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November 2018 Astrological Forecast

As of this November 2018, I will only be writing a monthly blog. You will not see the overall yearly forecast for the year ahead, eg 2019, as I have previously written in the years gone by. I intend to give you a more comprehensive monthly report throughout 2019.

Astrologically, November will be an interesting month as many planets change signs. Mercury (planet of movement and communication) transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius opening new opportunities; Venus (planet of human rights and peace) transits from Scorpio to the balanced sign of Libra (equality); Uranus (planet of change) transits from stable Taurus to Aries (action), influencing new government and business trends, proposed plans and elections; Jupiter (planet of laws and movement) transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius, good for legal, policy, travel arrangements, contracts and infrastructure; Mars (action) transits from Aquarius to Pisces, good for concluding matters.  From the 17th, Mercury turns retrograde (negative), and Venus will be in station (pause) the week of the 12th-18th, turning into a direct and positive transit on the 16th. Unfortunately, social and industrial unrest, rebellion, some violence and migration matters will be present during this cycle, as Uranus (protest) moves into Aries until March 7, 2019. There will be plenty to keep governments and business busy during this cycle with changes in plans and policies.

The warning for Australia is, get ready for a colossal future change in global and national politics that will pressure budgets, global banking, economies, employment, education, health, pensions, investment, stock markets, infrastructure, transport, security and family financial stability. With major planets about to connect and form difficult aspects over the remaining months of 2018, and continuing to associate in a pragmatic way throughout 2019 to 2021, the global population will be tested as to what they really want regarding their future economic security. With the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto crunch showing signs of greater belt tightening during March 2019 to January 2021 and Uranus (development restriction) in the financial sign of Taurus for the next seven years, expect some surprising events to take place with international trade, global warming scenarios, migration, increased population and welfare benefits. Australia’s deficit is predicted to blow out substantially during 2019-20, increasing the country’s global debt. With Neptune (fantasy) in Pisces, will the government blame the economic conditions of the day on the past government’s economic program?

Mid-term elections will be held in the USA during November. With Jupiter (expansion) entering Sagittarius from the 8th, the USA horoscope for November favours Trump’s mid-term House of Representatives ballot and he will hold the Senate. The Democrats are not predicted to hold the balance of power. An Australian federal election will also be announced by May 2019, which will make this November an interesting political phase with much political debate. Many government/opposition promises and compromises will be flying in all directions, including proposed tax cuts and welfare benefits. Unfortunately, with Mercury (communication, deals) in retrograde, media perplexity, political domination, greed, corruption and economic untruths will play a major factor for all political parties endeavouring to win over the global populace for political change and what authorities believe to be truly real. The world (astrologically speaking) is on the verge of immense economic catastrophe that will have many Australians in the future wishing they had made better decisions regarding their future economic standing and family security. Future bank and mortgage rate rises will hurt many householders and investors over the next two years, especially those with mortgages of $400,000 or more. With retrenchments, lay-offs and infrastructure declines ahead, we will see unemployment on the rise, especially during late 2019 to January 2021.

Saturn (economies) in China’s horoscope crossing their natal Sun (like Australia) will hurt internal production for exporters and slow down the Chinese economy. With transit Jupiter connecting with China’s natal Jupiter, China is predicted to consider changing their financial lending policy to stimulate their internal economy.  Australia is also in for a serious problem internally due to future electoral and policy changes. Jupiter (law) will enter Sagittarius (country) from the 8th and climate change will be the hot topic of conversation on the election trail from this month onward. John Hewson (Scorpio) and Malcolm Turnbull (Libra/Scorpio cusp) would both be pleased to see a Labor government win the 2019 Federal Election, with a planned climate change policy, as they both hold vast financial interests in clean energy and would support Labor’s global warming polices, but not reduce electricity prices for consumers.

One would have to wonder, with all the extravagant solar farms springing up over the country and an increase in solar panels on homes and commercial buildings attracting the Sun’s rays, could we in the future be living in a micro oven and warming the planet at the same time? We are attracting energy and energy gives off heat?

Remember that statement from ex-prime minister John Howard (Leo) in 2008, “We must make certain that in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Australia we do so in a manner that doesn't inflict disproportionate damage on our economy or destroy our jobs. And we should remember that Australia is different from most countries, very different from Europe, where a lot of the talk about climate change comes from. We are a country which is large in area, small in population, very rich in fossil fuel resources, almost unique around the world in that composition. And therefore, solutions that appeal to countries that have a vastly different structure from what Australia has do not necessarily appeal to, or do not necessarily work in Australia”.

