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Both of you take life very personally, probably more personally than your realise. Your feelings and your pride are easily wounded by criticism or lack of appreciation from the people you care about. There can be an unusually warm loving bond between you, though your temperaments are quite different. Leo is very proud and wants recognition, appreciation, respect, and love from a partner. Cancer wants to be needed and desires sympathy, tenderness, and emotional support from a partner. Leo has difficulty accepting and expressing needs, sadness, or weakness, and is uncomfortable when Cancer expresses doubts, insecurities, weaknesses, or moodiness.

Leo is the more dominant of the two of you and is likely to take the lead in your relationship - which is fine with Cancer who has no need to be on top.

Proud and somewhat self-centred, Leo very much wants recognition, appreciation, applause, and to be the favourite or the centre of attention. Leo craves affirmation and love but may be hard to know really well, as weaknesses, problems, doubts or insecurities are rarely admitted.

Leo has a dramatic streak and tends to exaggerate or blow things out of proportion. Wounded pride or a feeling of being ignored, neglected, or "not special" are Leo's particular sensitivities. Cancer is a much softer, more private, sensitive shy person than Leo is, much less of a showman, and Leo's histrionics are too much for Cancer at times. Leo is usually sunny, sociable, good humoured, while Cancer is often moody and needs to withdraw sometimes. Cancer has emotional ups and downs, while Leo is fairly constant emotionally. You may be a complementary pair, though, because Cancer is supportive and will not compete for dominance with Leo and Leo appreciates Cancer's supportiveness and sympathy. You are both very protective, loyal, and warm toward one another.

Both of you have a base of inner harmony and congruence. That is, while you may be at odds with people or circumstances outside of yourself, you are not torn within yourself about what you want, feel or require to be happy.

If you find yourselves attracted to one another and it appears at the outset that you have similar needs, attitudes, and common interests, then you can trust that this is so. Neither one will be "changing your tune" later on.

However, if you find that you are quite dissimilar, harbour no illusions about changing one another or winning the other person over. You may be complementary but neither of you can alter the very basic differences between you. These differences, also, will be very clear at the outset.

Romantic and sexual attraction is very powerful, but is likely to have an intense, obsessive quality as well. Leo, in particular, may feel that Cancer comes on too strong or is too insatiable and demanding. Jealousy, sexual manipulation, or unrestrained emotional fervour are strong potentials between the two of you. An almost fated, love-hate kind of relationship is very possible.

You can be very open and mellow towards each other. Quite often you build up an emotional intensity that can be quite explosive. Your style of loving is all or nothing. Total devotion is important to both of you. Sensual body massage and tickling may be favourite pastimes. Your pleasure in love making is greatest in well-appointed surroundings.

A complete transformation of your attitudes about love and relationship will occur through this fateful, profound connection. Expect intense feelings of attraction which can amount to obsession, a deep irresistible fascination which may be felt simultaneously with a pulling away, and a sense that the whole thing is unavoidable even if excruciatingly painful at times.

What initially may feel like mad love, will reveal other, hidden sides of your emotions. The desire to control, dominate, or manipulate (sexually or in other ways) may well be a part of this. Extreme jealousy, issues of trust and betrayal, as well as deep, passionate love are all easily aroused between the two of you.

Certainly this is not a bond to be taken lightly. You will learn an incredible amount about what you are capable of, through your interaction. You are playing with fire here. Whether it is a purifying fire, or an eternal flame, or whether it will all end in ashes, is up to the two of you and how conscious you are willing to become.

Part of the purpose of your relationship is to simply enjoy your lives together and to have fun. Together you will expand your social circle, and broaden your contacts with the world in many ways. As a couple, you may do more travelling for pleasure than you would ever do as individuals.

Play, humour, laughter, and exuberant good spirits permeate your relationship. You take more risks, spend more money on fun and adventure, and generally have a good time together. It is easy, comfortable, and relaxing to be with one another; you cheer one another up. Being together makes you both feel good, and this will have positive effects on your health and overall success in life, the more you are together.

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