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Life Path Number


Twenty Two









You have tremendous power to achieve or build anything you so desire, there is no limit to your success and good fortune, once you decide on your own path of endeavour. You have a touch of mysticism about you, your intuition, makes you a competent planner and Organizer, operating on a high-voltage wave length. You waver between eccentricity and genius, thereby influencing and further developing your creative, mechanical and inventive skills. You will be attracted to many ideas, projects, schemes, or ventures that are far beyond the expectations of your fellow associates.

Your personality is extremely compelling, effective, enterprising, productive and reforming. However, you must always be alert and control your blatant, egotistic, obsessed and highly strung side of your character, otherwise, you will suffer from time to time from covert individuals or hidden enemies, who will endeavour to pull the rug from under your feet, when you are not looking. With practical, well-intentional application, you will always overcome life's difficulties in your search for the big picture. Your absolute desire for honesty and truthfulness from others is important to you, this is why, you may devote some of your spare time to philanthropic or metaphysical endeavours that benefit everyone. You may be attracted to careers of a specialised nature, areas of big business, management, media, arts, military, law, politics, psychology, welfare, medical, travel, metaphysics, and self-employment. You will at times prefer to spend time alone developing and analysing plans for important new ventures; you may tier of routine things very quickly, always looking around the corner for a new and exciting challenge to keep your enthusiasm alive.

You need to take time out to meditate and reflect occasionally, to examine your progress and understand what you have accomplished and what you have failed to achieve. Throughout your destiny luck and good fortune will always accompany you; however, your emotional life will need to be tidied up from time to time. Compatibility, is important to you and you will not tolerate any possessiveness, restriction, limitation, or smothering from your partner or spouse. As a parent you can be very generous and giving in the material sense, but may have difficulty at times, showing your true deep emotions, to those you love. Others, will invariably sense an air of mystery, secretiveness, surprise, or unknown quantity about you, however, you will always have an ace up your sleeve.


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