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 The New Moon of February 10, at 6:21 pm will welcome the Asian New Year of the “Water Snake”. This year will provide much variety and change for all as the snake slips quietly through each month, bringing a change in fortune for many. Patience, endurance, determination and control are the key words for 2013, for the snake will be waiting patiently to strike when opportunity presents itself.

This will not be a tranquil year by any means and there will be a great deal of apprehensiveness within you bought about through continued global economic uncertainties, universal cautiousness and government unsteadiness around the world. Be prepared for a few complications with monetary affairs and general material security, things at times will be delayed or simmering, then out of the blue the snake will strike suddenly and unexpectedly.

Much unpredictability can be expected on a day to day basis and some global apprehensiveness will occur as people endeavour to cope with the present day cost of living to meet their family needs. Tread lightly and cautiously is the “Cosmic Voice” of the “Water Snake” and be particularly careful with all investments, stock market speculation and savings plans, some will certainly have their finger burned through unwise spending, or money may not be available through certain banks and lending institutions.

This is a year for reflection, planning and searching for new economic answers and greater security can be achieved through positive planning. This is a closure year for many including present day governments, a time to re-evaluate and make major changes to rectify their present pecuniary difficulties. The “Water Snake” over this year will shear away its old skin, breakdown the habitat and commence re-building everything around us. Governments and global economies will change this year, a time in our destiny where we will be forced to live within our means and save more money for that rainy day.

It will also be a positive cycle for accumulating or the collection of money by governments and business, paying due taxes, buying and selling of stocks and bonds and greater savings plans. Partnerships, monopolies, amalgamations of corporations, and the formation of subsidiary associations, and alliances will be seen.

Throughout this year of the “Water Snake” we will see many governments, companies and organizations showing more diplomacy and becoming more conservative and understanding in many of their activities, endeavouring to avoid anything of a radical nature to occur.

As we travel this year of the “Water Snake” you will become more intuitive, determined and secretive about your dreams and expectations. 2013 is a slow cumulating year and by the end of this cycle, prepare to move into the year of the horse in 2014, then expect to see a very positive growth cycle ahead and greater global stability.


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