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This is how the planets may influence the trends in this cycle ahead!


There is no doubt 2018 will go down in history as one of the most surprising and fascinating political and economic years in this decade. With five eclipses, three solar and two lunar, influencing major global, monetary and security trends, expect a multitude of planetary aspects throughout this year that will influence major change regarding the United Nations organisation, political leaders, government policies, global stock markets, banking, currencies, interest rates, insurance, trade, technology, utilities, industrial manufacturing, science, agriculture, resources, immigration, taxation, employment, wages, consumer goods and services, and general living standards. During 2018, legitimate international and parliamentary monetary legislation including many fiscal adjustments will be enacted that should in the long term favour some relief for the domestic economy regarding incomes, taxation and job security, and pave the way for a general wage increase for workers and salary earners. To sum up, 2018 should prove to be an adventurous, progressive, secure and money-spinning year for the world as the term money, money and more money, will be the theme throughout this year.

Assessing the overall global horoscope, a few nerve-wracking months are also apparent, especially February, March, April, May, July, August, and November. However there appear to be no stringent astrological patterns that specify the commencement of a third world war, a major financial recession or stock market crash for 2018—quite on the contrary. Apart from a critical period of continuing sanctions and political disarray during April/May/June and November/December concerning North Korea, including problems and confrontations on the Middle Eastern fronts, 2018 appears to be under control. In regard to global negotiations and trade and monetary restructuring, this year, astrologically, seems to be mostly positive with an emphasis on superior legislative regulation and control by governments regarding growth, state security, immigration employment and human rights.

With three major outer planetary changes in 2018 namely Jupiter (supply) in the money sign of Scorpio (first time in 12 years), Saturn (stability) in the business sign of Capricorn (first time in 29 years), and Uranus (advanced ideas) in the banking and funding sign of Taurus from May onward (first time in 84 years), a secure economic balance will be modelled, creating ongoing, improved monetary wellbeing for 2018-19 with an emphasis on proposed debt reduction.

Jupiter, planet of increase and supply, will passage through the financial sign of Scorpio (secret plans and financial negotiations) until November 8, 2018, generating many investigations and introducing new laws regarding the banking and financial industry, investment advisers, traders and agents, brokers, lawyers, tax consultants, credit and loan companies. Also, expect to see periods of excessive government spending to cater for their spend-thrift promises and at the same time plucking off the taxpayer with new taxes and money-making schemes and charges. New types of investment incentives and financial programs through banking circles will be introduced to tempt and encourage individuals to save their money rather than spend it unwisely. New bank charges will be introduced, bank staff will be retrenched and, no doubt, this financial see-saw year will be a difficult cycle for many financial institutions as they endeavour to acquire more money in every possible way to raise profits and cut expenditure at the same time. Although 2018 promises to be a positive year overall, it will prove extremely challenging for governments and individuals, due to the country’s excessive fiscal demands, outgoings and charges, debt repayments, immigration, welfare, health, education, infrastructure costs, utility charges, mortgages, personal loans, and general cost of living for families. You will be paying far more for everything in 2018, so be prepared to adjust your weekly budget.

As early as the February solar eclipse on the 16th at 7:05 am AEST, governments will be tempted to borrow more money to prop up certain promises and infrastructure programs due to a slump in revenue-gathering through taxation. However, this yo-yo monetary balancing act throughout 2018 with Uranus, planet of sudden unexpected change, moving into the financial sign Taurus from May 16 for a period of eight years, this will assist and picture new, profitable manufacturing, free trade and export opportunities that will help balance the fiscal books.

With Jupiter (vast) and Neptune (liquids) linking favourably during May 18 to June 3 and August 11-26, substantial export gains through higher natural gas prices will be seen. Throughout 2018, further profits will be achieved through fishing, farming and agriculture groups with higher profitable export prices forecast for fish products, cattle, sheep, wool, pork, grains and agriculture produce. Commodities, technology services and consumer products will also see a rally. Unfortunately, there will be a downside to this year’s achievements due to a gradual increase in global inflationary trends, causing federal reserve banks around the world to consider increasing interest rates, so be prepared from March 6 to May 30 in particular as markets will be affected by an assortment of extravagant planetary aspects that will influence consumer spending, and possible rate rises could be a topic of conversation from this period onward. Real estate and housing costs are predicted to stabilise and the Australian dollar will continue to be strong throughout 2018.

