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Lucky numbers for 2019

Racing: 1, 5, 8
Lotto: 11, 16, 23, 26, 29, 36
Casino: Evens




This year of 2019 is a very special time for you. You’re likely to have more power, particularly in business affairs, than you’ve had during the last seven or eight years. It’s also more power than you’re likely to have during the next seven or eight years, too, so it’s important to make the most of it. Many of your ongoing ventures, including projects started or expanded as far back as two to three years ago may culminate now. This is the time to develop positive potential and enjoy this year’s lavish blossoming. Reap the bountiful harvest. Explore the possibilities of additional growth as well as current or future expansion.

Keep an eye on your economic picture. Money may develop from unexpected or untapped resources, but sometimes it may be needed in far larger amounts than anticipated. Note any changes in the financial climate and act accordingly. Take advantage of the new and progressive opportunities that present themselves. This year of 2019 can be a good time to invest, start a new business, buy a business or accept new and unique challenges. Be sure to evaluate realistically investments, property or buildings that you’re buying, selling or trading. This can be a year with substantial advancement, achievement and recognition, along with a considerable improvement in your financial status.

You can feel your extraordinary power from the beginning of the year onward. You’ll sense that you can operate more efficiently and do more now than you normally can. (If you haven’t felt particularly powerful or used much effort during the last several years, you’ll still have more power now than you did in the past. The benefits are likely to be much smaller, though, than if you had previously exerted a more dynamic presence.)

Clarify your general aims and the specific goals you set for 2019 during your planning sessions last year. Use all the energy you have available and take action at the right moment for maximum impact. Improve and bring to a successful conclusion some of your exciting projects and ideas. Come out asserting yourself vigorously and go after what you want. Focus your energies and drive forward dynamically. Although this is primarily a time to develop the business side of your activities, all areas in your life are likely to respond favourably to your current impressive strength.

Approach your activities this year in a very serious and business-like manner. Continuous effort and hard work are required. Make the most of your organizational, managerial and executive skills. Radiate authority and self-confidence. Be very efficient, practical and rational in your dealings. Display good judgment, particularly in regard to finances and matters relating to your colleagues and associates. Keep a clear view of your progress at all times. Whenever it’s necessary, be sure that all loose ends are tied up and the many details completed.

There’s much more work in 2019 than one person can handle comfortably. Make sure you don’t overestimate your capability and find yourself unable to get the job done. Delegate some of the work to responsible co-workers so that you’re not overwhelmed. Try not to push yourself too hard. If you’re working most of the time—both mentally and physically—with very few breaks, your health can be affected. Take care of any medical matters that need attention. Take some time off periodically, too, to rest or for a short trip or vacation.

Maintain your close ties with friends and family, even though your time may be limited. Show your sensitivity and emotions whenever appropriate. Try not to get entangled in romantic matters that will distract you from the tasks at hand. Be careful to use your authority with a sense of proportion. Treat others justly. If you use your powers well in 2019, you may produce spectacular results.

During 2019, use your power to accomplish what’s most important to you. You may have less interest in material matters than some people, but this is still a good time to advance in your career and reap some financial rewards. Explore some new opportunities that may allow you to turn avocations into more serious endeavours. To achieve the best results, be as businesslike as feels comfortable. When you’re timid, oversensitive or displaying your delicate ego, it’s likely to get in your way. Make particular use of your tactful and diplomatic ways. Your cooperative approach and adaptability can be very helpful, too. Continue to strive, as you often do, to achieve a harmonious environment. Keep your attention focused on the specific things you’re trying to accomplish. Don’t use your valuable time this year to take care of the affairs of co-workers and colleagues while ignoring your own projects. Separate your needs from the needs of your family and close friends and concentrate on accomplishing your goals.

There probably will be more work to do in 2019 than during the last several years. Be careful not to deplete your energy. Take some breaks from time to time to relieve any tension you feel. Maintain your close and loving ties with your family and help them whenever you can. Allow time for social activities as well as your special hobbies.

Advancement, success, expansion and recognition are the themes to this year and your career, social status and reputation are now at a peak.  During 2019 your hopes, wishes and aspirations can be fulfilled.  This is not a time for sitting around, thinking or procrastinating, action and determination are key words for your achievement. You may decide to open a new business, change your job, buy or sell property and the rewards will be great.

Long distance travel, career promotions, public recognition and greater responsibility will make this your most achievable year if you give it your best.  Avoid being overbearing, arrogant and egotistical otherwise downfalls may occur, especially in personal and business relationships.
This can be an extremely productive period where opportunities attract to you suddenly and unexpectedly. Watch for the unusual and the unforeseen in 2019 as this cycle is a time to achieve recognition and make improvements in your life.

Your financial status and material wealth could be in for a boost and you may be offered or receive a massive salary package, inheritance, insurance claim, retrenchment package, superannuation, or settlement. Big improvements and overall betterment can be expected in many areas of your life, however, nothing is going to be handed to you on a silver platter, you may have to devote a great deal of effort to gain the things you want. Personal relationships prove extremely successful and marriage or permanency should be long lasting. With your emotional life, let go of the old and start a new, you will be surprise with the change.

You are now looking for something bigger and better in your life and fresh opportunities or material wealth may attract you as never before. Real estate, business trading, launching new plans or taking a gamble will certainly pay dividends if you calculate carefully. Don’t worry if the year starts off slow, it should end with a bonanza finish.




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