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December 2021 — January 2022 Astrological Forecast

With the Sun (individuality), Mercury (communications), Venus (enjoyment) and Mars (activity) all positively contributing to the opening of the astrological festive cycle for December, expect a flurry of activity throughout the month as vast numbers of the global population begin to set plans for travel, family connections, friendships, and holiday enjoyment. Jupiter, planet of enlargement, will also transit the final stages of the zodiac sign of Aquarius (intensiveness) on the 29th, giving a final hurrah to all the individual personal hassle and disruption people have experienced throughout the past year. Fortunately, Jupiter will not return to the zodiac sign of Aquarius for another 12 years, giving the global population time to recoup.

With Mars in the financial sign of Scorpio until December 13, then moving into Sagittarius until January 24, 2022, and combining with an array of assorted planetary aspects, this cosmic combination will create impulsive and erratic influences with people. Expect a two-month period of rapid spending in retail, online shopping, homeware, social events, pubs, clubs, organised get-togethers, holidays, international travel, and enjoyment. Unfortunately, from the New Moon on December 4th, 6:43 AEDT in the carefree sign of Sagittarius, together with Mars (extravagant) connecting with Pluto (craving), expect to also witness mass credit spending and rising inflation globally, as the population begins a spendthrift festive season. With Neptune (relaxation) in Pisces (water), December will be a month for local and international travellers who need to follow the Sun for a vacation. The desire to enjoy happy moments reuniting and reminiscing with family and close friends will be first on people’s minds.

Do not get overly excited, as this December – January period will mean surprises for all, together with a major re-think about personal health, welfare, global finances, and securities. Worldwide health matters and financial affairs will be anything but steady, causing concern for the WHO, the IMF, the OECD, banks and financial institutions. From December 13th, Saturn (restriction) and Uranus (sudden and unexpected) will begin their long, disruptive clash cycle until March 2022, then the planets will separate slightly for a period of months and come together again during August 2022 to March 7, 2023. An inevitable credit squeeze during these cycles will affect global market trading, bank loans, housing finance and general borrowing. Also, a word of warning: during these early cycles the astrological combination of Neptune (virus) and Jupiter (enlarge) will bring an onslaught of the new variant of Omicron Covid virus until May 10, 2022. Sudden frustrations may need positive action, as well as the good times during these months.

From December 29, Jupiter, planet of expansion, will commence a four-month incubating cycle through the pandemic sign of Pisces and link with Neptune (virus) – expect an increase of Covid booster shots and an escalation of virus during this cycle, through to May 9, 2022. For those who have not been vaccinated, either arrange a jab or be extra careful with health matters, as this new spike of the Covid virus could be deadly for the vulnerable. A minority of the global population will be under the illusion that nothing will go wrong; people will become complacent, less concerned, carefree in attitude, and irresponsible regarding health care during the festive season, resulting in an epidemic surge. From May 10, 2022 onward, Jupiter will move into the zodiac sign of Aries until May 16, 2023, assisting with new, improved vaccines and improved control of the virus situation.

Neptune (charity), presently in the zodiac sign of Pisces (welfare) and now moving into a direct transit, will inspire volunteers to help the needy after the past two years of pandemic financial disruption and loss of employment. Pluto (determination), in transit through the commercial business sign of Capricorn, is likely to recharge the batteries of small businesses, increase employment opportunities and improve overall business turnover. During December and January, small businesses, recreation venues, accommodation establishments and status of business owners will receive a well-earned boost, with advantageous future profits predicted. Seasonal employment will also be available to those who wish to engage in new job opportunities.

With Mars, planet of impatience, entering the carefree sign of Sagittarius from December 14, 2021 to January 24, 2022, expect a flurry of activity – traffic, shopping, travel, hotel accommodation bookings, motor vehicle sales and servicing, radio and television broadcasting changes, increased consumer advertising, book and publication promotions, heightened legal matters and court proceedings, higher education, and university seasonal enrolments, hobbies, outdoors and sporting activities. For the handy people, Mars (demanding work) in the outdoors sign of Sagittarius will increase availability of building materials and household goods and services over the next two months, to catch up on improved maintenance of property, redecoration or preparing dwellings and property for real estate sales. Although real estate sales will be competitive and profitable during early 2022, property prices will begin to ease throughout 2022-23 due to tightening of bank lending and a slowing down of the real estate market. A busy December-January period is predicted for those associated in real estate, theatre, movies, music, and the entertainment industry.

