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A Number Seven house causes its occupants to pursue a fantasy, to tilt at windmills, or to chase a rainbow. It is essentially a spiritual house where reality is kept outside. A sensitive person under the influence of a Number Seven house will find it difficult to separate reality from fantasy and in extreme cases this may even bring about contact with hospitals, prisons and various institutions. The appearance of the house is deceptive, for it may appear larger or smaller than it actually is. There is nearly always trouble with drainage or sewerage, water heating and all too often a leaking roof or swimming pool that defies repair.

A Number Seven house usually has a history of skeletons in the cupboard, haunting, apparitions or some such mystery and rumour about the family that live, or have lived there in the past. Sometimes this house number can be haunted or strange events happen at this address. People who have a close association with the sea or deal in illusion, such as actors, artists, entertainers or photographers, frequently occupy this house. Pets usually play an important roll with the occupants of a Number Seven house or they may give refuge to stray animals.

People who live in a Number Seven house seem to be constantly striving for perfection and an escape from reality. Sleep does not come easily to them, and they will frequently turn to sleeping pills or drugs for relief. Tricksters and people who handle the truth carelessly often live or frequent Number Seven houses. Watch money, law, alcohol, drugs, emotions and nervous breakdown whilst living here.


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