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Lucky numbers for 2019

Racing: 3, 6, 9
Lotto: 14, 15, 21, 25, 27, 33
Casino: Odds




This year of 2019 is a time to revel in freedom and expand your horizons. Keep an open mind and concentrate on feeling very loose and free. Be very adventurous and as flexible as possible. Make constant use of your imagination, your creative approach and as much resourcefulness as you can muster. Your myriad activities are likely to move at a very fast pace. Many of your opportunities—and some of the most exciting ones—will be found outside your ordinary routine.

An important change is likely, possibly residence, work or family situation. You may initiate the change or find yourself dealing with changes begun by other people. Take advantage of the shifting circumstances and flow with the evolving conditions. Emphasize your versatility and quick reactions. Learn to release your hold on the old gracefully and make room for the new. Make sure, though, to take care of any situations left over from the break in old conditions. This will help ensure a better chance of increasing your personal freedom and furthering your professional advancement.

During 2019, delight in the great variety of experience that comes your way. Enjoy new opportunities, interests and activities. Expect anything and everything imaginable. Expect the unexpected and be ready to go along with it.

Keep your eyes open for new and exciting friends from all walks of life. Enjoy the many social affairs available, too. If you enjoy children—either your own or someone else’s—you may want to include them in many of your fun activities. They’ll get a lot out of it and you probably will, too. You may want to travel, possibly to unusual or out-of-the-way places. You may travel a long distance or take several shorter but equally exciting trips. Your travel plans may be intermingled with potential business opportunities. If so, make the most of both of them. You may want to speculate in some interesting financial schemes. Keep your wits about you, though. Get a good sense of the merit of any venture before you make the plunge. Try to avoid extravagant or self-indulgent activities. You may expect more in the way of rewards than you actually receive. Exert considerable effort throughout the year to promote yourself, your business and your ideas with enthusiasm.

Despite the excitement generated by all of this year’s activities, try not to procrastinate or neglect your obligations. Be careful not to scatter your energy in all directions; try to concentrate on one interest or activity at a time. If you feel restless, impetuous or impatient—and this may happen frequently in 2019—you may not be able to maximize some of the high-powered potential that’s present in many of your freewheeling opportunities. Although you may feel too busy much of the time, don’t neglect your family or close friends or you may regret it later.

You’re apt to have considerable appeal to the opposite sex this year. Enjoy the romances that come your way. But be careful not to get too involved, because these affairs are likely to be short-lived. Be careful not to overindulge in sensual activities to the extent that you lose track of other opportunities or responsibilities. Don’t express your personal freedom at the expense of others. Try to control your eating and drinking and keep them both at reasonable levels. You may have to exert considerable effort to be well disciplined this year.

In 2019, flow with the changing conditions. You generally prefer a slower, quieter pace, but this is a time to break out. Make the most of the excitement all around you and take advantage of the dynamic opportunities opening up at every turn. This is a good year to get rid of any shyness or uncertainty you feel. Clean up old conditions that tend to hold you back. Change your place of residence or work or make an important shift you’ve been contemplating in some important relationship. Experience as much freedom as you possibly can. Make sure to travel to some area well outside the ordinary because some of your best opportunities lie well beyond the boundaries of your normal routine.

Take in the wide range and variety of experience that’s available to you in 2019. Make new friends, take part in social activities and enjoy all the adventure and excitement. Love and romance may play a leading role at this time. Your personal magnetism and sex appeal are particularly attractive. Enjoy the romantic times that come your way, although chances are that the loving relationships involved will fade by the year’s end. Include children—your own or others—in some of your activities. They’ll appreciate your exciting adventures.

This will be an exciting year with a variety of new ventures to choose from and a lot more freedom to do what you want. You may have to watch your impulsive actions; your restlessness may get the better of you and cost you if care is not taken.
Expect a year of achievement, ambition, creative self-expression, change, variety and good fortune through new contacts that you meet. Your social life will excel, many social invitations will be offered to you through organized entertainment, parties, holiday resorts, sports and recreational activities.

Changes in your daily routine may be made on the spur of the moment and boredom is something you will not tolerate as excitement will take preference over a dull daily routine. Sales, advertising, correspondence, writing, interviews, meetings, seminars, lecturing, debates and conferences will certainly keep you busy.  Legal matters, contracts and workplace agreements are favoured and you may encounter a little luck through creative or artistic activities and new developments. Meeting new people, attending conferences, arranging new business ventures, travel, contracts and adventure will attract you.

Balance is essential in regard to all financial purchases, over-indulgence and wastefulness could occur, especially with food and drink. Excesses are things you should avoid and with many new opportunities and experiences ahead in 2019 you may get out of control. Don’t get carried away with grandeur and long term planning this year, as some of your ventures will only be short term.

A spirit of competitiveness accompanies your character this year so make the most of getting ahead, your power levels will be in high gear most of the time. Your personal magnetism and sex appeal will also be running high, romance will be exciting and adventurous and you will attract many new admirers.

Avoid acting impulsively, you may have a tendency to rage and binge to avoid certain restrictions to gain more freedom and this will cause problems with partnerships or members of the opposite sex. This is a good year for buying or selling property.



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