What is Numerology?


Numerology is one of the world's oldest forms of metaphysical communication and interpretation. Numbers can be described as language intelligence within themselves. In ancient times, primitive tribes used scribing methods, markings and numbers to intercommunicate, correlate, trade, barter, exchange and comprehend their ideas. The ancient Chaldean, Egyptian, Hebrew, Roman, Greek, Chinese and Indian alphabets, attached numerical values to certain letters, giving them importance and a special significance.

Throughout the ages, numerology has always sub-consciously intrigued and influenced people with its mystical fusion, cabbalism, precipitation and excitement. Today numerological function, logic and expectation still continues to fascinate many.

Numerologists believe, every number has a certain hidden vibration or power that is not expressed by the basic figure or symbol employed to denote mathematical quantity only. Two extraordinary pioneer Philosophers and mathematicians in their day, Pythagoras (530 BC) and Cornelius Agrippa (1534 AD) contributed greatly to the hypothesis of numerological interpretation. The Pythagoras / Agrippa theory's inferred, all things in the universe have numbers, and all numbers of the tangible and intangible embodied a value, combined with a special significance or magical transcendental meaning. Most modern day Numerologists, follow the same principle, with some modification.

For instance, a person's character, can be suitably interpreted, by substituting and converting the alphabetical letters of a given birth name into a numerological value code. The birth date, can also be combined and analysed in a simple mathematical operation, then deciphered to predict future events.


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