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You're analytical, fertile and intuitive mind may have you on a different wave-length with other as you strive for perfection in everything you do. Being introspective and highly imaginative, you may be attracted to the mysterious, philosophical, metaphysical or scientific elements of life. Solitude often inspires you, because you are sensitive to the highs and lows of your daily affairs. Although extremely self-determined and profound, throughout your life you will always be torn between the need for complete independence and freedom and that of continued emotional security and companionship.

You are a born thinker who analyses most things before you action them, however, you are contrary, fanatical, impatient, hypercritical, non-conforming, unrealistic and jealous. Gloomy and negative thoughts can at times make you an unrealistic and impractical dreamer. It is important for you to control melancholia, nervousness, intimidation, distrust and pedantic behaviour; otherwise you will become out of touch and short sighted with reality. Although you appear aloof to others, deep down you can be gentle, astute, capable, conscientious, diligent and logical about most things.

Your prophetic nature may attract you to creative, peaceful environments, free from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. You have grandiose dreams of utopia, the perfect society where everyone achieves their objectives and lives in absolute harmony. At times, you are muddle-headed and vague; it is difficult for you to see the big picture. You are a fascinating conversationalist with a sparkling presentation and a great belief in telling it as it is. Listening to other people, giving advice and solutions to their problems, qualifies you for any career that offers service, advice or obligation to the public at large. At times you are apprehensive about being accepted by others, your desire to live life without limitation can be a liability, as you feel uncomfortable adhering to certain rules laid down by others. Compromise is your key to success and you should always capitalise on your inventive and gifted qualities.


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