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You have an excellent mental rapport, and you enjoy one another's intelligence, wit, and style. Both of you are very social creatures who thrive on interaction with people, cultural activities and conversation. Your match is likely to be a very egalitarian one, for you both want a partner who is an equal and a friend above all else.

Libra is very considerate, has a strong desire to please Gemini (or any partner) and will compromise readily; Libra always sees numerous possibilities or desirable alternatives, and you both have trouble being decisive or making up your minds sometimes.

Both of you are more rational and reasonable than emotional so you are likely to get along well. Difficult situations or problems that arise between you are likely to be dealt with logically and with an attempt to be equitable and fair. Both of you are uncomfortable with an unrestrained expression of feelings, and you may ignore or avoid your own anger, fears, sadness, or other "dark" emotions. Libra always wants the relationship to be sweetness and light and tries to smooth everything over as quickly as possible. Gemini will discuss or debate endlessly but detaches or becomes very uncomfortable when emotion threatens to overcome the reasonable tone of the discussion. Gemini uses humour or verbosity as a defence against feeling difficult emotions, or dealing with other people's emotions.

You are both very social creatures wit a great need for companionship and conversation, though Libra is more personal, more interested in people and human situations while Gemini is simply interested in ideas and will talk about anything at all! You are likely to appreciate one another very much as friends (in addition to whatever romantic interests you have for one another).

Wit, intelligence, and an active mind are attributes the two of you share, and in your relationship there will be a focus on communicating, bantering, a lot of verbal give and take. Both of you tend to be the dominant one in any discussion or debate, and you may find yourselves competing with each other in your discussions. This most likely will not be a major problem, but both of you would do well to step back and truly listen to one another.

The romantic attraction between you is strong. Your initial infatuation with each other is likely to lead to marriage, and even after years of marriage, the sweet romantic quality of your relationship will continue. Not only do you love each other, but you like and appreciate one another as well.

This is a passionate relationship, but also a rather aggressive and combative one at times. Sex may be a bit rough, crude, or insensitive as well. You stimulate each other both in sexual and non-sexual ways, but you are also inclined to irritate each other. As long as you don't end up fighting and competing with each other, you can accomplish a great deal together. However, the aggressiveness of this relationship is prone to foster anger and hurt feelings - so be careful not to incite hostility in each other.

The both of you, should do everything possible to take the pressure off yourselves concerning sexuality. Fantasy is something you both enjoy. Bedroom games, comes naturally to you both. Gemini may at times have to bank the sexual fires, otherwise premature ejaculation or multiple orgasms can leave your Libra partner feeling frustrated.

Excitement, experimentation, and a radical departure from old ways of life characterize your bond. One of the purposes of the two of you being together is to challenge all of the old patterns and conditioning you both carry. While disturbing at times, this can also be very liberating. Emotional freedom is a lot of what this relationship is about.

Together you will be inspired to take action and do things that you may not have had the courage or confidence to do as single individuals. You help one another come out into the world, to participate more fully and more boldly. Whatever you do together as a team is infused with a sense of energy and vital purpose, and you can get a lot done. Physical activities, sports or outdoor adventures, for instance, are a key part of the health of your relationship.

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