Present global employment opportunities will slowly improve throughout December 2021 and January 2022, sending the unemployment figures into a more manageable level globally by April 9, 2022. Job opportunities are forthcoming throughout December/January in retail, hospitality, travel, tourism, media, sporting activities, futuristic programs, brewing, hydraulic and electrical trades, medical, ambulance, hospital and aged care industries, solar energy and stored energy devices, manufacturing, and assembly plants. Opportunities in the New Year will be available for work in aged and palliative home care, accountants, financial controllers, administrators, secretarial, builders, drainers, painters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, fitters and joiners, handy-men and –women, chemists, naturopaths, hairdressers, public relations, advertising, secretarial, beauticians, pastry cooks, bakers, butchers, cafes, restaurateurs, pizza outlets, fuel suppliers, truck drivers, agriculture workers, dairy farmers, landscapers, swimming pool services, professional fishers, hotel workers, retail merchandisers, pilots, mechanics, and funeral directors and night clubs. Adult and internet services should witness a continued increase in patronage. The hospitality and entertainment industries should profit well during December 2021 to March 2022. With Mars (authority) in the expressive and assertive zodiac sign of Sagittarius, military, security or emergency service careers will interest those who wish to seek a long-term vocation with variety.

The globe will be encountering uncertainty and disarray during December 2021 – January 2022. Viewing president Xi Jinping’s (Gemini) and China’s horoscope, 2022 will be a cautious year for Western alliances, as Xi takes China into a transitional, new dimensional year. Xi Jinping wants China to hold the dominant position on the world stage during 2022-23. Now that President Xi has locked himself into a secure leadership position with the CCP at the last session of the 19th Central Committee, his determination to have Taiwan under CCP rule will be his main concern. With Jupiter (expansion) moving into Aries (military) from May 10, 2022, the CCP direction of armed forces, exercises and drills will show greater activity, determination and intimidation between Beijing and Taiwan throughout 2022-23. Although China and United States relations will be vigorous and competitive, there is no immediate astrological combinations that presently indicate that Xi, his regime and military will fully cooperate and play by the Western alliance rules, when it comes to reciprocation – quite the opposite. However, the CCP military will be frank but cautious regarding immediate direct confrontation with the West, both in the South China Sea and Taiwan.

The military relationship between Russia and China during the next two years will expand through high level negotiations, trade, military drills, and exercises. Do not be surprised to see Soviet naval flotilla in the South China Sea area during 2022/23. With Uranus (change) making slow progress towards China’s natal Moon and Mars on their horoscope (first time for 85 years), expect to witness increased armed forces and an economic trade build-up for China, a rapid increase in cyber intelligence gathering, cybertechnologies, nuclear and military land expansion. Xi Jinping would like to see Taiwan under direct Beijing rule by the time he is 70 years of age; he turning 69 in June 2022. However, astrologically, this may be too soon for Xi and his CCP military to advance on Taiwan. Nevertheless, when Uranus (sudden and unexpected) meets in transit with China’s natal Moon (sovereignty) and Mars (defiant) during May 29, 2023, to July 5, 2025, the world will be on full alert as diplomatic, financial, and military relations with China and the West begin to sour.

Communism verses democracy will be the issue of the day in 2024, especially with the new US President and the EU. President Biden has nothing to worry about during the remainder of his term; China feels safe with him holding the fort. With US debt increasing rapidly, now $29 trillion, China will always fall short in trade deals with the Biden’s US government and that is the way China likes it. Xi’s continued political dominance and defiance will make him a challenging task master to deal with over 2022-23. Unfortunately, Biden (Scorpio) is no match for Xi Jinping (Gemini). However, wait until 2024; with a strong Pluto (breaking down and rebuilding) connecting with the US natal Moon and Jupiter (popular) moving from the zodiac sign of Taurus (fixed ways) to Gemini (variability and spontaneity), the next US President (a Republican) will be a determined, honest president who will re-establish the economic status, sovereignty, and security of the US against the pressure of Beijing, forcing greater democratic counterpressure away from the left. A formidable match for Xi Jinping.

The South Pacific Islands are a wonderful laid-back place to visit and holiday. However, after the non-event COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow in November 2021, the South Pacific island nations' political hierarchy believe they have been economically duped and unfairly treated regarding financial security and compensation over climate change. Astrologically, this is not true. Viewing the individual horoscopes of Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Gilbert, Vanuatu, New Guinea, Samoa, Fiji, Nui, Cook, Tonga, Palau, and Tuvalu, the island governments from 2022 to 2028 tend to show procrastination and negativity toward hard work, future development and growth. The islands' governments and administrations need to work more diligently and constructively to build local economies through new business incentives, combining tourism and profitable commercial industries. The astrological problem indicates a lack of incentive, cooperation and work ethics between local government, elders, and tribe or individual kinfolk landowners. There appears to be a need for the islands' cabinets to update and change land holding laws and look more toward the future to attract solid, honest investment, rather than relying on excessive financial loans from China that would be difficult to repay. More time should also be allocated to developing the younger generation through specialised education.

