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Cancer is usually the one who takes care of family affairs. Writing letters to family members, visiting family members, providing emotional support and care needed by children (and adults!), and, in general, is more attentive to people's feelings and emotional needs. Cancer is also more attached to the past, fond memories, places, and friends than Gemini. Sometimes Gemini is indifferent to the concerns of Cancer and often simply cannot become as emotionally involved about an issue or situation as Cancer. Even if Gemini is caring, sensitive person, you still find concerns are expressed differently and are directed less personally than those of Cancer. Gemini often wants to approach problems intellectually by discussing them whereas Cancer seeks a change in attitude and feels that talking often evades the underlying problems.

Many of the misunderstandings between you arise because Gemini is more emotionally detached and rational, while Cancer is more subjective, emotionally involved, and unable to be as articulate and "reasonable" as Gemini is. Paradoxically, you are attracted to one another for the same reason! Gemini's mental agility and wit appeals to Cancer, Cancer's sensitivity and depth of feeling is attractive to Gemini and you both have much to learn from one another.

The two of you will need to recognise and accept one another's different styles and needs in order to avoid numerous misunderstandings.

Cancer is very sensitive and moody, and needs a lot of tenderness, support and understanding at times. Easily hurt, Cancer is very prone to feeling left out or unloved. Cancer holds onto the past; to memories, to people, and to anything of sentimental value.

While Cancer responds very personally and emotionally to everything, Gemini responds intellectually or logically. Instead of tea and sympathy, Cancer is more likely to get a playful and witty comment, an insightful jest, or a reasonable discussion with very little emotional content from Gemini.

Put simply, Gemini is uncomfortable with Cancer emotionally, and may feel that Gemini doesn't care very deeply. This may not be the case at all, but Gemini is often unaware of feelings, including personal ones.

Neither is Gemini an especially sentimental creature. Dates that are special to Cancer (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) aren't as significant to Gemini as they are to Cancer. Gemini is very flexible and adaptable, however, and can learn to remember how important "the little things" are to Cancer.

Another difference between you is that Cancer is very domestic, loves the familiar, and is quite a homebody, while Gemini is just the opposite. Gemini gets bored without a lot of interaction with others and mental stimulation. Gemini restlessness can make Cancer feel insecure at times, but Cancer should definitely resist the tendency to cling so tightly that Gemini feels smothered.

Your relationship is extremely energising and stimulating! The sexual attraction between you is very strong and fiery. You also have the capacity to be a dynamic, powerful working team, but if you fail to cooperate with each other or you get in each other's way, there is no limit to the anger and fury you can have for each other! The tendency to be combative and competitive with each other is very strong, so try to avoid inciting anger in each other and being so tactless and blunt with one another that you hurt each other's pride and feelings.

Your erotic imagination is powerfully stimulating by one another, and you find each other mysteriously desirable, highly provocative, or seductive. You need to be quite honest with one another about what you really want and are willing to give. Gemini especially should avoid arousing Cancer passionate desires, teasing or leading Cancer on, unless you truly intend to fulfil your "promises".

There is an extremely competitive energy between you, and even if you have believed yourselves to be mild, non-aggressive people, this drive to be first and to triumph will be powerfully active with you. If you join forces to accomplish a task, nothing will stop you. If you compete solely with each other, someone is likely to get hurt - badly. These are issues that will inevitably be faced at some time in your relationship.

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