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A Number Five house conduces to bring about the interplay of thoughts and emotions, usually harmoniously. It is a place where people often visit just to exchange ideas or gossip. Solidarity and stability are the main factors that one would encounter a Number Five house and the house seems to stand up against the rigors of time and usually requires little maintenance.

People who live in this house usually set themselves apart from others and take a rather detached view of life around them; others may think the occupants are snobs or tall poppies. There is always plenty of activity in a Number Five house but the activity usually involves intellectual subjects such as communications, writing, science, media or business. Everybody who lives in a Number Five house wants to be mobile, so there are frequently many motor vehicles parked outside, or the occupants travel a great deal.

Despite the stability of the house the occupants seem to have a sort of restlessness, which causes them to have many irons in the fire, an almost endless stream of visitors and frequent parties or open house. It is not the type of house for the nervous or highly-strung. Residents never seem to stay too long in a Number Five house and could move during the first five years of occupancy. Watch extravagance, stress, blood pressure, and ear, nose and throat problems. You may become an insomniac whilst living at this address.


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