Milton is renowned for his uncanny and accurate forecasts on world politics and economics. Many a politician, economist and trader has visited this website and read the monthly predictions, concerning future global economical trends, including subsequent stock market directions and possible overtones; his predictions are astoundingly accurate.


I am now only writing a monthly blog. You will not see the overall yearly forecast for the year ahead, ie 2019, that I have written in years gone by. I intend to give you a more comprehensive monthly report throughout 2019.


January 2019 Astrological Forecast

2019 astrologically opens the global horoscope with a fading last quarter Moon (negative) in the fiscal sign of Scorpio, together with explosive Mars in the impatient sign of Aries, which points to much discontent, restlessness, disarray and unsettledness amongst countries and constituents throughout this year. January will be an extremely unpredictable beginning for 2019 with a solar eclipse at 11:28 am AEST on the 6th, in the business-related sign of Capricorn and a Luna eclipse at 3:16 pm AEST on the 21st, clashing the two signs of Leo (governance) and Aquarius (independence).

These two phenomena, unfortunately, will be the universal key that turns governments and the corporate world into a messy, challenging year, full of mayhem and conflict, unsettled free trade agreements, unscrupulous financial deals, stock market chaos, corporate and political corruption and uncertainty. The most important point to remember throughout 2019 is to keep an open mind, concentrate on being positive, adventurous and as flexible as possible to cope with the ever-changing conditions throughout this year.

Be prepared for an important transformation in living standards. Many people around the globe will find they may have to let go of the old and make room for the new. Important communication and security modifications are likely through many global transmission services, so be prepared for internet change together with sudden and unexpected problems with cyber security. 

Don’t expect 2019 to be an easy year, with a further two eclipses on the 3rd and 17th July, in the consumer and real estate signs of Cancer. Expect to see housing prices fall, bank loans begin to tighten and the economic writing will be on the wall regarding the easing of the global economy leading toward a recession period, especially during the last two months of 2019 but more so into and throughout 2020. For the first time since the 1500s the globe will experience a transformation in real time, a more modern approach to life’s circumstances, sovereignty, religion, global trade, security, finance, migration, defence forces, living standards, employment, education and health.

Jupiter, planet of arbitration and law, will journey the zodiac sign of Sagittarius throughout 2019, for the first time for 12 years, influencing the incorporation of new parliamentary legal procedures, laws and security.  Jupiter will meet various planetary combinations throughout the year, forming both favourable and unfavourable aspects that will influence the communications sector of the global horoscope. This will affect trade negotiations, marketing, advertising, public relations, satellites, space exploration, broadcasting, publications, foreign affairs and travel, the judiciary, higher education, clergy, religion, sport and the racing industry. Expect to see a wizz bang year in the fields of communications, movie making, theatre, music, teaching, travel and entertainment.

Uranus, planet of advanced ideas, will be in transit through the financial sign of Taurus from March 6, 2019 to April 26, 2026. Expect over the next seven years, massive changes in the global investment circle including fluctuations in your own economic and material situation. Values will be changing, and many may feel encumbered and limited by material possessions, mortgages, credit card debt and hirer purchase agreements. One thing is for sure: Uranus has not been in transit through Taurus for 84 years and you can be assured your material resources will be changed significantly for both good and bad, depending on how you handle your finances over the next few years. The best advice Saturn in Capricorn can give, is budget and try to eliminate as much debt as one can throughout 2019. 

During January, Mercury (news) will meet with Uranus (excessive) followed by Mars (authority), Saturn (restrictive) and Neptune (confusion), so expect many interesting and disruptive news stories throughout the month, together with severe variable and unsettled weather patterns. Extreme or changeable temperatures could be felt, storms, windy conditions, fires and floods. From the new Moon and eclipse on the 6th, hot conditions could be seen, together with humid conditions. Major accidents, unusual incidents, discouraging political trends and economic market concern will also be apparent. High priced consumer goods and services will be elevated, and the cost of living will soar throughout January onward causing concern and havoc for many. To top off the confusion, Jupiter (politics) and Neptune (Illusions) will clash during January, June and September as governments fill the minds of the general public with massive amounts of conspiracy theories, false promises, exaggerated economic statements, litigation, disorder, confusion, anger, fantasy and lies that will eventually come back to bite them in 2020-21.

Markets for January will be activated by Mercury in Capricorn and Aquarius, Mars in Aries, and Venus in Sagittarius. According to the ASX horoscope markets will be mixed with the most difficult trading days forecast on 2, 3, 10, 11, 15, 16, 30, 31. Currencies watch: 5, 16, 17, 28, 29. Commodities watch: 14, 25, 26, 30, 31. Oil watch: 9, 10, 11, 21. Technology watch: 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 18, 30, 31. Gold watch: 14, 21, 22, 23.  The most interesting trading period in January will be during 21 – 31, with the 30th and 31st busy trading days.