During January 7-26, April 4-23 and September 5-18, Jupiter (problem solver) will constructively meet with the modernisation planet Pluto, enhancing expansions and improvements with competitive free trade. This period should also see increased opportunities for stock market traders as the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P should be displaying greater confidence with both Asian and the USA economies driving the markets. Expect many bullish tendencies at the market place throughout 2018 with investors building greater confidence and profit-making through investment trading than in previous years. Mars (mechanical) and Uranus (new infrastructure planning) will also play a vital role in the building of modern technology services, towns, cities, dams, railways, baseload power stations, alternative renewables, agriculture water expansion and production, that will continue over the next ten years. The last time these two planets formed in the exact same positive aspect in zodiac signs of Scorpio and Capricorn was in June 1768 when Captain James Cook was preparing his vessel Endeavour to sail into his voyage of discovery to Australia and the South Pacific—Jupiter (adventures), Pluto (new beginnings). 2018 is now Australia’s turn to explore, look forward, work together and establish a greater economy and independent security for the future.

During 2006 when Jupiter (expansion) last visited the zodiac sign of Scorpio (other people’s money), China and India were growing as world financial powers. During 2018 it will be the USA and Australia who will benefit through tax cuts, improved production, rising employment, wage increases, increased local labour force in the manufacturing of defence products, technology services and supply, rather than relying on offshore cheap labour and products. From the Luna eclipse January 31, in the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Leo, (favouring USA) this will be the first of a series of cosmos keys that unlock the global trade door to influence positive economic change and trade balances that will boost international markets with new financial opportunities, especially during February, April, June, September, October and December. During March 19 to May 16 and August 13 to September 11, could also see a market rise in currencies, finances, electronics, technology, commodities, health services and utilities. Care should be taken with Bitcoin investment and market value as investigations are predicted by authorities during 2018 due to possible criminal, drug activity, terrorist trading in arms and tax evasion, causing a possible bubble burst.

Viewing the USA horoscope, the Trump administration should enjoy constructive financial management and substantial growth throughout 2018 with an enhancement indicated in the US economy, creating greater employment opportunities in the private sector, manufacturing, agriculture as well as the military. Both Jupiter (enlarge) and Uranus (change) form positive growth aspects for the country, together with new opportunities in Trump’s personal horoscope. President Trump will have much determination to stimulate the US economy and take care of the Indo-Asian situation especially during January 1 to May 14, and November 5 to March 6, 2019. The US economy under the Trump administration is set to improve throughout 2018 through good economic management. Immaterial of what the press report, Trump (astrologically speaking) and according to his horoscope, will triumph over the alleged Russian electoral influence innuendo and will never be impeached. The reason Trump does not appeal to the media or Democratic followers is that he is different, unpredictable and not as politically correct as many would like him to be. He is a new brand politician. Stock markets have hit record highs, oil prices remain low, consumer confidence is buoyant and inflation is under control with Trump's administration.

Trump’s most pressured period in 2018 is during May 14 to November 5. North Korea will continue to be a stone in Trump’s shoe throughout 2018, especially during April- June, and he will not back down from threats or innuendos from Kim Jong Un.  Although Kim will continue to test long range missiles and nuclear explosions in 2018, there are no indications of a major crisis. According to Kim Jong Un’s horoscope he will be full of frustration and nervousness as global sanctions bite into his country’s economy and he will show inner fear to step over that line in the sand, knowing full well he would lose the battle and personal face with the North Korean people. China’s horoscope also shows greater cooperation with western nations to prevent an incident of any major destructive nature occurring. There will be a compromise between the United Nations, USA and North Korea within this two year cycle, as Saturn (stability) crosses the natal Sun of Kim Jong Un’s horoscope during this cycle. Times are changing and Trump and his administration will be recognised in the future for their unusual style of diplomatic composure.

