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You are a person who stands unsurpassed, as your basic honesty, sincerity and reliability is usually beyond reproach. Self development is your key, striving for your future success gives you an incentive to always capitalise on your creative talents. Basically you are appreciative, balanced, considerate, compassionate, sacrificing and extremely humanitarian. At some time in your life you may find a way to make a meaningful contribution to society, either through personal advancement or social and group activities.

Your cheerful, optimistic, personality will always help you over the hard times in your destiny. However, you must avoid being discouraged, melancholy, panicky and faint-hearted over negative issues that surface in your daily routine, otherwise, you will loose your composer making you rather bigoted, cranky, indifferent, tactless, unaccountable and vindictive. You will always be called upon to fill positions of trust and in most cases success is beyond expectation. If you do not find fame and fortune in your life, it is mainly due to your lack of incentive, complacency and self-satisfaction for what you have. Your destiny promises you success in all undertakings that involve Law, medical, vocational guidance, administration, social and organisational skills with people or children.

Love and security within your relationships, home and career are important to you; harmony is the vital ingredient to your soul. Your creative, artistic expression and appreciation, makes you a whiz in the world of colour, you may even have a flair for decoration, fashion, design, crafts or cooking. You certainly adore the finer things in life, quality and value for money is important to you. Trust and loyalty in a partnership is utmost to you, a fleeting affair by your partner, would leave you bitter and unforgiving. As a responsible and well adjusted parent, security of the home is of great concern. You will always strive for high expectations, moral and spiritual responsibilities, in your endeavour to provide emotional and material security for your family. Be careful not to become a sympathetic, serving martyr to others.


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