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A Number Four house is a difficult place in which to live. Everything seems to be in a state of transition or conflict. There are two opposing forces at work, one fighting for stability and the other for change. There is a temporary feeling to this house, with some change or modification always being planned or carried out. Structural problems beset the occupants of a Number Four house; storm and tempest, railway, motor traffic or some other vibration may cause cracked walls and ceilings or sinking foundations.

The personality of occupants who moves into a Number Four house undergoes a change, not necessarily for the better.
A gentle person is often made combative and difficult. Clashes of temperament are frequent in a Number Four house and there is a strong tendency for unconventional activities. This house brings conditions that cause major and sudden changes completely beyond the control of the occupants. Renovating or modernising is often a waste of time and money because the occupant's never quite finalise the effect they desire.

This is definitely not the house for the gentle or timid and you may meet an eccentric person who lives at this address, or people who like to potter around in the garage or workshop. Watch emotional separations, lower back problems, legs and feet.


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