Due to three infrequent, major, outer planetary changes occurring throughout 2018 with Jupiter (massive), Saturn (calamities), and Uranus (sudden and unexpected), expect many precipitous events to take place as the inner planets Mercury (movement), Venus (expense) and Mars (destruction ) connect with these outer planets in transit throughout this year. These rare connections will cause, amongst other subjects, a variety of unusual, changeable weather patterns, and seismic and volcanic activity both in the northern and southern hemispheres. Expect a range of severe earthquakes, high tides, cold to hot temperature periods, heavy hail, snow, thunderstorms, cyclones, tsunamis, floods, mud slides, forest fires, droughts and natural disasters. The subject of climate change, global warming and renewable energy issues will immediately cause the United Nations, media and many alarmists to jump to conclusions and blame carbon and human irresponsibility for the events, but avoiding the real answers to the cause. With a heavy Mars (disagreement) and Uranus (rebellion) connecting throughout 2018, the Paris agreement fund will be questioned as unaffordable by a number of countries, who will renege.
With Saturn (conservatism) entering Capricorn (ideals) for the next two and half years, and Uranus (advanced ideas) in transit through Taurus for the next eight years, it will be during this time that people will actually realise that the universe and world climate we live with, has and will always be ruled by climate variables. Weather cycles and changing climatic conditions are due to the sun, solar flares, winds and gravitational pull across our oceans and land. Many scientists around the globe have revealed potential conspiracies, collusions, data manipulation, destruction of information and hypotheticals by alarmists. The fact is that climate does change through variables and not by humans. However, humans are responsible for deforestation and refuse pollution that does affect the planet's ecology.

A bit of history, just to mention a few examples: on 23 January 1556 Mars (destruction), Jupiter (huge) and Pluto (catastrophe) combined and created a two hour single quake in China’s Shensi province; a total of 830,000 people perished. On 18 April 1906, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune combined adversely, and hence the San Francisco earthquakes occurred, 3000 people died and 400,000 became homeless. In 1944-45 a series of slow-moving adverse planetary aspects influenced and Australia was hit by a disastrous drought with thousands of sheep deaths. It took until 1955 for sheep stock to regenerate properly. On 28 July 1976 at 3:42 am a strong adverse combination of the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune caused an earthquake that totally destroyed the Chinese industrial city of Tangshan with a total of 655,000 deaths and 780,000 injured. On the 18 October 1973, an adverse pattern of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto influenced a year’s rainfall in one day of 8 inches downpour. A total of 150 people died and 20,000 became homeless in the south-east of Spain. Through the past few hundred known years to this present day, many tornados, cyclones, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, droughts and volcanic eruptions have caused much havoc in those seasonal cycles. You would have to ask yourself, where was all the hype about global warming in those days gone by?

It takes the precession of Earth’s rotational axis approximately 26,000 years to make one complete revolution and the earth also tilts backward and forward every 2000 years, hence affecting climate and weather conditions in seasons, including the life and death of all things. Most people forget the Earth is about 40,223 kilometers in circumference and the entire planet turns approximately 1677 kilometres every hour or 40,223 kilometres every 24 hours, creating daily climatic variable changes. The Moon also is moving around 10-11 centimetres per year away from the earth permanently. All of these movements together with universal planetary gravitation over time create variables, which in turn create weather and climate changes, due to the angle of the sun and solar winds to the planet. To top it off there are around 1200 above and below sea level volcanoes spewing out more impurities than 1000 coal fire power plants put together, polluting the atmosphere with dust and sulphur, warming sea currents and bleaching coral reefs. Deforestation destroys large amounts of oxygen supply from trees and plants who need and feed on carbon dioxide. Jupiter (improvements) connects favorably with Neptune in Pisces (nature) this year, influencing new legislation for improved land care, agriculture, farming and water storage. The world has plenty of water when it rains and floods, it’s just that governments around the globe don’t build enough infrastructure, dams and reservoirs to hold and distribute this precious commodity to areas that need it.

However, climate change aside, these unusual planetary aspects that are slowly forming over 2018, influence  a warning for governments and financial speculators during this period of 2018-19. Fiscal care and good economic management will have to be taken into consideration, especially with borrowed money from the IMF, banks and other sources.  From 10 January 2020 and continuing into 2021, Jupiter triggers a vital aspect with the Sun, Saturn and Pluto together, first time since November 1982-83, hinting at a possible global financial stock market collapse.
During 1982-83 when this planetary combination last occurred, a severe recession began in the United States. A global surplus of crude oil caused gasoline prices to collapse. Freezing weather patterns and climate in dozens of cities throughout the Midwestern United States occurred, destroying crops with all-time record low temperatures. Record unemployment was recorded in the UK totalling 3 million plus and the Falklands war began. The world experienced a lunar eclipse (umbral duration 236 min and total duration 106 min, the longest of the 20th century) which set the scene on Australia’s horoscope for a landslide win for Prime Minister Bob Hawke and his Labor party. The Australian dollar was devalued by 10 percent and commenced to float. Luckily, a major rupture in the world financial system was averted through effective, concerted crisis management led by the International Monetary Fund. Remember that old saying, what comes around, goes around, so do take care with your future budgeting over these years ahead.

