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You are a courageous, ambitious, organising, adventurous, person with dynamic self-assertiveness and great independence. Your executive leadership ability, initiative and an enterprising spirit, is beyond reproach, a person who likes to be in control. Due to your extreme persistent and stubborn nature, it is difficult for you at times to follow orders, or be told what to do. This is why you make a better director or employer, than an employee. When the chips are down and the going gets rough, you appear to draw power from your vast energy source from within, this enables you overcome many obstacles and difficulties throughout your life.

At times, you show a lethargic, self-indulgent side to your personality, which makes you extremely changeable in mood, indifferent, reluctant, lazy and vulnerable. Since number one is a symbol of ego, boastfulness and greed, you must always be cautious and guard against your demanding, selfish, and impatient attitude. One of your most important lessons to learn throughout your life, be careful not to let your own interests, conflict with those of others, you could loose friends and make many enemies. You are usually first to get the blame when something goes wrong, or you may at times, suffer loss through other peoples mistakes.

Remember, others always expect you to be the one to stand up and deliver. You should never get involved in get-rich-quick schemes and pie in the sky ventures, nor should you lend money or your name to long range projects. You are a person who attracts money, but apt to spend it just as freely. New opportunities will always attract to you, sticking to one thing at a time may be difficult for you. Failure is one thing you do not accept gracefully. Always, think carefully before you speak or act, avoid making hasty or impulsive decisions, and never plan to far ahead, otherwise, you may not achieve your chosen goals.


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