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Both of you are very proud, stubborn, strong-willed individuals and you are attracted to the strength of character that you sense in each other. There is a feeling of conquest between you that may serve to intensify the excitement of your attraction to each other. However, your strong wills may also prove to be a problem in a long-term relationship. You face the possibility that your combined inflexibility will make it difficult for the two of you to reach mutually satisfying decisions and both of you tend to stubbornly resist compromising when your preferences are different. A battle of wills is likely to ensue!

Another potential problem is jealousy or lop-sided bonding. Scorpio bonds very intensely in romantic relationships and is inclined towards monogamy. Leo is also very loyal, but not nearly as intense, emotional, or obsessive as Scorpio is.

Temperamentally, the two of you are like night and day. Leo is basically sunny, open, warm and fun-loving, and not given to a great deal of introspection or serious self-analysis, while Scorpio is very private, emotionally deep and complex, and rather hard to get to know. Scorpio is a much more suspicious or cautious soul than Leo is. Behind Scorpio's reserve lies much sensitivity and intense emotion. Scorpio distrusts superficial appearances and is always seeking the hidden meanings or deeper motivations in people, dredging up the buried past, or looking for the fly in the ointment. Leo accepts things as they are (or appear to be) much more readily, and may feel that Scorpio makes unnecessary trouble by probing so deeply all of the time. The truth is that Leo is very proud and wants always to be thought of well - and would therefore rather not discover anything within that is less than praiseworthy. Also, Scorpio has a jealous, distrustful side that Leo, who is basically straightforward and open, doesn't really understand. Leo may get exasperated with Scorpio's lingering suspicions.

Scorpio is drawn inward to the depth, to darkness and mystery, while Leo is more outward and seeks the light, bright side of life. Leo, for instance, needs and enjoys people, is much more social, and loves to entertain. Scorpio would prefer an evening alone or spent in an intimate atmosphere with a few close friends, where the interaction is likely to be deeper and more revealing.

There really need not be a conflict over these differences in your emotional natures, as long as the two of you understand and accept them. You are both very strong-willed and somewhat inflexible, and you insist on being yourselves despite the differences between you.

Both of you have good organisational skills, the ability to focus and concentrate your will in a single direction, and the tenacity to persist and keep at a task until it is completed. You are both steady plodders, very reliable workers, and may bet burdened with all of the work no one else wants to do. Order and thoroughness come naturally to you both. You appreciate the "plan your work and work your plan" approach. You both want insurance or guarantees before you dive headlong into anything.

You spark each other's ambitions and hopes. You find yourselves scheming together, developing business plans, and strategies for achieving success. You encourage each other to set your goals and it is likely that you will undertake several joint ventures together. Over-optimism and unrealistic hopes are your liabilities; enthusiastic hard work is your asset.

"Let's have a good time!" will be one of the ongoing themes in your relationship. You encourage each other to play, to laugh and to see the lighter side of life, to expand your horizons, and simply enjoy life.

As a couple you are inclined to overdo the "good life" however, and can put too much into luxuries, vacations, delicious but transitory pleasures. You'll want to life it up together, to just go out and have fun - and FUN is definitely one of the purposes of your relationship. but eventually you'll have to pay for this if you two don't keep it within reasonable bounds.

Unexpected good fortune and "miracles" will happen to the two of you as a couple. There is an undeniable "lucky" streak in this relationship.

You spark enthusiasm in each other. You enjoy being a little "crazy" with each other and are inclined to joke and tease each other. Sexual attraction is strong and you are very compatible sexually - you are likely to feel that your partner is a great lover. If you enjoy dancing, music, or some sport that requires agility and gracefulness, then you will love engaging your partner in this activity.

Your sexual attraction for one another comes in sudden, unexpected waves. At times, it is irresistible and you are likely to find yourselves unexpectedly becoming involved in a sexual relationship even before you have gotten to know each other very well. This sudden arousal of sexual interest, however, subsides as suddenly and mysteriously as it is awakened, and the inconstancy of the attraction and fascination for each other can put this relationship on a roller coaster ride.

Things are unlikely to become dull or predictable between you, as there is a strong current of intense change and constant renewal in your relationship. Your deepest desires for freedom and for new life and growth can be fulfilled in this relationship but will probably come about as a result of some radical decision and break from the past, a complete disruption of the status quo, especially for Leo. You may never quite feel like you are on stable ground together, and this can be very exciting or very uncomfortable, depending upon your individual temperaments.

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