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Success, confidence, leadership and good judgement makes you a steady builder of most things, especially your home environment, financial security, career or business. You are a strong, forceful person who will demand the most out of yourself and others. Basically, you are very practical and like to have everything organised and pruned to your satisfaction. Others usually look to you for your organisational skills, advice and managerial abilities. Because of your self assertive abilities, discipline and calculated caution, opposition from outside forces will not deter you from achieving your chosen goals in life. You know the value of the dollar, thereby, increasing your holdings and assets at every available opportunity. Others see you as a clear-headed, conscientious, far-sighted, principled person. You are apt to judge your friends and acquaintances by their wealth and success and perhaps setting those as their standards. A big calculated gamble, investments and real-estate, gives you a satisfied feeling of emotional and material security.

In your quest for wealth and power, you depend on your own intuitive judgment, resourcefulness and perseverance to accumulate bigger and better things. You are intolerant of negative people, yet you can be very cantankerous, hot-headed, impatient, possessive, uncooperative and indifferent to others. You must learn not to be so obsessed and selfish about your chosen goals, otherwise you may turn people off you. Luck will attract to you throughout your destiny, at times you may capitalise on an old or neglected enterprise and turn it around to a profitable on going venture. You are an effective sales person; people are often impressed by your ability to carry out your promises. Greed is your downfall, your militant, materialistic, one-track mind, may cause some limitations at times. Although, power and ruthless drives motivate your desire for success, you forget, you often carry other people along with you, at your own expense. You may also need a lesson or two about parent-hood, you can be bias and over disciplined.


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