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You two are very different! Virgo is more modest, self-effacing, shy, and unobtrusive than Leo, who craves social approval, recognition, love, and applause. Leo tends to step into the limelight and outshine or overpower Virgo. Virgo is more emotionally self-sufficient than Leo is, and may not give Leo all of the "strokes" and appreciation Leo wants. Virgo also has a tendency to become fussy and particular, and these fits of perfectionism can have disastrous consequences when the target of Virgo's critical eye is Leo. Leo is particularly sensitive to criticism and tends to interpret Virgo's "constructive criticism" as a personal attack. Virgo is more analytical and psychologically astute than Leo, who may not appreciate being "picked apart" or psychologically analysed by Virgo! Another problem in this relationship is that Leo may take for granted much of the work and assistance that Virgo provides.

You are opposites in many ways; Leo is warm, expressive, lively, and somewhat narcissistic, while Virgo is modest, subdued, reserved and somewhat self-effacing. Leo exaggerates or dramatises life, while Virgo is realistic, impartial, and factual. Leo needs personal recognition and attention and a sense of being Important, while Virgo is quite content being in the background as a helper or assistant rather than the Star. Leo is also lavish with praise and affection, while Virgo shows love in quieter and often more practical ways. Sometimes Leo craves more warm appreciation and applause than Virgo gives. Virgo has a critical, perfectionist side which can be difficult to live with - especially for Leo who is sensitive to personal criticism.

Also, Leo is sometimes outlandishly playful, and Virgo may be embarrassed by Leo's antics. Virgo's conservative style and concern propriety may clash with Leo's flamboyance.

Living a secure, conventional, predictable life is not high on the priority list for either of you! Both of you are nonconformists and will rebel against being dictated to or forced into someone else's precast mould. You share a revolutionary spirit, ideals of liberation and freedom, and a tendency to shake people up a bit when you express your true impulses.

Both of you can be very self-willed and difficult to tame or domesticate - there is a wild side to you both. You are apt to appreciate the quirks and the unusual interests and inclinations of one another, which others might find odd or disturbing or too "far out". Together you may not be very settled, but you wont' be bored either.

There is a dynamic, almost aggressive quality to your relationship. A good outlet for this energy is competitive sports and outdoor activities. You enjoy challenging each other and competing against one another. You also have the ability to accomplish a great deal together and make a dynamic working partnership - as long as you can refrain from arguing with each other. Sexual and physical attraction is also very strong and "hot". If your sexual frustrated sexuality turns to anger. The potential for becoming pregnant is high, so it is essential to be scrupulous in the use of birth control methods if pregnancy is not desired.

Your sexual expression is dynamic, sex comes quite naturally to both of you. You may be inclined to experiment in sex, all inhibitions will be pushed aside. You can be very giving to each other and not at all stingy with your affections. Perfumes, and a pleasant atmosphere enhances your sex drive, and creates a high degree of harmony and congeniality in your relationship.

Your relationship is permeated with a tone of unconventionality, spontaneity, and unusual rhythms. Other people may see the way you relate to one another as strange, even unnatural, because you don't conform to any of the standard patterns. Personal freedom, autonomy, and "space" will be yours in this relationship, to an unusual degree. Even if neither of you is especially progressive or "liberated" in your attitudes towards human relationships, you will be forced to open your minds and to be more non-possessive and less rigid and inhibited than you've ever been before.

The two of you form an effective, dynamic team in any venture or endeavour. You work together very well in accomplishing daily tasks, and it is likely that you will also successfully coordinate efforts on joint efforts as well.

You are destined to bring many wonderful blessings into one another's lives, and to prosper together. Material well-being and comfort will never be a problem; when you are together you'll always have plenty and be well taken care of. You bounce back from misfortune rapidly, and are able to support and uplift one another during bad times. In general, being together increases your optimism and positive feelings about life. As a couple you will be known for your good humour, generosity, hospitality, and warmth.

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