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Both of you are very open-minded, adaptable and flexible people, who are receptive to many different points of view and ideas. You are both also quite changeable and fluid and sometimes inconsistent. If you are looking for a steadying hand or a rock of Gibraltar, look elsewhere.

Gemini approaches situations or problems in a more cerebral, rational manner, while Pisces relies more on intuition and feelings. Gemini may sometimes try to force Pisces to directly discuss an issue, which can be futile. Pisces may not be able to articulate ideas in as convincing a way as Gemini, but Pisces tends to draw upon a level of wisdom and sensitivity that is very deep, though difficult to formulate clearly in words. Gemini is more factual, like a reporter, and Pisces is more of a poet. You both must remember that there is truth in both ways of understanding the world. Gemini finds Pisces ineffable and enigmatic at times. Pisces find Gemini's nervous energy and hectic pace rather unnerving.

Pisces is intuitive, receptive, dreamy, and rather passive, while Gemini is more intellectual, verbal, quite restless, an often overly active or compulsively busy. Pisces has the sensitive temperament of a mystic, musician, or artist, while Gemini is more of a scientist or intellectual, fluent with logic and with language. Gemini is also something of a comedian, and must be careful not to make fun of something Pisces is sensitive about.

Gemini is emotionally light, detached, and able to be quite objective, while Pisces is very compassionate and can easily drown in emotions.

Both of you have very changeable moods and you are both open, impressionable, flexible, and sometimes flighty.

If Gemini can learn to respect Pisces's feelings, intuitions, and sensitivity, and Pisces can appreciate Gemini's rational, detached perspective, the two of you can get along very well.

The two of you do not always see eye-to-eye on issues, and it is very easy for Gemini to become critical of Pisces. Compounding the problem is Pisces's tendency to be very sensitive to criticism from Gemini and consequently react defensively to this criticism. This need not be a serious problem however; a little tolerance for each other's right to disagree and respect for individual differences is all it takes to make personal differences stimulating rather than annoying.

A lack of clarity and realism is destined to be one of the challenges in your relationship. It will, for instance, be very easy for you to project upon one another and upon your relationship all sorts of images which have very little correlation with the truth. Hopes, dreams, and other unconscious forces colour your perceptions when the two of you are together. Intentional fabrications, deceits, or even subtle implications which are neither precisely true nor absolutely false, can complicate your relationship considerably. Even with the purest of intentions, you both are apt to shake your heads from time to time, wondering "what is going on here?"

This relationship is destined to face some major obstacles, and it may be very difficult for the two of you to even come together in the first place. Some emotional distancing, which may take the form of one or both of you feeling very resistant or even "turned off" by the other, can be expected right from the start. One the other hand, outside circumstances may prevent you from the full sharing you would wish. In either case, unrequited and unfulfilled love will be a theme in your relationship.

Love and sexual expression can be difficult at times, your rhythm may be out, on many occasions. Premature ejaculation or early orgasm may occur.

Pisces enjoys acting childish and silly with Gemini. You enjoy playing games with each other, and there is also a strong element of fantasy and imagination in your romantic and sexual life.

The two of you will often get a little crazy or outrageous together, and have a great time doing it! You inspire one another to be spontaneous and to break out of restraints or inhibitions, which can be joyfully liberating or lead to foolish excesses and imprudent risk-taking. Your more adventurous, unconventional, or freedom-loving sides are sparked by one another and there is an element of unpredictability which makes your relationship feel alive. You'll experience many new discoveries and serendipitous happenings with one another.

There is a strong romantic quality to your relationship, but you will also experience times when the qualities of your partner contrast sharply with the qualities that you had envisioned that your "Ideal Lover" would have. Do not try to force your partner to conform to your desires; each person must be true to themselves.

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