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A Number Eight house is usually a solid, respectable looking house, which gives the impression that the occupants value reputation and appearance above all else. It brings a desire for achievement and personal glory with responsibility and stability. People who live here are often associated with law, politics, government affairs, publishing or business and time is important to them. The interior of the house frequently has a somewhat sombre atmosphere created by either dark colours or pastels and half-drawn blinds; old photos or antiques may have a place at this address. This is a conservative house where laughter and gaiety are frequently lacking because people tend to take things too seriously for their own good and can easily be misunderstood.

Even though a Number Eight house may be built solidly, it will become run down very quickly if a lot of time and trouble is not given to its maintenance. Drainage and rising damp present constant problems for the occupants of a Number Eight house and they could well find it difficult to keep warm in the Winter or cool in the Summer. It is important to break away from the past whilst living at this address, otherwise constant nostalgic arguments will occur with the occupants. Not a day will pass that stress or worry will pass the occupants of a Number Eight house. Watch breakages, gall bladder, arguments and stress whilst living here.


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