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You are very quick to disclose your traits, full of expression and joy of living. With a keen and intuitive mind, you quickly accumulate considerable knowledge about many things. Being a high talented, imaginative and optimistic person, achieving your cherish goals can be easy for you. In your eagerness to communicate with others, most people are captivated and impressed by your positive, effervescent, sparkling personality.

Set backs and disappointments may be a common occurrence throughout your life; however, your ability to bounce back from any anticlimax will always leave you full of inspiration. In most cases, you usually pull your foot from the door before it slams, or you seem to always be at the right place at the right time. Luck will always play a major roll in your destiny. You like people and have an astute talent for dealing with them. You also indulge in much self-analysis, your mind is quite retentive and with your imaginative personality, success will always attract to you. More often than not, you fail to take life seriously, always looking around the corner for something more challenging, interesting, and alive.

In most cases, you exaggerate your expectations, with a boastful, cocky, ostentatious, irresponsible attitude that is annoying to the people you contact. Unfortunately, you only think of the present and let the future take care of itself. Living every minute of the day to the fullest is important to you; boredom is something you do not tolerate gracefully. Extravagance is your second name, and you frequently resort to superficial solutions when the going gets a little rough. Escapism, wastefulness and scatted energy, is consistent with your personality. Intolerant and unsympathetic of other people's weaknesses, is really a cover-up for your own insecurities and fear of rejection of not being loved. Freedom, a new job or quick advancement is important to you, given the right start you can go far, fame and fortune is yours for the taking if you cultivate your expectations and versatility with a dose of practicality.


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