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You two are very different! Scorpio becomes intensely involved emotionally to particular people and places. Scorpio bonds deeply and becomes very attached to close people and especially to a lover. Gemini by contrast, takes life in a lighter vein and usually does not become as emotionally involved and attached to things as Scorpio. Scorpio may feel that Gemini is superficial, evasive, childish, and not serious enough, while Gemini may feel that Scorpio is too heavy, intense, demanding, and insatiable. Scorpio thrives on intense, direct experiences and is best suited to a life style that involves direct, non-0vicarious, non-intellectual activities of forceful, instinctive, or natural kind, preferably using one's hands (examples: surgery, deep sea diving, most competitive athletic sports, sex, pottery etc.) while Gemini's approach is more cerebral, less focused and intensive, and more varied. The disparity between your two approaches to like is great and you need to strive to make your differences complement each other rather than interfere with each other. The truth is you are probably attracted to the very same qualities that make you so different.

Your emotional natures are so essentially different that you have great difficulty appreciating or understanding one another at times. Scorpio is very passionate emotionally and feels everything very deeply. Scorpio has strong emotional reactions to everything, intense loves and hates, and doesn't have Gemini's ability to be detached, reasonable, and rational in personal situations. Gemini can be as cool as a cucumber, light and breezy about situations that, for Scorpio are very real and serious and heavily charged with emotion, and it may seem to Scorpio that Gemini doesn't care, doesn't feel or doesn't empathise at all sometimes.

Gemini often feels threatened or uncomfortable with emotions, and uses humour, cool reasoning, or simple avoidance as a way to deflect some of Scorpio's intensity.

Another issue between you is that Gemini enjoys people, enjoys socializing, needs variety and novelty and mental stimulation, while Scorpio is very private and downright unsociable at times. Gemini needs to feel free to move about, and Scorpio tends to be possessive and is often resentful or jealous of Gemini's other interests and involvements.

Also, Scorpio can be very demanding, as Scorpio has a powerful need and capacity for deep sharing, intimacy, and closeness, and may want more than Gemini is capable of giving on that level.

In addition to whatever emotional or romantic attraction exists between the two of you, you have a wonderful friendship: you LIKE each other, are tolerant of one another's failings, and tend to bring out the best in one another. There is a great deal of mutual good will and an unselfish desire to see each other grow and to be happy.

You increase one another's sense of confidence and optimism, and any cooperative relationship or partnership is likely to be richly rewarding.

The emotional bond between you is very complex. Sexual attraction is strong and you find each other to be very magnetic or highly charismatic. But you also will find yourself becoming uncomfortable with various deeply ingrained habits and attitudes of each other as you learn more about each other. You are simultaneously attracted and repulsed by each other. You evoke intense emotional responses from each other and if you want this relationship to be a long-lasting one, you will have to be very careful because a blow-up in the relationship can be triggered by jealousy, acts of unkindness, or simply the unwillingness of either of you to change deeply ingrained habits that are offensive to each other. In short, this is an emotionally intense relationship that blows hot and cold, drives you to emotional extremes, and challenges your deepest, most personal and important attitudes and habits.

For various reasons, you may find it somewhat difficult to balance your sexual inhibitions with your enthusiasm about sex. You may also be attracted to sexual activities that get you in to trouble. Both of you can become jealous partners; which can at times inhibit sexual enjoyment. Scorpio needs more physical expression than Gemini.

Severe problems in communicating, understanding one another's viewpoints, or even being open to the ideas of one another can and will wreak havoc in your relationship, unless you both work at listening and expressing yourselves clearly. You both become rigid and defensive when talking together, as if your intelligence is being questioned, and this can lead to a complete severance of real communication. Avoid giving one another "the silent treatment" or cold shoulder when you are feeling misunderstood or frustrated that you aren't being heard.

Patience is one of the lessons being offered here. You'll both have to have it in order to overcome the blocks to communication that exist between you. It will be hard work, but assuming other aspects of your relationship are deeply worthwhile, it should be worth the effort.

It you are married or live together, handling schedules and day-to-day responsibilities can become a major issue and a potential stumbling block. You can lock horns when it comes to deciding who is responsible for preparing meals, cleaning the home, getting the car fixed, making sure all of the bills are paid, mowing the lawn, etc. Gemini, in particular, may have the sense of contributing more than half the load, and may resent any complaints by Scorpio. Oddly enough, it is likely that together you probably do a good job at meeting these responsibilities, and very often you work well together. But unresolved disagreements on how to best coordinate your efforts can be a sore point in your relationship.

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