Unfortunately, the islands' horoscopes indicate a degree of corruption and greed by local politicians and administrators. This will no doubt cause major problems for the Asia Pacific island population in the years ahead. The Asia Pacific area will be under great danger over the next decade, and not because of climate change. China will be spreading its cash tentacles throughout the South Pacific to enhance and build China’s future military strategic and economic purpose, causing massive insecurity and regret to the islands' administration and community. If administrators do not take a stand against China, if they neglect the will and security of their people, then their landmass sovereignty, democracy, human rights, heritage, and protected fishing sanctions will result in a future devastating economical and ecological disaster.

Unfortunately, the world is continuing to attract adversity during these complicated economic times. The following countries' horoscopes are moving into astrologically extreme situations over the next six months due to Covid-19, social media regulations, political disruptions, right wing extremism, economic and natural disasters, terrorism, riots, corruption, human rights violations, health emergencies, juntas, military skirmishes, piracy, major crime, human trafficking, electoral fraud and possible assassinations: Solomon Islands, Australia, Indonesia, Belarus, Zimbabwe, the US, Poland, Djibouti, Cuba, Germany, England, Italy, Grenada, Belize, Iraq, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Qatar, Bahrain, Canada, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Romania, Congo, South Africa, Eritrea, Vatican City, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Iceland, Jordon, Eire, Israel, Russia, Poland, Argentina, Slovenia, Croatia, St-Vincent-Grenadine, Swaziland, Myanmar, Ecuador, Khalistan, Dagestan, India, Italy, France, Sudan, Brazil, Peru, Bahrain, Jordan, Nigeria, Mexico, NicaraguaUganda, Albania, Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, Mozambique, Mali, Chad, Bhutan, Sierra-Leone, Ethiopia, Tunisia.

During the December-January period, Mars (aggressive) will move out of the zodiac sign of Scorpio (wet/storms/snow). From December 13, Mars will commence a six-week transit in Sagittarius (dry-warmer conditions) until January 24. During this cycle, weather conditions should change considerably. For those areas in the Southern Hemisphere that have encountered heavy rainfalls, major flooding, mud slides, home and property damage should see a change for the better as conditions improve with sunny, warmer conditions, with wind gusts to dry damp environments. Farmers and agriculturists will be able to harvest whatever crops, fruits and vegetables are left over after severe storm losses. Air conditioning will be working hard from January 13, 2022 onward due to warmer weather conditions. Watch bushfires and arson attacks during December 20, 2021 – March 18, 2022.

The Northern Hemisphere may see colder, windy conditions during December-January, and snow falls, hail, hurricane or cyclonic warnings in the mid-west or lower climatic areas. With the Sun (heating) clashing with Neptune (oil/gas), heating costs will increase during the next two months. Mercury, planet of news and communication, will retrograde (negative) from January 13, 2022, to February 3, 2022. Watch travel; there could be delays, road closures, breakdowns, accidents, forgetfulness, mishaps, and cancellations of plans or bookings due to weather conditions.

With Mars (violence) in transit through the zodiac sign of Scorpio (secrets) until December 13, take care with ownership of goods. This period will see break, enter and theft of goods or services, motor vehicle theft, assault, drunken acts, speeding fines, violent home invasion, household fire damage, child and sex trafficking, major drug arrests, cybercrime, internet and telephone financial scams, espionage, and political and corporate corruption charges. From January 14, 2021, to January 24, 2022, expect rail, shipping and boating accidents, missing persons, and violent gang crimes. Farmers and landowners should watch against stock losses and theft.

During December and January, markets will be volatile with a possible sell-off of stock during 13 December – 18 January. Gold is worth a thought during this cycle. Hydrogen and ammonia fuel stock should build during December – January. It is a necessary investment for micro- chips, the future indicates, big dividends are possible. Do not get too carried away with electric vehicles; looking at Elon Musk's horoscope, he is in for a tight year in 2022. As Saturn (limitation) crosses his natal Mars (impatience) he will be competing with the hydrogen fuel market, especially during 2023-25, not good years for Musk. High energy prices can be expected throughout December 2021– January 2022. The most important worry for markets will be inflationary trends over December – January. When Saturn (restriction) clashes with Uranus (unexpected) during the next two months, be extra careful with investments. Watch market and financial concerns during 14 December 2021 – January 14, 2022. Bitcoin may take a tumble.
Full trading dates will commence on the February edition. Have a wonderful festive season, take care with health, and enjoy your time with family and friends.

December: Best days for doing things: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12.13, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 27, 29, 31
Cautious days for doing things: 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30.

January: Best days for doing things: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29.
Cautious days for doing things: 3, 7, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 22, 23, 25, 30, 31.



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