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Lucky numbers for 2019

Racing: 1, 3, 9
Lotto: 3, 7, 20, 25, 29, 36
Casino: Even




The year 2019 is a time to concentrate on your home life as well as on the duties and obligations of your family and close friends. Your success and happiness are very much related to your willingness to give of yourself. If you’re willing to serve, compromise and make adjustments for those special people in your life, this can be a most fulfilling year.

You’ll find a considerable number of responsibilities on your shoulders in 2019, far more than you experienced last year. Focus on your home and family members. The pace is likely to be slower than in 2019 and with less excitement and adventure. You may find a new friend or two this year but in general your relationships are likely to be comparatively stable. Talk matters over at periodic intervals, particularly with your family members and close friends. Try to understand, respect and consider everyone’s needs. An unselfish and charitable approach will prove a vital attribute throughout the year. If you can make your family (and work) environment calm, harmonious and well-balanced, it will be much appreciated. In the interest of beautifying your surroundings, you may want to remodel or redecorate your home at this time or make some plans to redo part of your garden.

Your family will need your help during much of 2019. They’ll usually show their appreciation for your assistance, but don’t be surprised if some of your finest efforts occasionally receive little acknowledgment. Be very thorough and conscientious and complete what you begin. Avoid hustle and bustle and allow matters to fall comfortably into place. Be very careful not to meddle in others’ affairs or offer advice that hasn’t been requested. When a difficulty arises with a person you love, be sure to expend the necessary effort to eliminate whatever problems stand between you. At times, you may have to give more than seems fair to you, but try to do as much as is necessary so you both can reach a satisfying understanding with each other.

Don’t let friends take advantage of your generous nature. Although you may give a lot, make sure others don’t see or treat you as if you were a doormat or at times even a martyr. You may have to make an occasional sacrifice, though, to keep matters running smoothly. Take care of your own needs when that’s necessary so you don’t feel resentful or frustrated.

You’ll probably run into a good deal of emotion throughout the year. If you can express your feelings openly, clearly and in a balanced manner, you may receive much affection and love. If you’re single, you may find yourself involved in some radiant romantic pleasures. There are likely to be considerable possibilities for the future, including the distinct possibility of marriage. If you’re already married, this can be a year to continue—or rekindle—the special passion you have for each other. But if your mutual communication and problem-solving leave something to be desired, you may be moving toward an impasse or change. You and your spouse may want to assess the situation and take some significant steps to improve your relationship.

Business and financial matters are likely to progress more slowly than you expect. This isn’t usually a year for much business achievement, anyway, but there’s likely to be more forward movement than is clearly visible. Spend some time with your creative avocations. Give matters related to your work or career the attention that’s necessary but be careful not to neglect any obligations that affect your home or family.

In 2019, you’ll be able to enjoy your home and family. You’ll probably spend a good deal of time with your parents, spouse, children and special friends. You’ll give much of your time and energy to them, along with your special love and affection. With your acute sensitivity, you’ll be able to understand and assist in a way not available to most people. This will help you get very close. Continue to enrich your marriage in 2018. Emphasize the special loving relationship you maintain with your children. Make them aware of the idealistic side of your character. In the past, you’ve often preferred to stay in the background. If you care to expend some effort now to gain additional recognition, you can receive credit for many of your sparkling accomplishments. But be careful that others don’t take advantage of your good nature. Try to limit the service you do for others so that you can take care of your own needs.

When you create and maintain an atmosphere of peace and harmony in your home, your family will be very appreciative. Any creative work you do will add to their pleasure. If you’re interested in the beauties of poetry, music or dance, for example, this is a fine time to express yourself.

Things seem to settle down more for you in 2019 and you will have that feeling of pleasantry and stability. Balance and harmony is the key to this year and personal relationships, love affairs, and solid friendships appeal to you. For singles 2019 is an excellent year for marriage or forming close relationships with someone special. For those already in a happy permanent emotional relationship, a greater depth of love and companionship is favoured and some may decide to start or extend a family. You may find yourself becoming more domesticated as you place the home front on a better footing.

Important domestic affairs can now be finalised satisfactorily, your family’s future security is assured. Family matters will be important to you and now you can overcome past family difficulties with ease. If you are anticipating separation or divorce through a negative relationship, you should have a reasonably smooth transition. You are less selfish this year and you may find cooking, entertaining or anything that improves your lifestyle around your dwelling will be important to you. Most of your entertaining should be carried out at your home or base of operations, rather than running after others, a few family gatherings and celebrations could be in store, bringing joy and happiness.

2019 is a great year for buying or selling real estate, renovating and re-decorating property or moving to a new home. New career opportunities will also appeal to you, with offers of long-term employment and increased financial security. Luck brings money through better earnings, debts can be cleared, legal contracts are favoured, property settlements, loans, insurance and securities are ideal. New responsibilities and commitments bring with them increased stability, and you may become more confident in your dealings with others. Higher education may interest you, 2019 is a year to surround yourself with books and learning material. This is a positive year for training, examinations, and culture exchanges.



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