The USA Trading Horoscope shows mixed to volatile trading on the following dates: 2, 3, 4, 25. Brisk trading could be seen during the weeks 14-18 and 21-24. Global markets will continue to be mixed and volatile during 2019.
China’s horoscope shows a slowdown in their economy during January 7 - 11, 14 -16, 23, 24. China will be under pressure with Mercury (planet of negotiations) clashing with Pluto (secrets). China will be further exposed to and debating hidden, intensely private, secret, or taboo subjects concerning the intelligence spying allegations regarding USA, UK, France, Australia and New Zealand. According to President Xi Jinping’s horoscope, his mind will be very probing and his conversations and interactions with others in the communist intelligence hierarchy will be intense. With Jupiter (international) clashing with Neptune (secrets), pat answers and superficialities don't suffice now with countries that have been hacked. China’s intelligence arm will have to be extremely careful they are not too intrusive or overbearing when stating their defensive point of view, otherwise extra sanctions could be introduced.

Uranus is in a slow transit through Taurus (economy) and appears to link with China’s Moon (home security), Saturn (obstruction) and Mars (defense) during June 7, 2021 – May 12, 2025. This will be a critical economic time for China as they expand their defence forces into a superpower capacity. Unfortunately, there will be skirmishes between China and the rest of the world and this is predicted to be a very tense time for all concerned. Pluto, planet of destruction, will during the same period align with Uranus in China’s horoscope, creating a breakdown and rebellion against any form of restriction placed upon them from other countries. Relations between China and USA will be at breaking point during this cycle. A very delicate time in global politics; to avoid serious consequences will be difficult.

Viewing President Donald Trump’s horoscope (Gemini), 2019 brings much change for him of a positive nature. Fortunately, Trump will have lucky Jupiter holding his presidential office together in an unorthodox way as Jupiter connects favorably with many of his natal planets throughout the year. You may like him or hate him, but Trump will triumph throughout 2019, by discarding diplomatic protocol and using his own method of doing international deals. Although the US economy will grow and expand in 2019 through improved sanctions, production, manufacturing and a higher dollar, Trump will have to be careful the USA does not implode and create a global recession.

Uranus (abnormal) will connect positively with Trump’s natal Mercury (ideas) during the next two years; this will stimulate Trump’s thinking and communication with others. When it comes to a deal, he will be right on track, immaterial what others think. Watch how employment, electronics, technology, science, defense, transport, aircraft, utilities and agriculture grow in the USA during 2019—it will be outstanding due to Trump’s foresight and tenacity to get things done his way economically. 2019 will be a lesson-learning experience for Trump. With Uranus (change) linking his Mercury (listening) he will make constructive changes in his thinking and communication with his staff and advisers. He won’t be so stubborn, ridged and tin-eared to those who have vital experience and knowledge in their political and security defence fields. He will realise that he has been wrong with certain issues and decisions and will now turn around and use the advice he receives to create a better empathy and understanding about important political and economic matters. Trump must understand that in 2019 he cannot run a presidency on tweets alone. Difficult dates in January for Trump: 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 17, 20, 21, 26, 29, 30.

Theresa May (Libra) survived her leadership no-confidence vote in the British parliament in 2018. However, 2019 does bring greater pressure on the British Prime Minister due to Neptune (behind the scenes) clashing with her natal Mars (opposition). May’s long drawn out battle over Brexit will take its toll on her. During January she is apt to feel the rug is being pulled out from under her feet, and a great deal of internal stress and tension is generated between choosing to stick with what she knows, versus striking out in a new direction. The trouble is, she doesn't have much choice or control regarding any new issues or deals concerning Brexit. With the planetary aspect ahead of her, she does not want to completely let go of her latest EU agreements. May will be faced with a seesaw between decisive, forceful action with the EU as the agreement stands and passive surrender to the British parliament. With Mars (fight) connecting favorably with Saturn (logic), she will retain willful resistance to any outside pressure, manipulation or authority during January. Intense competition or conflict is quite likely during this period as well. May will feel she must fight or stand up for her rights in the face of the opposition and the EU’s present situation that opposes her.

All planetary indications show that March will see the end of the present Brexit shemozzle, however further issues will have to be faced between July and December 2019. According to Prime Minister May’s chart and the United Kingdom’s horoscope, she can expect another leadership challenge by 2020 and she will step down. With Saturn (stability) and Pluto (endings and new beginnings) crossing the Ascendant and in transit through the sign of Capricorn (commerce) of Great Britain’s horoscope during 2019, the ending of Brexit will be advantageous to the country’s independence and long-term economy. Critical dates for PM May during January: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 18, 19, 23, 26, 27.

