that may be offered to you, taking on new responsibilities will produce wonders for your self-confidence and personality.

During August and September, something private or behind the scenes may be subconsciously bothering you, or there may be a nagging problem that seems to be a thorn in your side. Someone may come forward to relieve you of your burden or a change for the better will attract to you suddenly or unexpectedly to solve an issue at hand. 2017 is a year of adventure and change so plan something special especially between October and December.

Expansion, social obligations and increased creativity are indicated throughout this year and you may meet some very fascinating people who may assist you with a new plan, direction, or job opportunity with a difference. Be extra careful with health during 2017. With so much going on, you may develop periods of excessive stress and your personal feelings, attitudes, and ideals may undergo changes. These changes will be very deep, and experiences from your early life that you have forgotten about long ago are likely to surface again.

You are also likely to often feel overcome with unusual feelings and guilt and have no idea why you are experiencing these feelings. A wide range of feelings, such as nostalgia, euphoria, optimism, anger, or jealousy may surface. The best thing to do is concentrate of your positive side and forget about the trivialities - this is a good turning year for you.

LOVE:  During 2017 love has a wonderful new understanding for you and it might not all be in the physical sense. You can enjoy a variety of experiences and you are quite capable of carrying on a relationship without any physical contact at all, as a matter of fact you may have a very soul mate spiritual feeling for someone.

You are in control of your emotions this year and you'll feel on top of the world. The people you contact during this cycle will be very spiritual. Friendships and love relationships bring out a new you as you are openly affectionate, warm, and also quite responsive to loving gestures from others. It's not enough for you to simply feel loving toward another at this time, you really want to express it and show it honestly.

From August to December an opportunity for a new romance or friendship is likely to surface and work out quite nicely for you. Around November some will consider an engagement, or marriage; others will feel the need to start a family. You'll be meeting new friends and perhaps saying goodbye to some of your old ones. Friends may involve you in new and different experiences.

The same applies to groups you belong to or may join. As always be flexible and open-minded. This is a harmonious time for most relationships. Your compassion and understanding for all will increase or surface and you'll want to help others less fortunate than you. Family is important to you this year.

LUCK:  With Lucky Jupiter in Libra this year, balance is the key for your success. Expect a few happy financial surprises that will be in store for you through a new job, promotion, windfall or good luck. The sense of timing of your actions may leave others amazed.

Good luck and protection makes this a time to shoot for big goals. During February to September you may receive cycles of good news concerning a family member, relative or close friend who has a lucky break or a touch of good fortune that could benefit you. Your social activities are increasing throughout 2017 and you may plan a long distant journey to somewhere you have never been before.

Invitations will also be forthcoming throughout this year and you may receive a sudden or unexpected invitation to a wedding or a social event some distance from your base of operations. You will find travel enjoyable and rewarding, holidays or a short break away will do wonders for your health. Unexpected luck may come your way through the assistance of bosses and superiors, carefully thought-out decisions can be profitable in the long run.

At this time in your life you will really enjoy art, theatre, music, and your own inner world of fantasy. Your imagination is vivid and you may wish to express your talents. If you have an interest in spiritual matters, these interests come to the fore now also.

Dramatic and performing arts, sports, games, or other forms of self-expression and entertainment appeal strongly to you throughout 2017 and you may decide to join a club or take up a new interest that you will enjoy. Go for everything you can this year, you are now in your new 12 year cycle of growth and happiness, where those dreams become reality. Expect gains also with real estate and property matters.



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