The world will be full of news stories in great proportions throughout 2018 due to adverse planetary aspects forming on many countries' horoscopes. The following countries are astrologically vulnerable throughout 2018, either because of political disarray and change, economic and financial mismanagement, trade complications, over-population, immigration, oil prices, corruption, refugee problems, human rights and trafficking, attempted assassinations, industrial unrest, strikes, demonstrations, health and disease, weather and nature made disasters, seismic activity, floods, fires, terrorism, major crime, drug trafficking, and wars:
Ireland, Germany, USA, Tanzania, Libya, Syria, Liberia, Micronesia, Iraq, Iran, Mozambique, Somalia, Madagascar, Great Britain, Slovakia, Yemen, Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Bolivia, United Nations, Albania, Sierra-Leone, Bhutan, El-Salvador, France, Uganda, South Africa, Niger, Vatican, Singapore, Australia, Hungary, Brunei, Cambodia, New Zealand, Danzig, Bangladesh, Nepal, Peru, Guatemala, Biafra, India, Pakistan, Malaysia,  Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Greece, Zimbabwe, Russia, Yugoslavia federation, Kosovar, Japan, Venezuela, Iran, Oman, Mali, Cape-Verde-Islands, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Kenya, Maldives, Thailand, North and South Korea.

The most cautious and critical periods throughout 2018 where care should be taken with finances, trading and travel due to adverse planetary aspects are: January 5- 9, 12-18, 26-31, February 13-19, 24-27, March 1-5, 10-17, 23-30, April 1-7, 13-23, 26-30, May 7-13, 15-19, 25-30, June 3-16, 21-30, July 1-13, 25-29, August 1-11, 26-29, September 6-16, 18-25, October 2-11, 19-23, 25-30, November 1-8, 17-28, December 1-6, 22-26.

During the following dates, be patient and aware during these times of breakdowns in verbal communications and agreements, computer and telecommunication problems, delays, queues, cancelations, mistakes, change of plans, confusion and frustration over meetings, negotiations, travel arrangements, conferences, legal, postage and deliveries: March 23 to April 15, July 26 to August 19, November 17to December 6.

Oil prices should hold between $49-58 Bent Crude per barrel. Oil and gas price changes through 2018: January 3, 4, 19, 20, 21, February 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25, 26, March 6, 7, 17, 24, April 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, May 7, 8, 9, 13, 15, 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, June 2, 3, 6, 7, 13, 21, 22, July 5, 24, 25, 26, 28, August 11, 12, 19, 26, 28. September 9, 10, 13, 14, 19, 25, October 19, 20, 23, 25, November 14, 16, 17, 20, December 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26.

According to the Australian horoscope in 2018, Saturn, planet of discipline and stability, will return to its original place of 7 degrees in Capricorn where it was on January 1, 1901, the time of Commonwealth establishment. It takes around 29 years for the planet to return from around the circumference of the horoscope and the last return appearance in the same degree was in 1989. Interesting to note, when Saturn returns to the original place on the horoscope, major political changes usually take place. In May 1989 Andrew Peacock deposed John Howard as Federal Opposition Leader and Leader of the Liberal Party by a clear vote of 44 to 27. We should see political changes throughout 2018-19.

With Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull (Libra/Scorpio cusp) experiencing low popularity polls and under intense pressure from the electorate to perform and show strong leadership, his popularity will continue to be a non-event acceptance with the majority of voters from January 2018 onward. His biggest foe for a leadership challenge would be Tony Abbott. However, Abbott, at this stage, according to his horoscope, does not appear to have the numbers to successfully take over the leadership, due to an array of adverse planetary aspects opposing Abbott’s natal planets in his horoscope. Certain Coalition front bench members would also be afraid for their own future if Abbott was returned. Turnbull feels safe without Abbott in the ministerial picture and Turnbull is selfish enough to go to the polls by October 2019 and lose the federal election, just to spite Abbott. Turnbull is not aware, astrologically, that Abbott will enter a very strong and positive 14 year cycle from March 2019, the official election year.

