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Lucky numbers for 2019

Racing: 1, 5, 7
Lotto: 18, 20, 23, 26, 30, 32
Casino: Red




The year 2019 can be expected to be a time of significant endings and transitions. Many of your activities and interests, started within the last seven or eight years and revised, expanded and redirected in the interim, reached a culmination last year. It’s time now to take inventory and clear the decks of completed or outgrown activities, interests and relations. 2019 represents a year of transition, the clearing out period; you will be cleaning up and making a clear space for future opportunities.

Study and assess the various matters you deal with in your home and business life and in your personal relations. Finish and leave behind all the obvious obstacles, as well as the other affairs that have hampered or delayed your activities. Remove the outmoded and undesirable to make way for the new and worthwhile. Give up the relationships you’ve outgrown or that have little or no meaning left. Don’t let matters drag on—don’t carry them over into next year because you can’t quite end them. Finish them now and be done with it

A feeling of loss may accompany the termination of some of your experiences or relationships. No matter how difficult it appears, this is still likely to be the easiest time during the last few years and the next few years—to make these breaks. When an activity shows strong signs of ending this year, don’t fight the inevitable. Work, if you can, to reach a constructive conclusion. Although sometimes you may fight desperately to hold onto a relationship or activity drawing to a close, the eventual ending may give you a great deal of freedom that wasn’t apparent while you were trying to maintain the status quo. Most conclusions will also allow time for new opportunities and new interests that can expand your horizons.

Carry forward to next year only those few meaningful experiences and relationships that still holds a promise of future development. Ideally, don’t begin anything new in 2019, particularly major matters like new business ventures or a marriage. If absolutely necessary, beginnings from October 2018 on can bring satisfactory results. Activities started before October, though, might end prematurely.

As you may expect, much drama and emotion are likely to accompany many of the significant endings, since the concluding relationships and activities are filled with so much feeling. A sense of sadness is likely to be present at times, and often a good deal of emotional confusion. As much as you can, keep your feelings under control. Be careful that your temper doesn’t get out of hand. Try to avoid feelings of jealousy or selfishness.

If you can handle these matters well, you may be rewarded with love, sympathy and emotional support. You may be surprised to find that a romance or love affair takes place in the highly charged atmosphere that’s likely to be with you throughout most of 2019. Such a love affair may not be easygoing, considering everything else that’s happening in 2019. Make sure you want to become involved before you go too far.

Try to be as sensitive, tactful and compassionate as you can throughout 2019. Maintain your close ties with family and friends. You may need them for support during some trying times. If you feel a good deal of stress throughout the year, check on health matters when it seems appropriate.

During 2019, be ready to reach endings and transitions on some of your ongoing projects. Spend some time deciding what new areas you’d like to explore and what new talents you’d like to develop. It’ll be helpful if you can become involved 2019, your new endeavours aren’t likely to get underway until the beginning of next year.

Appraise the various relationships in which you’re involved and make sure you’re being treated in a way that feels comfortable. If you find that some of your relationships need adjustment, begin to work on that in 2019. Recognize that some meaningful relationships, either personal or related to business matters, may conclude this year. When you’re concerned with partings or possible partings be as sensitive, tactful and diplomatic as you can be. Your considerate and cooperative manner is likely to be most appreciated. As you’re probably aware, though, when you’re timid or uncertain, you may not be able to make things happen the way you want. Allow the time you need to maintain the closeness you desire with your children and romantic interest, as well as with the rest of your family and friends.

Out with the old and preparing for the new is the name of the game in 2019. Clearing the decks for new action, relinquishing anything that is old, outdated, or no longer useful in your life, is you biggest priority. You should now be attending to anything that has been neglected in the past, such as taxation matters, insurance, probate, debts, broken partnerships, settlements, divorces, phobias, secret fears, health and dentistry.

This year is full of intriguing puzzles, mystery and deception so don’t fall into despair over the failures that may be haunting you, rid yourself once and for all of those barriers that hold you back.  Be positive, cut your losses, if any, and look forward not backward. This is one of your most important life cycles you are venturing into and you should avoid your know-it-all attitude around others, otherwise misunderstandings may have family, friend and workmates working against you.

Hospitals, institutions, schools or universities may enter into your destiny this year for some reason and you should watch your overall health, especially if you have an ongoing complaint, or overweight. Your general attitude about life is changing and you are more concerned with your own material security, rather than others. 2019 will be a year of vast opportunity so set your sights on your future goals, and make long-term plans with confidence.

This is certainly an excellent year to tie up loose ends and accomplish those mammoth tasks that have been holding you back. Sporting interests, competitiveness, outdoor activities, cultural pursuits, may highlight your destiny, you are on an all time high and successful achievements are assured. If you are contemplating elective surgery you could not pick a better year, your success is guaranteed. Success is indicated through tests, interviews and examinations. Travel will be exciting.




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