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Both of you have strong emotional responses to people and situations, but you express yourselves very differently. Aries becomes frustrated and impatient rather easily and is prone to frequent, but short-lived, outbursts of temper. Scorpio is emotionally complex, secretive and often suspicious as well, and capable of tremendous emotional intensity. Scorpio loves or hates wholeheartedly. Aries is more simple and direct that Scorpio, and may not full appreciate the depth of Scorpio's feelings.

You may have some vicious conflicts at times, yet you are drawn to one another's passion. You are both wilful and passionate people, with a strong desire to live intensely and directly, and you love this about each other. There is a lot of fire in your relationship and you are likely to fight ferociously sometimes. Aries, however, can release anger and emotions and then forget about it, while Scorpio nurses grudges and resentments, and may hold on to the wounds that Aries unthinkingly inflicts.

Also, Scorpio needs to feel intensely bonded emotionally, and Aries may not have the same overwhelming need for closeness. Neither of you are particularly conventional, nor are you great lovers of rules and formal traditions for their own sake, but Scorpio is apt to have a much harder time conforming, and may in fact openly scorn or rebel against such limitations. There is apt to be a great deal of change, constant motion, fluctuating circumstances, and disorganization in Scorpio's life, whereas Aries embraces necessary changes and flows with them but doesn't seem to need to create upsetting and unstable situations all of the time. Aries can help Scorpio learn how to be true to oneself and one's own beliefs and nature without needing to always rail against "the establishment" or "the system".

Imagination, fantasy, and idealism are key elements in your relationship. Scorpio, in particular, tends to see Aries in glamorous romanticized terms, and may fail to recognize Aries' actual character. You both need to ask yourselves: Have I fallen in love with a person or an image? Positively, there is a great deal of sympathy, an intuitive or psychic rapport that enables you to be very sensitive to one another's subtle cues and feelings. You also inspire one another's generosity, charitable impulses, and idealism. Negatively, you can deceive one another and tend to avoid clear, precise, direct communication, which may result in disappointments.

No matter how practical and well-grounded the two of you are as individuals, together you have some real blind spots, things which you don't see clearly at all, or which you see through a haze of fantasy and hope. Deception and/or self-deception can undermine this relationship if you are not as clear, precise, and honest with one another as you can be. Sexually there is an electric excitement and energy between you that comes and goes. You are apt to be highly adventurous - if not downright deviant - as sexual partners.

Experimentation and going to extremes is easy for you. You may enjoy lovemaking on the spur of the moment, any place, any time, anywhere. An intense quality of impatience, and an inability to wait, or restrain or thoughtfully consider your actions, are innate aspects of this relationship. "I want what I want and I want it NOW!" is the feeling you will both have. There is an impulsive, rebellious, dare-devilish, I-can-do-whatever-I-want quality which infuses your relationship with excitement but also makes it unpredictable and unstable. If either of you has a problem with temper or a tendency toward violence, unfortunately this will be acted out in sudden and erratic ways. Even if you don't have these tendencies, you two can be dangerous together because you make one another reckless. You can be wild and free together - but also very defiant and easily provoked.

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