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You both enjoy and need to be active and on the go, and are more interested in the present that in the past. Once something has outlived its usefulness, you are both ready to part with it and you go on to something new. You both have a low tolerance for boredom! You also share a weakness in common: the inability to stick with things (projects and relationships) when they become dull or problematic. Neither of you wants a very clingy, dependent type of partner, and with one another you have a certain amount of independence that you both enjoy.

Sometimes Gemini wants to discuss an idea while Aries becomes impatient with the conversation, feeling that they are beating around the bush, and not really getting to the heart of the matter. Aries becomes abrupt, impatient, and tactless at such times. Gemini must realize that Aries simply does not have a taste for conversation at such times, and must not rely too much on Aries for daily conversation. Handled positively, Gemini can provide lots of different perspectives on Aries impulsive ideas.

The two of you share a high degree of physical energy and vitality. You are both doers, go-getters, active and quite assertive when need be. Neither of you likes to sit around and wait for life to happen to you - you want to MAKE it happen - and you bring out this quality in each other. You could succeed together in any effort that requires initiative, enthusiasm, and decisiveness. Activism in other arenas is also indicated. You encourage self-confidence in one another.

You are deeply drawn to one another and it is likely you will have a serious, meaningful, committed and long-lasting relationship. You focus much time and attention on one another and you may find yourself excluding others and restricting your other relationships in order to be together. This can make you both feel secure but it also begins to feel too confining and limiting.

You tend to want each other not to change, to be reliable and responsible and to life up to certain expectations that may be burdensome or restrictive. Too much emphasis on your responsibilities or promises to one another can squeeze playfulness and life out of your relationships.

Although there is a great deal of fascination, curiosity, and attraction between you, there is also a lack of stability and peace. You react to each other very impulsively. Your feelings for each other blow hot and cold. It may seem like you are either making love or arguing with each other, going from one extreme to another. This relationship could easily turn into a love/hate relationship, where you simultaneously feel irresistibly drawn to each other, but you also irritate each other and make each other feel very uncomfortable. To make this relationship work, you both must be very flexible, tolerant of shortcomings in each other, adaptable to the constant changes and upsets and enjoy excitement, novelty, and surprises. In this relationship there is never a dull moment!

You are also fascinated with one another and can have a very dreamy sexual and romantic interest in each other. Your erotic imagination is powerfully stimulated by one another, and you find each other mysteriously desirable, highly provocative, or seductive.

The emotional bond between you is very complex. Sexual attraction is strong and you find each other to be very magnetic or highly charismatic. But you also will find yourself becoming uncomfortable with various deeply ingrained habits and attitudes of each other as you learn more about each other. You are simultaneously attracted and repulsed by each other. You evoke intense emotional responses from each other and if you want this relationship to be a long-lasting one, you will have to be very careful because a blow-up in the relationship can be triggered by jealousy, acts of unkindness, or simply the unwillingness of either of you to change deeply ingrained habits that are offensive to each other. In short, this is an emotionally intense relationship that blows hot and cold, drives you to emotional extremes, and challenges your deepest, most personal and important attitudes and habits.

You enjoy dynamic physical activities together, and it is likely that you enjoy playing sports, competing against each other, and pursuing life together in a spirited, zealous manner. You are quite a "dynamic duo" but you are also inclined to become angry with each other and feel irritated by each other. The dynamism and impatience that you arouse in each other can also lead to pushiness, power struggles, anger and hostility.

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