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Just wanted to say – I think your website looks great!  The new and updated look is very attractive and makes you want to click on all the icons to see more. ........... CP, Canberra, Australia, January 2008
I consulted your free tarot reading service and would like to thank you for the absolutely wonderful and very accurate advice sent. It was so eerily spot on that at first I was stunned and then it had me laugh out loud. It was truly exactly what I needed to hear -- an exact balance between a slap in the face and solid, warm encouragement. I am now full of  confidence yet again. Thank you ever so much! .........Linda, January 2008
Having just read your enjoyable Virgo for 2008 I find one part particularly accurate. It refers to the section LUCK & MONEY. Earlier this year I suddenly booked a 10 day coach tour to a very exotic place I had thought of visiting many times, but was a little hesitant due to certain travel warnings, but I was so drawn to this I decided to take the plunge. It is all written there in your predictions. I am amazed at the accuracy and thought you may like to know........Rita, Australia, January 2008
Your Cleo astrology reading was the most interesting and enlightening profound piece of self-analysis
I have EVER come across. It is simple to see why your talents are world-renowned. Thank you for your uncannily accurate reading, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it......... MJ, Darwin, Australia
Thank you for such a wonderful telephone one-to-one reading I had with you last Thursday evening. I'm totally astounded on how much you knew about me - you must be reading my mail, Ha, Ha?
KL. New York, USA
Thank you very much for this very comprehensive and extensive astrology reading. It looks like a lot of hard work for you, so I'm very grateful......... KT, Melbourne, Australia
I just wanted to THANK YOU very much indeed for the comprehensive astrology report you forwarded.
It was an in-depth read that touched on points so helpful and insightful to me. A gift much appreciated.
The past few years have been a distinct detour from my path, as I trawled through depression and a quagmire so deep and overwhelming, I often wondered how on earth I could find my way through this to return to some semblance of peace within and a sense of entitlement to life itself. Your reading highlighted things I can realistically work with in restoring these things back again. My appreciation to you for the gifts you give this world............JM, Adelaide, Australia
I would just like to say thank you very much. The astrology report was just about spot on in every aspect!
I will be going to your website and checking out other interesting information you have. Once again, thank you for your time to do this report......... RW, Tasmania, Australia
Very warm thanks for the free astrology report. I found it very insightful and it has left me with much to ponder over. I'm very grateful for your expertise and generosity!.......... SP, Sydney, Australia
Thank you so much. I very much look forward to reading this tonight and will pass your website onto everyone I know........ RG, London, England
Milton, you seem to have an uncanny way of getting into the nitty gritty of what one is contemplating doing with ones life. I thank you for your professionalism and advice. You are a valuable asset to many that is for sure. PB, Sydney, Australia
I was totally thrilled to receive my new born daughter's horoscope. You have now given me an insight to her personality, future studies and career direction. You are so comprehensive and I thoroughly appreciate your work. SK, Auckland New Zealand
I thought I would give you a chance at predicting my future just for a joke, I always said astrology was for rednecks. I can see now sir you are no amateur, I was really amazed with your accuracy. I will certainly contact you again for further information if and when the need arises. DW, San Diego, USA
What a surprise I got when I received your astrology reading, I almost had to pick myself up from the floor with shock. How do you know so much about people? I will certainly tell my island friends about you. CT, Suva, Fiji
Milton, you are a gem. I have never experienced an astrologer with such an in-depth analysis like yours.
You are really a great professional and it was a pleasure to speak with you. GR, Durban, South Africa
You have given me much hope for my future happiness, may I thank you for such a pleasure in contacting you. HK Tokyo, Japan
I was very sceptical when I first contacted you, as I do not really believe in astrology. You have certainly changed my thoughts on the subject and you have given me a great deal to think about, regards to you. RM, Plymouth, UK
Why did I not contact you sooner? You could have saved me a lot of heartache with my marriage and business problems? I will certainly be following your advice in the future and I will let you know my progress. KME, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
My wife suggested I have a reading with you and I thought she was ridiculous. However, after the telephone consultation with you, I must say you are a master wizard in your field and I appreciate your effort in giving me positive direction for my future, it was money well spent. MH, London. UK
Bon Jour Milton.....You are my hero astrologer. Juliette, Rennes, France
Keep up the good work Milton, you are one of the best astrologers on this planet, that is for sure.
JD, Melbourne, Australia
You still continue to amaze me with your yearly predictions. It is ten months since I contacted you
and I keep listening to your tape recording that has been spot on with accuracy. I don't know how you do it, but I will certainly make an appointment for a further update soon. CW, Dunedin New Zealand
I had to laugh reading your monthly report on your website. You gave out some favourable dates for the month of September and said "watch for the sudden or unexpected". Well my wife fell pregnant after fourteen months of trying? Maybe this was a coincidence, but who knows? Your monthly report is very interesting. DT, Perth, Australia
When I spoke to you on Star FM Radio, Central Coast talk back last week, you told me to watch out for new career opportunities in the next four weeks ahead, you said  in these exact words, "You are about to make some major changes in your career during the next four weeks that will be of great benefit to you and your future security in the years to come and what ever you do accept these new opportunities".  I would like to confirm, I have been offered a management promotion on the Gold Coast with the company I have been employed with for the past six years. It was certainly quite a surprise for me and I thank you for your insight and advise. FS, Newcastle, Australia
Milton, you are a marvel with your wisdom? Bravo. KA Brisbane, Australia


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