However, according to planetary aspects in Australia’s horoscope, there will be talk of a leadership challenge between February and May in 2018 and Abbott should be considered by the Coalition (but he won’t be) to take over the reins if the Coalition wishes to remain in government. Julie Bishop (Cancer) will also have her hand up as a contestant for any leadership vacancy as she is entering into a very positive year. Other party hopefuls are too inexperienced to be leaders, according to their individual horoscopes. Between Abbott and Bishop, Abbott would make the better prime minister with his fortitude, drive, strength, foresight and strong organisational ability. Unfortunately Bishop (Cancer), according to her horoscope, suffers from an intense inferiority complex, is emotionally defensive, quite secretive, too sacrificing and evasive, and is an extremely emotional person within herself, and that would be to her detriment as a leader. Although Bishop shows class and organisational abilities, that does not necessarily make her a strong leader. After a period of time she would buckle under severe pressure from members of the party room and the job itself. Bishop is a better foreign minister than a would-be prime minister; she takes too much emotion on board and she is not aggressive enough and too compromising with the United Nations.

Viewing Turnbull’s horoscope and his planetary aspects, his lines of reasoning tend to be distorted and his vision is clouded. To solve his personality and political poll problems and stay leader of the Liberals is going to be difficult for him throughout 2018. However, he does have opportunities to save his leadership before Uranus moves into Taurus by May 16, 2018 and obstructs severely many of his natal planets. If Turnbull decided to reshuffle his ministry and included Abbott as a front bencher and put all their personal differences aside, resolve the immediate in-fighting, scandal and poll problems, he would definitely win over Labor in a federal election with greater public support. Abbott (Scorpio) and Turnbull (Libra/Scorpio cusp) could work in a team effort within the party if they both washed out their egos, compromised and had a little patience and understanding with each other. Turnbull will be under immense pressure in 2018, pressure he has never experienced before; especially with Uranus (turmoil) adversely affecting his natal Mars (considerable tension), he will experience impulsive actions, rash decisions and sudden, unexpected consequences with undesirable results for his future. An interesting year for Australian politics.



July 2018 Astrological Forecast

The Sun will be in transit through the zodiac sign of Cancer (home, security) until the 23rd, then it will change course into the zodiac sign of Leo (leadership) for the remaining part of the month, influencing parliamentary business and international meetings. Planetary patterns in July open the global door during the 1st and 4th with a waning Moon (negative) colliding with aggravating Mars. The Sun (energy) will also oppose the fiscal business planet Saturn, creating apprehensiveness over investments and market speculation, not a good start to the month at all. To top it off, Mercury (announcements) will conjoin the Moon’s Node (material security, ideas and negotiations) creating a mixed bag of political problems for many countries. Expect much political upheaval and unrest, demonstrations, migration problems, corrupt activities, assassination threats, economic hardship through debt, rising costs, tariff imports, exports and trade.

Fortunately, the Sun (encouragement) will commence a positive aspect for a few days with lucky Jupiter during the 5th and 6th helping to acquire improved mediation between the USA, European countries and China over tariffs and trade. China may show greater fortitude against US tariffs, however they will need to compromise or suffer the financial consequences in 2019. Mercifully, with Jupiter in transit through the financial sign of Scorpio on China’s horoscope, this aspect will benefit China in their endeavour to increase trade into the EU. The horoscopes of the USA, China, Korea (north and south) appear to be reasonably compromising in July, together with a few minor innuendos between the 20th and 31st made bigger by exaggerated media reports.

Fortunately, the solar eclipse and new moon on the 13th at 12:45 pm AEST in the zodiac sign of Cancer (positive) will influence a short compromise in matters to do with United Nations, migration, border protection and control, human rights, illegals, children and forward planning and relocation for refugees. Many evacuees will be given visa status and border protection, this will be evident especially those seeking status from North Africa into European countries. With Mars (action) in Aquarius (humanities), expect authorities to step up frontier patrols and boat rescues. With Pluto (lawlessness) continuing its slow transit through Capricorn (economic survival) until 2024, there will be no let-up regarding the world refugee uncontrolled population moving from country to country. Pluto (mob violence) has been sending out warning signals since January 27, 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn (first time in 248 years) creating problems with major over-population, political and economic stress, refugee demonstrations, crimes, gang wars and welfare benefits that will continue at a rapid rate until January of 2024. Be prepared is the warning that Pluto gives, as it influences methodical change and obliterates the old world we have been used too and opens a new order that many will not like. The call for stricter immigration policies and laws will become more collective with global governments during the next two years.

