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A Number One house is usually very individual in that it is either very dilapidated or very well kept. In this house the occupants frequently begin new projects without bringing them to a satisfactory conclusion.

This house is considered a favourable number overall and famous, important or notorious people often live or visit the occupants of a Number One house; they are usually self-reliant and progressive. The decor in this house is usually bold and unusual, frequently featuring gold, orange and olive green, with antiques, glass and crystal ornaments.

A Number One house brings a change of thinking to people who occupy it. They change their minds about many important opinions they held before moving in, and develop unusual interests, which sets them aside from the other people who live in that street. For various reasons, people who live in a Number One house provide a topic of conversation for their neighbours. Professional, trade or business people often live in this lucky Number One house. Always keep a check on eyes, heart and circulation problems.


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