Mr Howard has a good point here and much should be considered regarding his common-sense statement. With Uranus (electricity) forming a positive aspect with Neptune (fuel) during 2023-2025, Australia will increase baseload power stations to keep up with manufacturing and household demand. Australia will not survive on alternative power supply only, due to the vastness of the country. Nuclear power is not an immediate proposition until federal laws are changed and Uranus (power) moves into Gemini from 2026 for an eight-year cycle. This is predicted to be a serious nuclear building issue from that year onward as Pluto (nuclear) enters the zodiac sign of Aquarius (new age) at the same time.

Some of the planetary aspects operating over the next two years will be the heaviest seen since the 1700s. This will influence many countries, especially the USA, China, Germany, Tanzania, Libya, Syria, Liberia, Micronesia, Iraq, Iran, Mozambique, Somalia, Madagascar, Great Britain, Slovakia, Yemen, Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Bolivia, United Nations, Albania, Sierra-Leone, Bhutan, El-Salvador, France, Uganda, South Africa, Niger, Vatican, Singapore, Australia, Hungary, Brunei, Cambodia, New Zealand, Danzig, Bangladesh, Nepal, Peru, Biafra, India, Pakistan, Malaysia,  Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Greece, Zimbabwe, Russia, Yugoslavia federation, Kosovar, Japan, Venezuela, Iran, Oman, Mali, Cape-Verde-Islands, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Kenya, Maldives, Thailand, North and South Korea. For the first time in 84 years Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexcepted change, will spend from March 7, 2019 to April 27, 2026 in the financial sign of Taurus, creating a mass of economic alterations and contradictions to our present global financial system. The Australian government during these years will be under enormous world and United Nations pressure to keep Australia balanced as global and internal debt, and refugee population growth, increases.

As this build-up of unusual astrological aspects slowly but surely commences their transit on Australia’s horoscope, major economic changes will be difficult to avoid. Firstly, every 29-30 years, Saturn (planet of limitation and restraint) returns to its original place on a natal chart of a person or country, influencing critical change. During the planet’s return many economic and demographic changes take place and, in most cases, the transformations are those most people dislike. Be prepared for tough times ahead, is the astrological advice, for Australia is now beginning a major cycle of economic restrictiveness and disruptive political change, from November 2018 to January 2021. Most of this combined economic transformation will be influenced by trade tariffs, Britain leaving the European Union, migration and a general slowing of international trade. Expect to experience a higher cost of living for families, multiplied utility costs, and increased taxes that will cause monetary restrictiveness for many through the banking system. Unfortunately, lower income families and pensioners will be affected the most. Australia’s present growth and economic stability are about to be disrupted by future governmental and economic policy changes. In the next few months, the most confusing question for the Australian electorate will be, “What government should we elect into power that could handle this severe future global recession and economic resetting in the future?” Saturn, when joining Pluto, is ruthless when it influences an economy, without excuse, fear or favour. Labor cannot afford to make rash financial promises or negatively criticise the present Coalition government’s policies to triumph over the electorate to win government, otherwise fate will take its course.

Let me take you back to certain incidents and events that occurred during the last Saturn return on Australia’s horoscope. Saturn’s influence in Capricorn during 1989-1991, and crossing Australia’s natal Sun during the Hawke/Keating era, influenced difficulties. On the 18th May 1989 the Hawke Commonwealth Government, at the premiers' conference, cut $550 million from payments, grants and loans to the states. December 2, 1989, the Queensland State election is held. After 32 years in power, 19 of those under Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, the National Party government is voted out of office in Queensland amid widespread allegations of corruption and is replaced by the Labor Party, led by Wayne Goss. The Labor Party wins 54 seats with 50.3% of the vote. The Nationals retain 26 seats with 24.1% of the vote while the Liberal Party wins only 9 seats with 21.1% of the vote. Unemployment is on the rise.

