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Your imagination and creativity is stimulated by adventure, versatility and meeting people who have succeeded by exploiting their talents. Freedom of independence is important to you; confined circumstances at home or in your daily routine are of little interest to you. Throughout your destiny, your ego, due to fluent communication, may occasionally cause a few shipwrecks in your emotional and business world. You certainly have a flare or attraction for the unusual, exotic, extraordinary, out-of-the-way and different.

You are very quick to accept new ideas, try new things or experiment with life. Often you will be fond of travel, just to satisfy your curiosity, as mental stimulation is essential for your growth. You can be adaptable, charming, dynamic, exciting, free-thinking, inventive and spontaneous. Everyone thinks you are footloose and fancy free. Although you may give the impression to many, you are organised, proficient, stylish and unique. In personality at times, you can be quite bizarre, impulsive, inconsistent, irresponsible, reckless, over-indulgent and unpredictable. Your love of change may cause you to overlook real opportunities, not through fear of freedom or neglect, but simply because you fail to recognise the immediate opportunities and future possibilities in advance.

It will be most unusual for you throughout your destiny, not to leave a trail of mischievous damage, broken hearts, or outlandish events, like a rolling stone that gathers no moss. A romantic at heart you learn much from the people you contact in your daily routine. You thoroughly enjoy any opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. Challenge and competition comes easy to you, the bigger the opportunity the better you like it. Speculation with life is part of your destiny, you may attract to get-rich-quick schemes, if you fail, scandalising tales may follow you around for some time. Your intuitive side of your character should be developed and fine tuned, with your multi-talented personality there is nothing you cannot accomplish if you remain practical and capitalise on your enterprising ambition.


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