Being a state and federal election year, January will be full of spin when Mercury commences its transit into Capricorn (economy) from January 6. An important week for the Coalition Prime Minister Morrison (Taurus, 13 May 1968) and Labor Opposition Leader Shorten (Taurus, 12 May 1967) will be during 14-20 January when the moon crosses their sun sign of Taurus. Tuesday 12 could be an important date as polls will be turning gradually from that week onward due to the moon’s node moving into a direct motion for a short period. However true polling will be showing from Monday 28 (moon in Scorpio) onward and that will give both Morrison and Shorten a competitive change in their popularity with the voting public. It appears Morrison will continue to be the preferred leader, with Shorten rising by a margin with his popularity. Viewing both the horoscopes of Morrison and Shorten, it appears Shorten has the better horoscope for January as Mercury (popularity) connects favorably with his Sun (leadership) and his natal Uranus (unexpected) and Pluto (rising popularity) together with Jupiter (advantageous) in transit positively aligning with his natal Mars (determination), giving Shorten a stronger connection with the voting public.

Morrison, however, also has Mercury (popularity) in a positive aspect with his natal Sun (leadership) and Jupiter (advantages) on a positive transit to his natal Saturn (stability). Pluto (determination) in transit sits perfectly with his natal Uranus (unexpected) and natal Pluto (rising popularity). Morrison has one big advantage, the planet Uranus (unexpected) was in the zodiac sign of Aries (impatience) when he was promoted to Prime Minister. From March 2019, Uranus will move into the calm zodiac sign of Taurus (finance and economy); this aspect will assist him to improve the coalition's popularity with the electorate by bringing down an extremely favourable budget. Morrison will win greater support over Shorten due to this transit.

The 2019 federal election will not be a walk in the park for Labor, according to Australia’s horoscope. The voting margins will be closer than first thought, due to the Coalition’s strong economic management and a growing economy. There will be many changes in the Coalition and Labor popularity polls between January and May 2019; come election time, this 2019 federal election could be close. Further predictions will be made closer to the proposed election date fixed by Prime Minister Morrison.

New Year’s Day will go off with a bang as Mars (action) advances through the busy sign of Aries. Care will have to be taken with outdoor fires and BBQs; with Mercury (light) and Uranus (abrupt), weather patterns could be set for fires, together with possible electrical storms, especially around the 2nd - 5th, 8th -10th, 20th -24th.  Crazy retail sales will be worth pursuing for New Year bargains, although you may have to watch crowds, impatience, pushing and shoving, arguments, abuse and accidents.

Mercury (business) will enter Capricorn (commerce) from the 5th and January will be an opportunity month for business and job vacancies through newspapers and internet with new positions on offer for those wishing to apply for various careers. From the New Moon and solar eclipse at 11:28 am AEST, expect the key to open the door for a flurry of activity—a great cycle for interviews, meetings, conferences, holiday studies and travel. School leavers will have an opportunity to consider employment and apprentice training. For those wishing to indulge in further education or university, January is a positive month for enrolments or curriculum advice.

Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius in 2019 is a BIG year for the motor vehicle industry with company take-overs, amalgamations, stronger competition, new exciting designs, greater engine capacity and economy and a greater number of electric vehicles seen on roads. Motor vehicle dealers should enjoy a profitable year for new and used car sales and service. The 2019 motor show is predicted to be an eye opener. January will also see conflicting petrol and oil prices at the gas station, especially during the 7th -20th. Care should also be taken in January for driving, water, boating and shipping accidents. Jupiter (carelessness) and Neptune (illusion) clash during the 8th -20th; avoid any risk-taking during this cycle. Travel will be full-on for holiday makers returning home for the commencement of a busy and strenuous year. Don’t be impatient, take your time, the life you save could be your own.

Crime will be on the rise with aggressive Mars in Aries and Mercury (verbal) clashing with Pluto (crime), elevating impatience, assault, sexual abuse, domestic violence, road rage, carjacking, home invasion, robberies … and the drug scene will be full-on for police with major drug busts forecast for January, especially during 14th -28th.

A word of warning for internet users: make sure your online security in up to date, for January will be the commencement of a line of malware problems and fraudulent activities that will escalate throughout 2019. With a Luna eclipse on the 21st in the signs of Aquarius (electronics) and Leo (expense), expect computer and mobile problems to be more frequent. The computer software and telco industries are predicted to make major changes to their systems throughout 2019, be prepared to pay more for your hardware and security.

The major astrological advice for 2019 is, don’t take this year for granted, be prepared for unexpected changes especially from March onward. The world is entering a major migration cycle and infrastructure change that will take its toll on global economies. Global debt will increase, making it difficult for governments to balance the books, so up will go taxes and living costs. Remember to budget and save as much money as you can in 2019, you will need every penny in 2020-21.

January will be a pressured month for Aries; for Taurus positive changes with finances; Gemini relationships are favoured; Cancer excellent for service type responsibilities; Leo entertainment, sport and friendships; Virgo favours home and real estate matters; Libra a big communication month; Scorpio positive earning month; Sagittarius new beginnings, opportunities; Capricorn attend to personal matters; Aquarius new friendships and travel; Pisces BIG career changes in store.

Happy New Year!










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