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You possess a powerful magnetic personality, combined with devotion, affection and intellect. You're trustworthy and honourable nature will always serve you well and you are capable of high development in any field of endeavour you choose. You feel very strongly for people less fortunate than yourself, your humanitarian qualities are beyond reproach. You certainly do not like to be boxed in or characterised, freedom of independence is very important to you. Your biggest problem is to recognise your own talents and follow your intuition throughout life.

Although, very agreeable, broadminded, compassionate, forgiving, self-sacrificing and warm, there always seems to be something missing in your life. This is why you have an immense thirst for greater wisdom, knowledge and skills; you like to be well informed so you can make the most of your potential. Art, music, philanthropic and professional endeavours, should always be pushed to the maximum. You get along well with people because you understand them, adapting to other people's emotional circumstances is easy for you.

Your impressionable character can sometimes cross the line an upset others. You should avoid foolish actions, lack of compassion, resentfulness, tactlessness and pessimism, as this will create detachment from others. Aiming for high and honourable achievements should always be your goal in life, there is nothing you cannot accomplish if you put your mind to it. You will always be eager to assert and prove yourself wherever your destiny takes you; however, at times you can be cross and insensitive to those who have helped you in the past. This is where sudden and unexpected breaks in relationships can occur, leaving you quite disappointed. Never demand more than your share, others will resent you for it. A happy rewarding long term emotional partnership is very important to you, when you are attracted to someone you usually jump in boots and all. Children feel good in your company and you conventionally make a good parent.


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