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Establishing new goals is something you enjoy, you face each day eagerly looking for competition and challenge. You work better when someone is chasing you with a base ball bat and deadlines have to be met. Negative influences are not a challenge for you, just a temporary adjustment. You are not only deep thinking, but have a compelling, exhilarating, impressionable, spiritual dedication that enables you to overcome the most difficult situations throughout your destiny. Your future is guaranteed, due to your willingness to work, advance and improve your skills. Resources seem to attract to you when you need them, with a reasonable amount of cautiousness and financial management, you should never worry about your financial security.

Your invigorating character can be an asset to you, particularly in an emergency, others will look to you for advise, encouragement, and understanding. You have a built in self-determination, which seems to generate acute psychic intuitiveness that inspires others to follow your advice, especially those who may be encountering indecisive problems. You appear to attract those who hope, or wish you, to conquer and reform the world. At the same time, you will be expected to save the apprehensive flock from future material or traumatic circumstances. You may become your own worst enemy at times, by shooting yourself in the foot, or creating your downfall, by not preparing properly in advance, or delegating to others, what you should do yourself. Due to your stubbornness and at times extreme impatience, you can be very contrary in your dealings with others, constantly suspecting them of foul play, or mistrust.

You can probably count your true friends on two fingers, in some cases you can be a loner. Metaphysical, artistic or creative matters may appeal to you; you also may have a flare for writing, publishing, media, teaching, religion, charities or law. A long term emotional partnership is important to you and you make a delightful parent to your children. You prefer to dress fashionably, relying on quality rather than cheap, trashy garments or wearing apparel. Your success throughout your destiny lies in your ability to listen to others who are more down to earth and practical. Never make hasty decisions yourself, teamwork is important, and do the dirty work yourself, don't expect others to do it for you. In some negative cases you are biased, obtrusive, irresponsible, and a complete coward. Try to conquer your obsessive and over-righteous side of your personality.


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