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Racing: 3, 4, 6
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This year of 2019 can be a time of marked achievement for you. You can make progress on ventures with the potential for a significant broad influence, especially if your work will benefit others. When you choose to move forward on enterprises of this magnitude, you can expect a strong and profound impact on your life.

Approach these high-level endeavours only if you’re feeling mature, idealistic and extremely capable. In order to be able even to start out, you will need a significant power potential and a strong desire to contribute to the general advancement of humanity. If your sole purpose is personal financial gain or improvement in your own status or reputation, this will tend to hamper your efforts. If you can operate from a selfless point of view, you may achieve considerable fame and fortune but most likely only if they’re not your primary goals. Recognize that the work you set out to do in most instances will take much longer than a single year. Be prepared to maintain your ideals until your venture reaches completion. Be prepared to deal with a heightened level of nervous tension, too, at least part of the time.

If you feel qualified, this is the year to move forward with all the energy at your command. This is your chance to begin making your significant contribution to the world.

If, on the other hand, you’re still developing your skills to reach a high potential, it may be more useful for you to turn your attention to some of the ongoing material ventures you’ve been working on for the last few years—and help move them along. Accept the workload you find and prepare to meet your obligations. Be practical, rational and businesslike to achieve the best results. The schedules you have to meet are likely to be tight and the pressure of the work likely to be more than you find completely comfortable. Complete the work, though, so that it doesn’t come back to bother you at a less opportune time. You’ll receive considerable satisfaction as you reach the conclusions of your various tasks.

Be prepared to stabilize any shaky ventures and establish secure bases for future development. Take care of the details and clean up all the loose ends that have been around too long. Start or continue to build firm foundations for enterprises that are likely to be around for a number of years. If your progress is sometimes slow, remember that the work is important and keep at it.

Be economical in financial matters. Make sure you establish good business foundations for the future, too. If you aren’t interested in keeping watch on monetary affairs and attempt to bypass this responsibility, you may have cause to regret this down the line. Take care of any buying, selling or trading. Oversee building or remodelling, as well. Be sure to handle agreements, contracts and other legal matters with care. Don’t look to luck to help you out at this time.

No matter what you’re working on in 2019, make sure you understand the purpose of the work and your specific role in the venture. Don’t spend time—even a short period—if you feel you’re in a rut or feel that you’re not going to make any progress. Figure out how to restructure the work in which you’re engaged or how to get a clearer or different point of view so that your ongoing pursuits become meaningful. When you feel any sense of tension because of the workload, take some short breaks to relieve the pressure. Rest, play, exercise or meditate to remain calm.

The year 2019 may be a time for you to work on important enterprises. You can accomplish much of significance if you feel a quiet sense of power and are ready and willing to lead, as you often do, from within a group. You can make a good deal of progress on people-oriented ventures or creative projects. You’re always very cooperative and adaptable. Your tactful and diplomatic manner can be very helpful, too. Your innate desire to achieve balance and harmony is likely to be of considerable importance. You must be careful, though, that your ego doesn’t get in the way. If you’re occasionally shy or timid, it’ll tend to hold you back.

You’ll be expending a great deal of effort this year, whether you’re working to satisfy some idealistic goals or simply taking care of your own personal ambitions. Make sure that others treat you as befits your sensitive nature. Don’t let co-workers push you around. Take periodic breaks to alleviate the tension that may build up. A regular exercise or meditation program can be very useful. Have a health check-up if the strain is uncomfortable. Maintain your important ties with family and close friends. Be careful not to neglect others because of project deadlines.

This is a year to get down to the nitty gritty of your daily routine and become more organized and less speculative. Practical consideration, a systematic approach to your goals and intellectual skills, makes 2019 a solid building year. Expect to work hard for your living; responsibilities will increase twofold both at home and work and you may at times feel boxed in or restrictive. Rewards will be great, providing you attend to detail, keep your nose to the grindstone, and limit your spare time activities.

Be prepared to pay for a few past mistakes or debts incurred from previous years, unfinished events that have occurred in the past may need to be handled or completed. Do not allow pressures to build up within you otherwise your health may suffer.

Watch diet; get plenty of exercise and restful sleep. You may feel overburdened or trapped by limiting circumstances, misunderstandings, arguments and disputes. Avoid confrontations at all costs, think carefully before you criticise others or you may end up the loser.
Matters concerning material security and the domestic front will be of great importance and a change of residence may be in store.

Dealing with banks or financial institutions, real estate, property and long-term contracts are favoured and many of your cherished ideas will start to take place. However, this will not be your best business or career year. Personal relationships are important to you this year, new friendships will have a lasting quality about them, old relationships made end.

Expect 2019 to be a year of the sudden, unexpected and unusual, you may have to cope with a few anxious moments concerning family matters, they will be well under your control. Be prepared to slog it out this year and there will be no room for escapism to avoid important issues.

Listen to the advice of those who know more than your do and break out of some of those old habits you have, you will certainly feel better for it. This is a material building year for you.



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