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Taurus is stable, grounded and steady - qualities that Gemini lacks and feels both drawn to and impatient with sometimes. Taurus is intrigued by and respects Gemini's wit, mental agility and intelligence, but is sometimes annoyed with Gemini's inability to make a commitment or to follow through on intentions.

Gemini likes to talk and can jump rapidly from one topic to the next in rapid succession. Taurus on the other hand, lakes to methodically digest one topic at a time, and quickly gets "mental indigestion" from Gemini's fast-paced conversation. When faced with an important decision, for example, Taurus would benefit by taking a quiet walk in the woods or along the beach, while Gemini needs to talk with someone. You must learn to respect each other's different styles, or you will certainly get in each other's way.

The major difference between you is that Gemini needs a lot of mental stimulation, and enjoys change and movement, while Taurus is much more deliberate, and slow to move or change. Taurus feels unhappy if asked to make frequent adjustments in routines or in the home environment, while Gemini is likely to feel restless or stifled if things stay the same for too long. Domestic tranquillity and security are very important to Taurus who is much more stable and even-tempered than Gemini.

Loyalty, constancy, and commitment come more naturally to Taurus while Gemini is reluctant to be completely committed, emotionally.

Taurus is also a more sensual and instinctive person that Gemini who is emotionally more mental, aloof and expressive. Taurus may be unable to articulate the reasons for an opinion or stance, yet be unwilling to budge from it. Taurus' stubbornness and slowness to embrace new experiences can be very trying to Gemini. But Taurus emotional steadiness and nurturing qualities are also very appealing to Gemini.

Taurus may sometimes feel that Gemini lives in a fantasy world too much. Taurus also needs a lot more touching and physical closeness than Gemini at times.

Taurus enjoys long and pleasant hours of sexual expression and some may be stimulated by using sex aids and movies. Taurus' style is not flamboyant and may at times lean towards conservatism. On the other hand, Gemini tends to get bored with the same old sexual routine, enjoys exciting new techniques and trying new methods. This combination can at times, kill sexual spontaneity and make both partners concentrate on performance rather than pleasure. Gemini's' sexual needs are not necessarily as strong as Taurus.

Neither of you is particularly conventional, nor are you great lovers of rules and formal traditions for their own sake, but Gemini is apt to have a much harder time conforming, and may in fact openly scorn or rebel against such limitations. There is apt to be a great deal of change, constant motion, fluctuating circumstances, and disorganization in Gemini's life, whereas Taurus embraces necessary changes and flows with them but doesn't help Gemini learn how to be true to oneself and one's own beliefs and nature without needing to always rail against "the establishment" or "the system".

A dynamic, aggressive exchange of ideas, planning, and decision-making is such a strong part of your relationship that you will either become rivals or partners - you cannot maintain an indifferent attitude to someone that challenges and stimulates your ideas so strongly. If you are able to coordinate and harmonize your ideas, you will study, research, invent, plan, and write together very successfully.

Although there is a great deal of fascination, curiosity, and attraction between you, there is also a lack of stability and peace. You react to each other very impulsively. Your feelings for each other blow hot and cold. It may seem like you are either making love or arguing with each other, going from one extreme to another. This relationship could easily turn into a love/hate relationship, where you simultaneously feel irresistibly drawn to each other, but you also irritate each other and make each other feel very uncomfortable. To make this relationship work, you both must be very flexible, tolerant or shortcomings in each other, adaptable to the constant changes and upsets, and enjoy excitement, novelty, and surprises. In this relationship there is never a dull moment!

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