The last time Pluto visited Capricorn was between 1763 -1777, the end of the seven-year French/American Indian war; the American Revolution occurred during those years and Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the American Revolution, first penned in the American Constitution that all men (and women) have the pursuit of happiness as one of their intrinsic and inalienable rights. Pluto influences material resources, money, the way we deal with power, our desire for status, and our response to security issues. This matter will be paramount in our conscious and unconscious thoughts as well as material economic issues that the world will face soon, especially between 2019 and 2024.

Pluto’s history during its transit in Capricorn 1763-1777 was horrendous in many ways. There were major difficulties and wars around the globe, more so in the USA. Vigilante groups were formed, a new wave of Scots-Irish immigrants encroached on Native American land in the back country, often in blatant violation of previously signed treaties and rights, killing American Indians. People were migrating from country to country and state to state in the USA, the naval Battle of Chesme took place, the Russo-Turkish War, the Continental Congress adopted the first “Declaration of Rights” with ten principles, the British parliament passed the Boston Port Act as punishment for the Boston Tea Party, the long American Revolutionary war was underway, the United States Declaration of Independence was officiated and the stars and stripes was adopted as the flag of the USA.

During those years, a severe boycott of goods from the UK to USA by Boston Merchants took place due to taxes imposed by Great Britain and this influenced the first “Buy American” campaign (this is what President Trump is pursuing as we speak). The Boston Massacre, The Sino-Burmese war, the Bubonic Plague and smallpox epidemic all took place whilst Pluto was in Capricorn. Captain James Cook's discovery tours of Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific took place, including his slaying of many New Zealand Maoris. Hurricanes and seismic activity also cost thousands of lives during this Pluto cycle. Remember the old saying, “What comes around, goes around” and Pluto’s influence has not been experienced to the fullest to date—there is much to see from July 2018 to January 2024.

During July, Mercury, planet of communication, will activate a positive transit through the zodiac sign of Leo (official business) until the 25th, then it will turn retrograde. From the 26th - 31st expect delays, cancellations, upsets, frustrations, accidents and things going wrong. Patience may be required up to the 18th August before Mercury commences a positive forward motion again and then many issues can be settled. Those travelling after July 25th can expect some frustrations such as delays, inclement weather, cancellations, mix-ups in bookings and schedules, breakdowns with transport or misplacing articles. Postal and communication matters, computers, emails, mobile phones, mechanical or electrical could create problems or prove expensive in some way for many.

The stock market will be frustrating during the 1st -13th with little movement in share values. With a solar eclipse and new moon in Cancer on the 13th be prepared for busy trading with currencies, oil and gas, commodities, infrastructure and biotech. Care should be taken on the following days: 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 16th, 20th, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th. The markets could change frequently on these days and some good gains can be made. Gold and precious metals could see a slight upturn from July 10th onward. Watch oil and gas on 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 26th 30th, 31st.

Job opportunities are favoured throughout July, however those employed in the private hospital industry could find unexpected financial changes may close or restrict certain facilities, or private may amalgamate with major hospital and care infrastructure. Those looking for work in aged and palliative home care, accountants, financial controllers, administrators, builders, painters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, joiners and fitters, handy men and women can expect a full-on month for employment and contracts. Chemists, hairdressers, beauticians, pastry cooks, bakers, butchers, cafes, take-away and pizza outlets, fuel suppliers, agriculture workers, dairy farmers, professional fishermen, hotel workers, retail merchandisers, pilots, mechanics, should be able to secure positions in these areas throughout July. If you are thinking of purchasing a pub, wine bar or night club, or a business in the entertainment industry, check and re-check the books before you buy, you may be swindled.

Fortunate Jupiter and inspirational Neptune form a positive connection throughout July; this will assist real estate prices for those buying or selling in the winter months. With the Sun (energy) also linking favourably with Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (renovate), those wishing to apply for loan finance could not pick a better month. If you have outstanding difficulties with banks, financial advisers, loans, insurance matters and financial legal issues or you are intending to proceed with judicial matters or appeals, July could be a month of breakthrough, agreement, settlement and achievement.

