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Children's Horoscopes


21 January to 19 February

Children of Aquarius are original, independent, rebellious and very special, and have many facets to their personality. They can be jumpy and always in motion. They will show a rebellious attitude from infancy and, in many cases, will not be obedient. They are very clever children and learn quickly how things work. Aquarians can be very curious as well as sociable. They are attracted to the unusual, to objects in motion, to vivid colours and to anything animated. That is why you have to keep an eye on them when they start to walk. They are especially attracted to electronic components, like television sets, computers, video recorders, audio equipment, synthesisers, electric musical instruments, as well as telescopes and cameras, and they are always placing their little fingers on the control panel, driving everybody crazy. It is a very good idea to have CD-Rom computer games at home, because they will enjoy them very much. Remember, if you have electronic equipment around the house, it will be better to show them how to use it than forbid them to touch it.

When they find something interesting, they learn with incredible rapidity; sometimes they show a kind of genius. They are easily bored, so they are always looking for something new, and their moods can go up and down many times on the same day. However, though they can be a little unpredictable, they are usually charming, outgoing and incredibly perceptive. Parents should be cautious when choosing a school for Aquarians, because they have a special mind that needs constant stimulation. A conservative, traditional education could be catastrophic. These children have to be in touch with a modem and with futuristic ideas.

Their mental vibrations are connected to the future rather than the past. They are very intelligent but sometimes also absent-minded, especially if they are bored at school. The creativity and originality of Aquarians is unbelievable, and it is very important to help them develop these qualities from the beginning. Though they are artistically talented, their creativity is not limited to art; they could also be inventors. They love science fiction and all things connected with the universe and nature. The Aquarius personality combines pragmatism, perception and logic. Their answers will be clear and precise, though at first 'no' will be the answer to any order or suggestion. After some thought, their final reaction will be reasonable and coherent.

They become more rebellious and extravagant during adolescence. Their parents must be prepared to accept radical hairstyles and clothes, lack of punctuality, unconventional behaviour. Later these young people will calm down. Remember, it is not a very good idea to attack or contradict Aquarians. Instead, it is best to have fun with them. The same attitude should be taken with their friends, who will be unusual. Their great energy belongs to their mind, so they need some help in getting into physical activity. It is very important to show them early on how to take responsibility and be conscientious about their choices. This will help to keep them from choosing the easiest way. Parents should always remember that Aquarian children are very special; that they will not follow the usual path and that the world changes thanks to these very children.


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