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What is Tarot?

The Tarot is an ancient spiritual deck of 78 cards. The deck is broken up into two main categories.

(1) The major arcana (22 cards) this pack consists of highly symbolic picture cards with their individual complex meanings that a good psychic reader can interpret in conjunction with or without the minor arcana.

(2) The minor arcana (56 suit cards) are very much like ordinary playing cards as we know them today. The suits of wands= (clubs), cups= (hearts), swords= (spades), and pentacles= (diamonds). Each suit also contains the familiar court cards such as (kings, queens, knights, and pages). These cards can be used by a psychic reader to discover issues and answers, to your life's questions as well as predict the future in terms of probabilities that may occur in your immediate destiny.

The origin of tarot cards is unknown but it is speculated that they were introduced into Egypt , India or China and were used by the travelling gypsies. It is believed the Tarot was also played in Italy in the early 1300 -1400's as a game. The early tarot decks were usually hand-made, designed and painted by notable artists in their day. One of the more famous decks was designed by Albrecht Durer. Today the Rider Waite card designs are very popular amongst many psychics.

In psychic readings, either the full pack of 78 cards or the Major Arcana alone (22 cards) is used, depending on the reader. After shuffling the pack, the actual cards drawn for each reading are extremely important, as are the relative positions of the cards when placed on the table next to each other.

A number of different configurations are used today, including the three-card spread for brief immediate readings, the traditional and popular Celtic Cross and the astrological twelve card spread, just to name a few. I personally use the whole pack of 78 cards to seek out the time zones as I lay them in rows of seven by seven for greater accuracy, with the remaining cards layered on top after the initial interpretation. This I believe seems to consolidate the reading as a whole. The whole session usually takes a good hour to complete.

The Tarot cards are usually read by an intuitive (psychic) person who is able to interpret the combined ancient symbols and also use their special sensitivity to tap into energies that surround the client at the time of reading. The reader with the aid of the Tarot cards joins the whole configuration together to evaluate the issues at hand constructing an interesting and delicate portrait between the reader, client and cards.

A Tarot Psychic Reading on the Internet with Milton on your personal or home phone is an efficient and effective way to glimpse into your future or better understand what is happening in some specific area of your life today and the weeks ahead.



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