During 1990 (Saturn returning in Capricorn, crossing Australia’s natal Sun), February 16, Prime Minister Bob Hawke announces a March 24 election date. March 22, Prime Minister Bob Hawke states that Australia is in the first stages of recession. March 26, Finance Minister Peter Walsh makes unflattering remarks about poll-driven policies having undermined the careful work of Cabinet's Economic Review Committee and declines to stay in the Ministry. April 3, The Liberal Party leadership spill takes place, with Dr John Hewson being elected as Leader, and Peter Reith as Deputy Leader of the Federal Liberal Party. April 3, Treasurer Paul Keating replaces the retired Lionel Bowen as Deputy Prime Minister. April 11, Tim Fischer unexpectedly beats John Sharp for the leadership of the National Party of Australia. May 14, a bitter public row between Paul Keating and John Button over tariff policy leads critics to cast further doubt on Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s ability to discipline his ministers. June 8, two major Queensland firms involved in the building industry collapse, costing hundreds of jobs and leaving projects worth millions of dollars in jeopardy. June 15, The Federal Government admits it can't stop Indonesia giving aid to thousands of Cambodians heading to Australia, renewing fears of an influx of boat people. June 28, The Premiers' Conference takes place and Prime Minister Bob Hawke outlines his vision of a new co-operative federalism for Australia for the 21st Century. Strikes and discontentment with the Australian public continues throughout the country.

July 10, Bob Hawke becomes Australia's second-longest serving Prime Minister (after Robert Menzies). July 20, Prime Minister Bob Hawke announces that some public service jobs would be cut under reforms to eliminate Commonwealth-State duplication. August 21, measures announced in the 1990 Federal Budget – an assets test on family allowances, the cutting of pharmaceutical benefits and taxes on imputed pensioner income from investments – all provoke community outcry. November 12, Prime Minister Bob Hawke announces that the risk of war in the Persian Gulf had increased as two more Australian guided missile vessels left for the Gulf. November 29, Federal Treasurer Paul Keating announces that Australia is experiencing an economic recession. December 11, media company Fairfax is placed in receivership, Saturn’s influence continues in 1991 with much industrial unrest, Labor’s leadership challenge between Hawke and Keating, in June 3, the Federal Government's monthly deficit blows out to more than 1.2 billion dollars. October 23, the first general strike in Australia in 65 years takes place in New South Wales. The country is in a state of disruption with high interest rates. As you can see, history can repeat itself when Saturn throws a punch.

November 1, 2018 commences with a negative last Quarter Moon and the Labor opposition throwing everything they can at the embattled Coalition federal government, pushing for an early election. However, on the New Moon in the financial sign of Scorpio on the 8th, and Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck moving for the first time in 12 years into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, expect to see favourable trade, income and employment figures, boosting the prime minister and his cabinet. During the 14th-17th, with Mars (determination) forming a positive aspect with Uranus (sudden and unexpected), Prime Minister Morrison (Taurus) will not be heading for an early poll. During the November parliamentary cycle he appears to hold his encumbered government together through positive negotiations with cross-bench members. Question time should be worth watching during November.

Global stock markets will be in for a volatile month, especially during the 1st -16th. Interesting market changes around the 7th will indicate the trends for the rest of November. Oil prices will continue to run high and some changes will be seen when the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Neptune connect on the 6th, 7th, 4th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th and 30th.

The New Moon in the financial sign of Scorpio, November 8, at 2:02 am AEST, could see much activity with the banking community, a turning point for telcos, computer and security companies, transport, international carriers, hotel groups, biotech, publishing, education and mining. Pre-booking holiday packages could produce some big savings for travellers during this month.

With Mars entering the sign of Pisces on the 16th November until the end of December, expect a pressured cycle for government activity, taxation, banking, insurance, educational institutions, solicitors, law courts, police, security and border control authorities, prisons, defence forces, hospitals, clinics, hotels, resorts, shipping, maritime and stevedores, nursing homes and retirement villages, developers, cafes, restaurants and many service type industries. Many charitable organisations will be working overtime to increase funds for the socially disadvantaged.
With Mercury and Venus in retrograde for the first two weeks, weather conditions should be variable and changeable during November, with intermittent showers mainly after 16th. Fire conditions moderate. Hot conditions do not seem likely until 13th December onward.

With the Sun, Venus and Mars combination throwing a few favours around during November, this would be an advantageous month for those wishing to negotiate a loan, increase credit, or invest in real estate. New business or career prospects are in the offing for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Travel opportunities or a change of direction are sound for Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra. Confidential and personal issues will influence Capricorn, Pisces. Financial changes can be expected for Scorpio, Virgo. Relationships, family changes and added responsibilities for Aquarians.

The Full Moon 3:39 pm, 23 November will be followed by a Mercury/Mars clash. Be very careful driving—impatience and road rage can make this an accident-prone period up to the 27th.

Be careful with investments during 1st-7th. Good for business, buying, selling, trading: 8th -17th. Be cautious with finances 19th-21st, with speculation 22nd-27th. Complete negotiations 28th-30th.






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