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A Number Three is a house of expansion and change, renovation, extensions, redecorating, landscaping and improvements. The occupants of a Number Three house can be perfectionists, usually kind, understanding, loyal and at times reserved. They have a keen sense of humour and maintain an optimistic outlook on life. Law, military, religion and faith surrounds the occupants of a Number Three house, and luck plays an important part in their life. Social extravagance can be a down side, budgeting may be difficult especially with food, alcohol and entertainment; many residents in a Number Three house like to have a wine cellar.

A Number Three house is usually very productive; the occupants often produce large families, or take in boarders, one member of the family may work from home. Quite often, people who live in a Number Three house make good gardeners and you will see lots of plants or trees around this address. Occupants usually feel cramped and lacking in space, while others would be very pleased to have all that room in which to move. A Number Three house sometimes makes a person very ambitious to take risks and gamble. Always watch legal difficulties, stress, and fits of depression, melancholy, or hangovers.


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