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You are commonly known as a reliable, trustworthy, practical and dependable person. Determination goes hand in hand with your steady plodding nature; you grasp new ideas quickly, together with a methodical down to earth approach to life and your destiny. You feel responsible for building a solid foundation for your emotional and financial security, upon which your future depends. Caution rather than risk, enhances your strong will power making you extremely stubborn, pig-headed, narrow-minded and uncompromising, always looking for a good bargain. Once you have made up your mind regarding an issue, nothing will deter you from your decision.

Honesty and sincerity are vital to you, fleeting affairs, sleeping around, or two or three partners on the go at the same time, are not your cup of tea. You are cautious, faithful, loyal and prefer a solid one-to-one partnership and close, selective, genuine friendships. When you like someone you stick with them, even to the point of possessiveness. When you dislike a person, you immediately show your distaste with no holds barred. Your sensitivity may slow your life's progress unless you learn to assert yourself. You do not like to be pushed, consequently, you become uncertain, obstructive, fixed, cantankerous and apathetic.

Gaining power, authority, influence and domination on your own terms is important to you. Knowing your bank account is in credit, gives you a sense of self-confidence. Although conscientious, you will never remove yourself from a secure position of employment, unless you are absolutely sure the alternative position offered is long term and guaranteed. Business organisations, School committees, Social, Sporting and recreational Clubs may interest or attract you during your destiny. With your well established sense of ethical and moral behaviour, it is a certainty you will be asked to hold a position of authority or importance in some organisation or group throughout your life. Your success is assured.


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