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Lucky numbers for 2019

Racing: 3, 5, 7
Lotto: 5, 9, 12, 25, 31, 33

This year of 2019 may be a very special, happier and lighter year for you. It can be time to experience happiness and pleasure at its best and to express the exhilarating enthusiasm of the joy of living. It’s a time, too, to expand and develop opportunities often involving your creative and imaginative talents. Coming, as it does, after the often slow-moving and frequently emotional 2019, this year sometimes seems to bring the best of exciting and fun-filled times.

If you’re lucky enough not to be overburdened with responsibility in 2019, there’ll be ample time to enjoy yourself and appreciate the cheerful and optimistic environment you find yourself in. Cultivate the society of some of your old friends and enjoy the many new friends you can make as well. Expect a very active social life. You’ll probably have lots of invitations and a desire to organize social gatherings of your own. There may be some exciting romantic interludes. Enjoy travel during this year and enjoy the pleasures of art and beauty along the way. Have fun.

In particular, make time to enjoy your children this year, no matter what their age. If you especially like young children, you also may want to spend time with youngsters other than your own. You may want to plan expeditions to interesting museums, shows or concerts. Travel to some unusual places could prove a high point for all of you.

Keep your superficial and frivolous activities to a reasonable minimum. Enjoy the happiness that comes your way but recognize that self-indulgence or extravagance may get in the way of some of the deeper pleasures available to you. Don’t lose sight of money matters with all the activity that’s going on.

Some of your ventures from the last two years may begin to flower or reach constructive conclusions in 2019. Develop both the new opportunities that comes your way and your older ventures—as far as they can go. Place considerable emphasis on your creative talents. Make use of the imaginative and inspirational aspects of your character. Look for possibilities for advancement, recognition and perhaps much-improved finances.

Emphasize creative projects involving words—writing, lecturing, singing or acting, among others. Spend time improving your appearance. You may enjoy shopping for new or special outfits or take pleasure in improving your physical fitness and the appearance of your hair, skin and nails. This is also a good year to move to a new residence.

Take care not to scatter your energies recklessly. Try to complete one project before starting another. Although there’s much in the way of exciting social life, make sure not to neglect your various ongoing ventures—and your new projects, too—so that you can end the year with feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment.

2019 can be an exceptionally joyous year. Make the most of it. Try not to waste your energy or resources. Keep your worrying to a minimum. Stay away from gossips. Avoid blaming others and enjoy other people’s good fortune rather than being jealous.

Handle your emotions carefully and constructively. Stress optimism, cheerfulness and enthusiasm in all your activities. Make the most of others’ delight and spread your own contagious joy and vitality at every turn.

In 2019, make every effort to express the joy of living. This is a time to experience cheerful and optimistic situations. Try not to scatter your energies. You’ll undoubtedly spend some of this year with close friends, as you usually like to do, but this is a good time to open up your activities as much as you can. You’ll have opportunities to make some new friends and attend parties or social gatherings.

Try to lead a more active social life than usual. Indulge in some enjoyable entertaining. Take advantage of any opportunities to travel. Enjoy any creative or imaginative opportunities that come your way as well. Keep your eyes open for some romantic possibilities. Children—your own or other people’s—can be a special treat this year, so involve them in some of your enjoyable times. Enjoy some socializing with your family and relatives. If you have any anxiety or timidity left in regard to meeting new people, 2019 is a good time to try to eliminate this annoyance.

Be very sensitive to others’ emotions and be sure to communicate as clearly and openly as you can. Be especially positive for best results. Stay away from extravagant activities. Take care of the work that has to be done.

This is a year to get out and about and enjoy life to the fullest. It may be difficult for you to settle down and relax, as the tempo of your environment is electric.
Now is the time to cultivate and action the dreams you have been thinking about, providing you do not scatter your energies to wide. Rapid communication and positive thinking is your key theme, new career or job opportunities will be offered to you and you will certainly impress bosses and superiors or people you contact in your daily routine.

It is important for you to complete past projects and success is guaranteed with higher education, art, science, literature, philosophy, religion and legal matters. All forms of creative self expression will bring you happiness and big rewards, new friendships will be made through an array of wonderful social activities. Clubs, groups, societies, lodges and theatrical or cultural organization may interest you, your creative faculties will be in top gear.

Care should be taken with money, credit card debt and excessive spending. Due to the hustle and bustle of invitations and events in your daily routine, your bank balance could diminish dramatically if you are not careful. This is a good year to sell off those things you do not need anymore and cut your expenditure.

Scattering your energies can be a problem throughout 2019, you must list your priorities, stick to an organized routine. Luck is something you do not have to wish for in 2019, it seems to turn up when you least expect it, being at the right place at the right time.

Romance is highlighted and physical relationships will be fast and furious, intense, raw and urgent. You may be swept off your feet by the love of your life, or renew an old acquaintance. Take every advantage emotionally to promote you and impress others.

Real estate, Media, travel, entertainment, interviews, meetings and negotiations are favoured and gains are indicated. Be sure to complete things before you start another venture.



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