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Your 2 Personal Year

The year 2019 is likely to be a time of quiet waiting and it will be worth it. Your long-term ventures started last year are likely to slow down considerably. If you’re a patient person, exercise as much patience as you can. Try to stay on an even keel. If you’re not particularly patient, use this year to make progress on developing this important characteristic. It’ll stand you in good stead this year and in years to come.

Be ready to put up with delays and just let things develop. Allow as much time as it takes for your plans to mature fully. Don’t make any drastic changes or sharp adjustments in the direction you’re following. Take care of the details whenever that’s necessary. Don’t make much effort to move your ventures along, as nothing of much importance is likely to come from it. Action usually isn’t necessary at this time anyway. It isn’t desirable, either, because sometimes it may force conditions into less desirable channels.

Don’t call attention to yourself or your projects. Delays, as frustrating as they may be, actually may improve the ultimate timing needed for reaching the goals of your project. In many cases—though not all—matters tend to speed up during the closing months of the year. By the end of December 2019, you’re likely to be just about where you want to be. Use any extra time you have for studying and gathering information related to your ventures so that you’re prepared for forward movement when the time is ripe.

This is a good year to form new friendships or renew old ones. Explore the possibilities of partnerships with acquaintances or friends you meet this year. This is a good time to work with others if they have ventures requiring some help. It’s also a good year for new romance or marriage. Relate to others tactfully, diplomatically and especially in a spirit of harmony and cooperation. Be receptive to others’ ideas and willing to explore others’ viewpoints. Remember too that any assistance you can give at this time is likely to be repaid later when you’re in need of some aid from others. You may also find it important or satisfying to work as part of a group in 2019 to fulfil mutual needs.

Expect a lot of heightened emotions and considerable sensitivity around you. You or those close to you—may be feeling a bit more touchy than usual. Don’t be surprised when you experience periods of reduced energy. Try not to take everything personally and avoid making mountains out of molehills. You may be surprised at the frequency with which you feel blue and sometimes even teary. Frequently, you may feel emotionally vulnerable.

Avoid being his will be an important year for keeping the peace and you may have to exercise a great deal of patience. Expect a certain amount of confusion and duality in your affairs throughout 2019 as this year may be a little slow at times, taking two steps forward and six backward. This is a waiting in the wings year and cooperation with others is a must, so be friendly, maintain balance, harmony, and reflect upon your values and the things that you value.

You should stand up for your own rights, but not by obliterating someone else’s values, compromise is your key to success. A year to examine your life’s direction, do not expect others to open advancement doors for you, new opportunities or major career changes may be slow in coming. It may be best to stay put, keep your feet firmly on the ground, and proceed one day at a time, to avoid disappointments.

Personal possessions, financial security and material improvements are important to you throughout 2019, you may be compelled to purchase life assurance, increase your retirement savings plan, invest in stocks and bonds, buy new clothes, a motor vehicle, redecorate your home and improve its value.

This is a wonderful romantic year and you should spend as much time as possible with family and loved ones, their companionship and support will be important to you.
At times, you could be called upon to keep the peace or assist others with their failings, favours you do for others will be repaid in full at a later date. Cultivate self-confidence and balance with your emotions; a new romance or deeper emotional ties with your partner will keep you feeling young and happy.

Travel for relaxation is favoured and you may take up a new hobby, or improve your cooking skills. Children will also play a significant role in your year with their development.


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