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In a Number Six house, there are rarely any half-measures. It can be harmonious and a place of tranquillity, or it can be the exact reverse; discordant and trying, particularly in matters involving family and emotions. There will always be one member of the family who finds life difficult or unsettled whilst living at a Number Six. It is a house of extremes, nurturing either intense love and harmony or intense dislike and discord. Love and marriage are very important to couples who move or build here, often beginning a new life here because it provides a definite feeling of a love nest.

This is a house of beauty, love, attraction and happiness and there will always be a nice gentle flow of fresh air throughout this home. There is usually very little ambition or drive here because the occupants are too content with their lot; to them, making decisions in this house can become a painful and laborious process. Home cooking, books, art, beautiful objects and lovely gardens are often created or developed in a Number Six house, which makes it a haven for artists, musicians and creative people. There will always be a variety of things to do at this address and the occupants will either have a piano, home theatre, or an expensive sound system to listen too.

Justice or the law will prove very important to the occupants of a Number Six house, either as a profession or through involvement. There may be an active and busy office or study at this address and telephone bills could be excessive due to the constant flow of communication. Watch teeth, diet, hay fever, colds, flu and circulation whilst living at this address.


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