Over the past two months, President Donald Trump (Gemini) has been badgered by negative media, the Hollywood multitudes, diehard Democrats, United Nations, European Union executives, political leaders, unionists, housewives, activists, drop-kick bozos and so-called experts on human rights. Trump has made mistakes, however according to his horoscope, they were made with long term good intention. Immigration is out of hand in the USA and around the world. With America’s national debt of $21.5 trillion, can the USA afford to be inundated by more illegals, criminals and those that overstay their visas? Trump has lawfully, through the courts, won imposed limits on travel from several Muslim nations after a long running dispute regarding his campaign promises on immigration.

With Mars (action) in transit through Trump’s work and employment sector of his horoscope and mirroring his sector of intelligence, authorities, legal, courts, detention centres and the expulsion of unreliable aliens, the USA will continue to succeed with further deportation procedures and the economy will continue to grow throughout 2018-19. Saturn (limitation) and Pluto (opposition) are continuing to plague Trump’s horoscope in the social, entertainment, gossip and leisure sector of his chart and will remain there for the next eighteen months, influencing perverted and divergent opinions, fake news stories and with diehard Democrats endeavouring to get Trump out of office through impeachment.

According to Trump's horoscope, impeachment will not happen. He will receive further recognition of his Republican supporters and those undecided voters, as the US economy continues to grow through new employment opportunities, low fuel costs, higher standard of living and greater security for all Americans. Trump is predicted to take up a second term as President of the USA. The future meetings with Russian Premier Putin and North Korean Kim Jong Un will end rumours of certain speculative election interference and put a feather in Trump's cap. July will be a popular month for Trump with a rise in the polls due to Venus crossing his ascendant from the 4th. A few difficult dates for Trump in July will be 6th, 13th, 14th, 16th, and 30th. He may wish to slip away to Camp David for a refresher?

With Jupiter (expansion) in transit through Australia’s financial sector, the Australian economy will continue to show steady growth in July. With the opposition of the Sun and Pluto, Mars and the Moon’s node, the political scene will also continue to see infantile press releases and interviews with politicians who persist in squabbling over personal egos instead of getting on with running the country in a positive way. Prime Minister Turnbull (Libra/Scorpio cusp) will continue to hold his own as Australia’s preferred Prime Minister and the July polls will show a slight upward swing for the Coalition's popularity. Turnbull will have to watch for difficulties in July—a few weak links and personal issues are about to be exposed. He can expect problems on the 2nd, 8th, 11th, 18th, 20th, 24th and 25th. With Uranus (unexpected) closing in on opposition leader Bill Shorten's natal sun, he will have to watch his leadership. He could have a fall from grace between July 2018 and March 2019.

July is an interesting and exciting month for our defence forces, Border Force, federal and state police and intelligence agencies, with Mars in Aquarius (retrograde) new recruitment programs will be considered. With Jupiter (law) and Neptune (contraband) forming a very positive aspect, expect new laws to be introduced and a revamp regarding investigation procedures. A big drug or contraband goods bust could be in the news as Mars will also clash with Venus this month. Jewellery, painting, antique and expensive auto theft is possible and major crime gangs will be broken.

Pluto is the planet of the underworld and spies; federal government agencies should be on alert for future cyber-attacks. According to China’s horoscope, Pluto (secret - crime) will transit and connect with China’s natal Uranus (computers-communication) and oppose their natal Neptune (undercover) from July 2019 to February 2024 there is no astrological doubt China will become a major information gatherer of Australian security matters. This intriguing combination of planets has never occurred before on China’s horoscope with such force. World agencies should be on full alert for breaches of vital security. China is moving slowly, building behind the scenes their own web of global security.

A little good light-hearted news for you: remember there is a Luna eclipse at 6:20 am, July 28th in the zodiac signs of Leo and Aquarius. In sport there is predicted to be a big surprise on the AFL and NRL scene that day. If you are also attending a horse race meeting on the 28th, numbers 1, 5, 7 could be positive numbers throughout the day. Bet sensibly. Good luck!

Talk Soon.

STOP PRESS: The Trump administration is set to impose tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese products, setting off a potentially devastating clash between the worlds two largest economies. Prediction, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto crunch gradually forming from July 2018 and throughout 2019, depression forecast 2020, Be alert, start saving money, this planetary aspect has not taken place since the 1700 period. That was devastating.



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