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A Number Two house is constantly in a state of flux. There are people moving in and out or through the house making it a sort of staging post. There is never a dull or an idle moment in a Number Two house. This address gives the feeling of a real family home. At all times there is some event occurring or about to occur, and, if any event sets the street talking, it is almost certainly to have taken place in a Number Two house. It is usually a very homely place with an air of comfort, even disarray, but the occupants are always hospitable, friendly and generous. Seldom very ostentatious, it is usually a solid building that will endure well.

Young people are attracted to Number Two houses, seldom staying long, but enjoying themselves whilst there. People who deal with the public often live in Number Two houses and frequently bring their work home in the evening or work from home. A Number Two house will create an interest in computers, business, sciences, alternative health or astrology. Occupants can suffer bronchial, stomach and skin problems living at this address.


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