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Racing: 1, 3, 5
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Concentrate on spending time alone during 2019, preferably as free as possible from outside responsibilities. You probably have some business obligations to attend to throughout all or most of the year. If you can delegate some of these affairs to others, so much the better. But try to minimize the time spent on these matters. Avoid materialistic ventures as much as possible. Stay away from business affairs and pressures. This isn’t the time to strain after money or possessions. Take care of family obligations but try to allow enough free time for yourself as well.

This year provides a very special link (and a vital pause) between the prior four active years and the extremely dynamic period that’s likely to follow. This is not a time to expand or make changes. It’s a time to think deeply, contemplate and reflect rather than act. You currently have a deep desire to know more. Among other matters, you want to become better acquainted with your own powers, past accomplishments and future desires. You want to study the past and present—and plan for the future. You also want to increase your knowledge and improve your talents.

Although you need this introspective time, sometimes you may feel lonely or limited when you’re by yourself. Study and wait patiently so that any confusion you may be feeling can be replaced by a fine clarity, any loneliness superseded by a radiant understanding.

Although you’ll take part in some socializing and certainly visit with your special close friends during the year, you’ll have much less interest than usual in seeing other people and entertaining. You’re likely to withdraw completely from any frivolous or superficial activity. You’re more interested this year in quiet activities and intellectual pursuits—such things as reading, writing or studying. In your solitude, you may spend more time enjoying nature or beginning to develop a deeper personal philosophy.

This is a good year to work on developing your inner power and spiritual awareness. It’s a time to develop religious or metaphysical interests or to begin or continue to make use of psychic or occult powers. Look for inner truths and bedrock fundamentals. Rely on your intuition to a greater extent than you have previously. Begin to make better use of your intuitive sense. Study or research some complex areas that have always been of interest. Detailed technical or scientific endeavours may interest you as much as spiritual matters.

At times during 2019 you may feel somewhat less energetic than usual. Take steps to gain more energy. Check on your health if that seems appropriate. Allow time for rest and relaxation.

Make sure your friends and family know when you’re going off by yourself for rest or study. If they don’t understand your need to be alone, do your best to communicate clearly with those who are primarily affected by your absences. Try to avoid misunderstandings with people who aren’t comfortable with your leave taking or introspective needs. If associates or colleagues adopt what appears to be an unreasonable attitude, try to reason with them with understanding and sympathy. Explain your point of view carefully and calmly. Avoid fighting or forcing issues, since that will only alienate those you’re trying to win over.

By the end of 2019, you’re likely to gain increased understanding and awareness, possibly on a very special, deeper level. You’ll probably have a much better sense of yourself and a stronger grasp of the workings of your inner being. Set some new goals and prepare some plans for future development based on this year’s learning.

In 2019, although you want to spend a good amount of time by yourself, make sure you also maintain your close ties with family and friends. Enjoy your time alone and use it to further some significant constructive ends. Your private time this year may prove the perfect opportunity to further some intellectual pursuits that you didn’t have time for previously. Devote yourself to research and study on those subjects that are particularly meaningful. You may want to work on some creative projects, as well. Poetry, music and writing, among other artistic matters, may hold considerable appeal. Further develop your very acute sense of harmony and balance. If it’s of interest, investigate some spiritual affairs as well.

Allow the necessary time for those you hold dear. If you occasionally feel timid or shy, try to overcome these feelings rather than use them as a rationalization for the time you spend by yourself. Don’t allow unfounded fears to get in your way. Don’t spend much time reworking the past, either. Be very careful not to appear cool and detached or you may run the risk of alienating some people who are important to you. It may even be worthwhile spending part of your time alone gaining a better understanding of the very sensitive side of your personality.

This is a year of assessing and planning your future direction and you may wish to retreat and reflect on what you wish to do. Don’t be at all surprised if you make a few unintentional mistakes this year, your thinking may not be on the right track and this will cause you to either over- or underestimate your abilities. Consolidating and reprogramming your life’s direction will be important to you and you should avoid worry, resentment, brooding or melancholia as you will be easily occupied with trivia throughout this year.

Finances may need attention, pull back on your spending, re-construct your life style; you cannot afford to waste one cent. Money may not be available to you when you need it, or you may not meet the banks criteria when requesting a loan. Fortunately your conversations and communications with others will be more philosophical; consequently you will be much more tolerant than usual of different opinions. This is not a year to rush into new projects, ideas or interests, take your time in deciding what it is you desire, your patience and inner understanding will be tested frequently throughout this year.

Avoid making promises that you cannot possibly fulfil, your energy levels are not at their peak and you may renege on the promises you propose at a later date. Romance could also be quite confusing, you may become quite secretive about your personal life, or complications may develop in a relationship that causes you emotional pain. Be prepared for the odd knock-back, with your emotions, whatever may occur will be eventually for your own good.

Your spiritual side will receive insights that you may not have experienced before, your intuition will be spot on and you may take up an interest in metaphysical matters, religion, Tai Chi or yoga.
This can be a confusing year, for one reason or another you just don’t seem to be getting wherever you want to go, as quickly as you would like.  Some very interesting and exciting travel opportunities may come your way, however, money may be an issue and can you afford it? No major changes should be undertaken without first careful preparation and consideration of the outcome.




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