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You have a very courteous, hospitable, sensitive side to your character and in most cases you are too considerate, compassionate, overgenerous and giving towards others. Due to your strong desire for peace and harmony, you sometimes have great difficulty making strong-willed decisions and give the impression to others you are shy and stand-offish. In actual fact you can be quite an inconsiderate coward in the face of adversity, or danger. Your personality is changeable and you may often loose your composure due to your moods.

You are a sucker for attracting people's problems, and may spend more time running around after others, instead of looking after your own affairs. Caution, uncertainty, and indecisiveness can at times make you extremely vulnerable and insecure. You worry far too much about the stability of your emotional and material resources, always fearing loss or concerned about having to face difficult economic times in the future. You can be a mass of contradictions. Having a high regard for education, you may constantly strive to increase your knowledge and skills, but may not use them to your best ability. You have the capacity to excel in all forms of group activities, team work is important to you.

The desire for balance, honesty and understanding, can at times create false hope in equalising matters of importance. Your intentions may be good, however, when you go to extremes, exaggeration takes over making you a fault finding, devious, timid, meddling, busybody. You tend to get on other peoples nerves with your inconsistencies, you like to give good advice to others on one hand, yet find it extremely difficult to accept the advice of others or promote your own ideas and programs on the other hand. You should always avoid immoderate actions and attitudes and any indecision. With the right friends you can go far, however, if you go to the opposite extreme of spite, you will bring misery to yourself and others.


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