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Lucky numbers for 2019

Racing: 3, 5, 7
Lotto: 2, 4, 12, 26, 28, 30
Casino: Even 




If you stay positive and constructive, you can achieve great things of lasting value during 2019 if you are prepared to work hard. This can be an excellent cycle for study and research. Successful action is the main feature of this year. However, you need to motivate yourself and act with a sense of purpose, if you want to experience its benefits. This is an excellent year for business matters, negotiations and for starting new projects, providing you take matters in hand positively and don’t act impulsively. Your sense of timing is very good now and, as luck will seem to have it, you will probably conveniently find yourself in the right place at the right time. Relations with others can improve now and disputes can be sorted out to your advantage.

Hard work and long hours don't faze you in 2019, in fact, you relish the idea of carrying a task or project through to a successful conclusion. You will also have a friendly and positive attitude in love, but won’t like being tied down or restricted as you will value freedom and the ability to come and go as you please. Honesty in love is important, and you will strive to be truthful and open. Sometimes you may be too frank or even insensitive to another's feelings. The desire to associate with others who share your enthusiasm for fun and outdoor activity, or an interest in philosophical discussions will be strong. It is likely that you will form attachments with people from other parts of the world. 

You may experience a deeply perceptive mind, which is capable of profound thinking especially regarding your daily routine and emotional matters. While you tend not to be an idea’s person, you will be keenly instinctive and may see things accurately. Rather than mince your words this year you will prefer to tell it like it is. You will have an interest in intrigues and have a talent for investigative or research work or further education. You may at times this week be secretive, suspicious, scheming and sarcastic but it will all be for your betterment. You will have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to love and you may experience extremes of deep passion and cool indifference in romantic affairs, so avoid any power struggles or jealousy.

Throughout 2019 you will analyse your limitations and work harder for your chosen goals. Expect to meet many new people and participate in exciting social or creative activities. Travel, thrills, daring and adventure will attract you and you may do things you never thought you would do.

A spirit of competitiveness accompanies your character this year, make the most of getting ahead, your energy levels will be in high gear. Romance will be exciting, your magnetism and sex appeal will attract many new admirers. Expect a year of ambition, achievement, creative self-expression, change, variety and luck. Your social life will excel and expect many invitations to participate in organized entertainment, parties, holiday resorts, sport and recreation.

Success is guaranteed with higher education, art, science, literature, philosophy, religion and legal matters. Clubs, groups, societies, theatrical or cultural organization may interest you and your creative faculties will be in top gear. Don’t be at all surprised if you show your natural talents in a way that pleases those you wish to impress. Many restrictions can be eliminated throughout 2019 although you may have to keep an open mind when dealing with others. You will take a serious approach to your work and daily routine and success is yours for the taking if you plan well.

This is a year to believe in your vast capabilities and remember to always look forward and not backward. Don’t be afraid to take a few calculated risks when necessary, you will be surprised with your outcome. Good fortune will be not far from your dreams this year and you will be in a positive mood to achieve them.



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